May 9

Hanover Fair 2: How Did PROFINET Get a Speed Upgrade

Three techniques are employed to give PROFINET its speed boost to a 31.25 microsecond cycle time: fast forwarding, Dynamic Frame Packing, and fragmentation. Fast Forwarding Every microsecond counts.  When a PROFINET frame passes through an Ethernet switch in a linear topology, the switch examines the frame to see if it should forward it or use…

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May 2

Hanover Fair 2: PROFINET Speed Upgrade

One of the displays in Hanover Fair’s Field Communication Lounge (described in an earlier post) showed how a new Siemens chip supported the PROFINET speed upgrade.  First, a little background: The PROFINET specification that this is based on is PROFINET version 2.3 which was released in late 2010.  The speed upgrade was one of the…

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May 1

Hanover Fair 2012

Hanover Fair concluded last Friday after 190,000 visitors had trouped through the 5,000 exhibits (from 69 countries).  Twenty of the Halls were occupied, but I never made it out of Hall 9 with most of my time spent in the Field Communication Lounge, the stand cosponsored by PI. Five digital communications organizations cooperated to create…

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