Aug 28

The Next Chapter

It’s time for Carl to retire; he hit 70 a couple months ago and as much fun as PI North America has been, it’s time to reluctantly move on. It’s been fun. So, it’s time for Carl to focus on the next chapter, but it’s a time to look at past chapters just a little:…

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Jul 18

Motor Diagnostics

We often brag about PROFINET’s diagnostic capabilities and we brag about PROFINET’s role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0. PROFINET excels at device to controller communications. But not all communications needs to go to the controller – there is some data it just doesn’t need. There are many articles in the…

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Jul 4

PROFINET Independence Day

It’s Independence Day in the USA, the Fourth of July. PROFINET connection coming up, but first… “Independence Day” always reminds me of the movie (the original one, where a virus created on a Mac laptop can infect an alien operating system) and the old joke “Daddy, does Canada have a fourth of July? Yes, son,…

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Jun 6

Keeping Up with the News

How do you get your news? Newspaper? Magazine? TV? Or are you a “new media” person? Getting your news from blogs? YouTube subscription? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Electronic newsletter? I’m a “new media” person. Newspaper? Cancelled long ago. Magazine? Electronic version only, please. TV? That’s for sports and science fiction shows. I use all the new…

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Jan 31

An Engineer on Vacation

You can take an engineer on vacation, but he will find engineering things to do and see. An off-topic post today – at least off the PROFINET and PROFIBUS topic. Still engineering related through. Before going on vacation I used to check www.engineeringsights.org for engineering-related places to see. Alas, it no longer works. But, thanks…

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Jan 10

2017, A New Start

It’s a brand new year. A time to reflect on getting to this point (briefly reflect, I opine). A time to plan for the new year. (Forget resolutions; they never get followed through. Plan instead.) That brief reflection: 2016 was a good year for our technologies. PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link all grew their installed bases….

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Dec 19

How to Spend Your Christmas Vacation

Updated from last year with new and better “technical journals” and with a new addition about Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. Whenever I think of spending some downtime without the daily pressures of work, I think of Star Trek, especially “The Trouble with Tribbles.” You remember the scene – Chief Engineer Scotty…

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Oct 12

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I hear the Ghostbusters song in my head when I read the title (the song from the original movie, not the new one).  Anyway… Technology is cool, but it’s the people who Create it Support it Teach it Design with it Install it Commission it Fix it From my vantage point in PI North America…

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Oct 4

What Do You Mean by Analytics?

I’ve been on an analytics kick lately with PROFIblog posts Statistics or Engineering which concludes: I think there is a huge opportunity for OEMs and SIs with deep vertical knowledge. They can leverage IIoT, PROFINET, and remote monitoring (and maybe even some magic statistics package) to add value for their customers and income for themselves….

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Sep 13

Analytics for Everyone

To follow up on my recent PROFIblog post, Statistics or Engineering, ARC has published a report that obliquely substantiates my view: Siemens MindSphere: Analytics Paves the Way to Industrie 4.0. The relevant notion: “New analytics solutions like MindSphere help users with process knowledge, but not necessarily data analysis skills, to quickly set up an analysis.”…

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