Announcing ProfinetCommander version 3.1

Johnson City, TN (April 27, 2010): The PROFI Interface Center announces the availability of a new version of ProfinetCommander, the development and testing tool for PROFINET.

With ProfinetCommander, users such as engineers, maintenance personnel, integrators, and developers can test and build a PROFINET network and the IO Devices connected to it quickly and without PLC programming. With the Windows graphical interface the user can view the configuration, I/O data, parameters, alarms, and diagnostic data. The output data to the IO devices can also be changed.

New in version 3.1 of ProfinetCommander:

  • The option to display I/O data in hex, binary, or decimal
  • GSDML file parsing support for UNIX or Windows – ProfinetCommander will parse the GSD file for error texts and can display these texts.
  • Added decoding of PROFINET port data change notification alarms

ProfinetCommander V3.1 continues support for “extended diagnostics” (multiple subslots per slot) and therefore can communicate with all PROFINET IO (RT) devices.

Additional information, trial software download, and ordering information can be found at

About The PROFI Interface Center

The PROFI Interface Center (PIC) was established in Johnson City, TN to allow you easy and direct access to PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology.

The PIC team provides you with many services including seminars, integration support and device conformance testing for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. In addition, it supplies development products and assists you in developing devices.

The PIC is accredited through the PTO as an official PROFIBUS test lab for DP slave and master certification and as an official PROFINET test lab for PROFINET device certification (PITL). It also serves as an official competence center (PICC) for PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as a training center (PITC).

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