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Apr 29

Hanover 2015: The Lighter Side

I enjoy meeting unexpected people at the fair.  This year that included sitting next to the deputy mayor of Akron, Ohio at breakfast one morning.  (I got my BSEE from the University of Akron.)  Akron has been represented at Hanover Fair for 30 years seeking to attract businesses to locate North American operations in Akron….

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Apr 28

Hanover 2015: IO-Link News

IO-Link had some big news at the fair, but first let’s look at some of the IO-Link products.  First, the IO-Link wall at the PI booth with more products than ever before. One of those products was an AS-interface master for IO-Link.  Ok, there are masters for every other bus you can imagine, but, really,…

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Apr 27

Hanover 2015: Members’ Booths

I always enjoy visiting PI North America members’ booths to see what’s new and talk to folks from the US and from headquarters.  There is always news about PROFINET and PROFIBUS. At the Phoenix Contact booth, PI North America Board of Directors member Mike Rothwell ensured that I got a look at new PROFINET products. …

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Apr 24

Hanover 2015: Around the Fair

I was able to get around the fair two ways this year.  One, I took two guided tours offered by the Fair (Industry 4.0 and Industrial Automation and IT).  Second, I always make it a point to visit PI North America members’ booths. I took the tours to force visits to booths I would not…

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Apr 23

Hanover 2015: The PROFI News

“Good News Is No News.”  The PROFINET and PROFIBUS news from Hanover Fair was slim… and that’s a good thing.  This means the technologies are stable and complete.  Although work continues “around the edges,” the core communications protocols are where they need to be for wide adoption. With 50,900,000 PROFIBUS nodes installed through 2014 along…

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Apr 22

Hanover 2015: The PI Booth

I wish you could have been there to see and hear all about PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link.  Since you weren’t, here’s the photo gallery (click to enlarge and start slide show): The PI Booth provided a great meeting point for North American trade press, PI North America members, and PI colleagues from around the world….

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Apr 21

Hanover 2015: The Fair and Industry 4.0

The official theme of this year’s Fair was “Integrated Industry – Join the Network” but the real theme was “Industry 4.0.” Industry 4.0 was noted in every booth in some way.  The best explanation of Industry 4.0 that I heard was in the ABB booth as part of the official Industry 4.0 tour that the…

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Apr 20

Hanover 2015: The Fair

Hanover Fair (Hannover Messe) took up all 5 weekdays last week.  (Many of us remember when it was longer with family days on the weekend.)  “Integrated Industry – Join the Network” was its keynote theme.  Phrases I heard during the week included: Shop floor to top floor. Lot size of one. Personalization. Industry 4.0 (often…

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