Industry Trends

May 7

Fieldbuses, down; Industrial Ethernets, up?

Fieldbuses are down and Industrial Ethernets are up?  Is that what a new IMS Research study shows (How Sustainable is an Industrial Fieldbus Infrastructure?)?  Or, as Larry O’Brien put it in his blog post (What’s in a Node? Putting Market Research in Perspective): “[T]he study results have caused quite a stir in the media because…

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May 1

IO-Link, HART for discrete?

IO-Link is a point-to-point wiring system intended for smart sensors and actuators.  It communicates over the discrete device’s wires.  This reminds me of HART in the process space where communication is superimposed over the 4-20mA signal wires.  And similar to HART, you can use an IO-Link device in a standard system and a non-IO-Link device…

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