Machines Without a Control Cabinet are Possible with TURCK’s Programmable Gateways

Minneapolis, Minn. – TURCK’s new IP 67 rated programmable gateways utilize local network logic to perform complex tasks, and are compatible with TURCK’s family of BL products. Using these programmable gateways, along with TURCK’s power supplies and I/O, makes machines without a control cabinet a reality.

The programmable gateways may be used to control a variety of I/O including digital, analog, serial and RFID. The BL programmable gateways can be used in standalone situations or to reduce PLC load and network traffic in larger installations with Modus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™ and PROFIBUS ® networks.

CoDeSys software is used to program the gateways. This free software utilizes popular IEC 61131-3 programming techniques, and a variety of formats are available to program the gateway, including ladder logic, structured text and flow charting. Furthermore, this software allows the use of function blocks to create code once and use it in multiple instances. Also available as part of the CoDeSys programming suite is an OPC server capable of reading real-time I/O data and serving it to any existing OPC solution.

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