PROFIBUS Application Profiles are vendor-independent specifications implemented into PROFIBUS devices to enable the uniform behavior of devices from different manufacturers. The basic functions and services of the nodes must match to ensure smooth interaction between the bus nodes. They have to “speak the same language” and use the same concepts and data formats. This applies both for communication and for device functions and industry sector solutions. This uniformity is achieved through the use of “profiles” relating to device families or special industry sector solutions. These profiles specify features which “profile devices” must exhibit as a mandatory requirement. These can be cross-device-class features, such as safety-relevant behavior (Common Application Profiles) or device-class-specific features (Specific Application Profiles). Application Profiles are specified and maintained by PI Working Groups.

Profile Name Profile Content
    Specific Application Profiles
Dosing / Weighing Describes the use of dosing and weighing systems on PROFIBUS
Encoder Describes the connection of linear, angular, and rotary encoders with single-turn and multi-turn resolution
Fluid Power Describes the control of hydraulic drives via PROFIBUS (cooperation with VDMA)
HART on PROFIBUS Defines the integration of HART devices in PROFIBUS systems
Ident Systems Describes the communication between identification devices (barcode reader, transponder, etc.)
Lab Devices Specifies the properties of laboratory automation devices on PROFIBUS
Liquid Pumps Defines the use of liquid pumps on PROFIBUS (cooperation with VDMA)
Low Voltage Switchgear Defines data exchange for low-voltage switchgear (switch disconnector, motor starter, etc.)
PA Devices Specifies the properties of process automation devices
PROFIdrive Describes the device behavior and access behavior to data for variable speed electric drives
Remote I/O Defines the interchangeability of remote I/O devices in process automation
SEMI Describes the properties of semiconductor manufacturing devices (SEMI standard)
    Common Application Profiles
Identification & Maintenance Specifies a concept for identification of PROFIBUS devices and Internet access to device-specific information
iPar-Server Defines the saving of additional i-parameters in the controller and the read-back of i-parameters after a device replacement
PROFIsafe Defines safe communication of safety-related devices (emergency STOP button, photoelectric array, etc.) with safety controllers via PROFIBUS
Redundancy Specifies the mechanism for field devices with redundant communication behavior
Time Stamp Defines the precisely timed assignment of certain events and actions by time stamping