Softing’s PROFIdtm now included in Weidmueller’s WI-Manager

PROFIdtm now included in Weidmueller’s WI-Manager


Newburyport, MA – Softing, one of the technological leaders in providing PROFIBUS communication technology, has announced that Weidmueller has decided to include Softings’ free-of-charge PROFIdtm (communications or commDTM) with its WI-Manager.


Weidmueller’s FDT frame application offers out-of-the-box support for Softing’s PROFIBUS interface cards. There is no need to install additional software drivers. Softing’s industry-hardened PROFIBUS cards provide the reliable communication link needed to configure and operate PROFIBUS field devices.  


Feel free to download the WI-Manager software (including the PROFIdtm from Softing) from the Weidmueller web site by following this link: