A real, measurable benefit of using PROFIBUS and PROFINET is the diagnostic tool set.  For an introduction see the InTech article “PROFIBUS and PROFINET Troubleshooting, Comprehensive Guide.”  Additional depth is provided in the resources here:


PROFIBUS PA relates to NAMUR recommendations; get the details here.

A Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks

This one-hour webinar PROFIBUS PA in the Process Industries #3 covers configuration and diagnostics.


System Description: PROFINET Technology and Application provides an overall introduction to PROFINET and Section 4 introduces diagnostics.

This video shows the benefits of PROFINET diagnostics:

From the MinutePROFINET video series, Diagnostics and Uptime:

A one-hour webinar Diagnostics for PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet provides additional detail on PROFINET diagnostics, including the use of IT protocols.

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