Jul 13

Training Classes Roll On

We just concluded our PROFINET one-day training event in suburban Chicago.  I’m amazed by the large number of control device manufacturers that attended today.  (We had quite a few in Boston a month ago, too.)  Many are drawn to the event because they are hearing a demand from their customers for PROFINET.  A few of…

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Jul 11

Wow! Talk about giving users a choice…

I see a joint press release today from Siemens and Emerson announcing their support for global standards.  As I see it, EDDL brought them together, but the real benefit for users is that they’ll support “each other’s” standards.   Emerson is known for supporting Foundation Fieldbus (FF) and Siemens will add support for FF to…

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Jul 10

Debunking the myth

Gary Mintchell picked up my fieldbus war vs. competition theme over on his blog, then he picked up on our “Debunking the myth” item from PROFInews North American Edition.  The latter prompted a long response from me over there.  Take a look.  I think it reveals that all the Industrial Ethernet providers have a lot…

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Jul 9

The Great Thing about Standards is…

The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.  Now you can’t tell from the written word that I’m not “saying” this with a wink and a nudge.  So just to be clear – I’m serious.  Having more than one standard for fieldbuses is a great thing!  Of course this…

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Jun 30

Revised, Revisited, and Huh?

Revised.  I blogged about the PROFINET Developer Workshop we’re holding in October.  We have more details now – the five largest providers of PROFINET developer tools and technology are now confirmed presenters (and exhibitors) at the workshop: Hilscher North America, Inc. HMS Industrial Networks, Inc. Real Time Automation Siemens Energy & Automation Softing North America…

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Jun 27

Event Planning

I’m using my time in the office for a couple weeks to plan for the next three months’ events.  You may need to start planning your attendance at some of these:    PROFINET one-day training events in Chicago, Portland, OR, Minneapolis and Los Angeles    The PTO General Assembly Meeting    The Industrial Ethernet Symposium…

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Jun 16

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International

Another week, another airport (Oakland).  The PTO hosted a meeting of our counterparts from around the world this past week and now I’m headed home.  Many of the 24 other Regional PI Associations (RPAs) were represented.  This was a great opportunity to see what other regions are doing, share ideas, and formulate plans. Our organizational…

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Jun 9

Mama Mia! What an assimilating event.

Friday night and I’m happily ensconced in my home office with a chance to update everyone on the PROFIBUS and PROFINET aspects of the Siemens Automation Summit. There were two presentations that were designed to assist users in applying PROFIBUS – one in general and one specifically to process.  Ron Mitchell of the PROFI Interface…

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Jun 7

Control Engineers Boo IT

I’m in Las Vegas where we are exhibiting and presenting PROFIBUS and PROFINET at the Siemens user event.  At the Tuesday morning opening Tom Kopanski related a story told him by one of the editors attending the event.  At a nameless company’s user gathering, IT was roundly booed.  I understand this reaction by control engineers…

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Jun 7

Control Engineers Boo IT – Continued

Mayhaps I have struck a nerve.  I got reaction in person today, by email, and in the blogosphere.  Gary Mintchell noted in his blog that Automation World will be covering the subject.  In person today, another editor indicated his magazine was also approaching the topic.  And I had a visitor at our booth here who…

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