POSITAL Profibus encoders

OPTOCODE Profibus encoders with M12 connection


Hamilton, NJFRABA POSITAL‘s Profibus DP encoders, part of the OPTOCODE series, are now also available with integrated M12 plug connectors. Thanks to this improvement, the new models are particularly easy to install: start-up requires no more than plugging in the devices. They also provide the full feature set of standard Profibus encoders, including e.g. the certified Profibus functions isochronous mode and slave-to-slave communication, the possibility to set limit switches and a teach-in option which allows the user to determine the gear ratio directly on site. Furthermore, they support the online transmission of preset values. The encoders’ revised and improved version of the optoelectronic scanning method is based on the concurrent analysis of a Gray code pattern and two incremental tracks, covering a total measuring range of 30 bit. As a single-turn model, the rotary encoders’ highly integrated Opto-ASIC provides a resolution of 65,536 steps per revolution (16 bit). Additionally, the multi-turn model registers a maximum of 16,384 revolutions (14 bit). All OPTOCODE encoders operate without backup batteries and instantly provide current absolute position values without homing even after power failure. Posital also manufactures (MAGNETOCODE) absolute magnetic rotary encoders and