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Apr 26

Hanover Fair: News Roundup

After ranting just a little about PROFIpeople, I was called upon to introduce the international version of PROFInews.  I’ll repeat the introduction in the next PROFInews North American Edition.  And that introduction is about Hanover Fair so make that your first stop in the Hanover fair news roundup.  And it’s followed by even more information….

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Apr 25

Hanover Fair – A Look Around

PI was once again part of the Field Communication Lounge at Hanover Fair.  The Lounge covered almost 5,400 square feet and was shared with competing technologies, complementary technologies, and some that are both.  But let’s ignore them and look around the PI portion of the Lounge (click image to enlarge): A one-minute clip of the…

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Apr 24

Hanover Fair – Diagnostics

PROFINET diagnostics are a huge differentiator for PROFINET.  Building on the concepts pioneered by PROFIBUS (at the device, module, and channel level), PROFINET adds diagnostics for the Industrial Ethernet network.  Because PROFINET is just Ethernet, it leverages IT protocols to prevent or quickly find problems.  How does that help?  This short animation, introduced at the…

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Apr 23

Hanover Fair: The News – PROFI Growth

I almost hate to talk about the numbers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET nodes – the growth is so great that it just seems like bragging.  I did say “almost.”  The numbers through the end of 2012: PROFINET jumped to 5.8 million nodes installed. PROFIBUS grew to an installed base of 43.8 million of which 7.5…

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Apr 19

Hanover Fair: The News – New Competence Center

There was news of PROFIBUS and PROFINET at Hanover Fair: “50th PI Competence Center (PICC) Established” and it’s in the US!  KW Software has become the fourth PICC in North America, joining the PROFI Interface Center (PIC), Molex, and HMS Networks.  The PIC is a PICC for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET, the others for PROFINET. …

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Apr 17

Hanover Fair First Impressions

In the hotel bar after the first day of the show, a guy two stools away observed that we had obviously not been impressed by the show.  For us it was just another show.  The guy two stools down was from Indiana and it was his first show.  He was more impressed than we were. …

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