Oct 29

PROFINET Does That: An Engineering Thought Process – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a two part series helping to convey what we really mean by “PROFINET Does That”. The engineering thought process of our fictional Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer is our guide. In Part 1 we left off with him realizing that: the multi-vendor approach of PROFINET means he has a choice in…

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Oct 22

PROFINET Does That: An Engineering Thought Process – Part 1

The theme for our General Assembly Meeting this year was “PROFINET Does That”. It has actually been a theme the entire year. If we had to read between the lines however and find the subtext of the meeting it would be that there are many manufacturers out there looking to upgrade their aging automation systems.…

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Oct 17


For news of the PI North America General Assembly Meeting see: Automation World: Industry Suppliers Explain Support for Profinet & Profibus The Manufacturing Connection Control Engineering (with video) PROFIblog series Some final thoughts: I enjoy collecting the survey responses from the meeting.  This year everyone said the meeting met their expectations and most said they…

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Oct 15

Users and Updates Rock

Two kinds of presentations rounded out the PI North America General Assembly Meeting: information updates and user stories. Kyle McMillan showed device makers new testing that will be added to the certification test process. This covers “netload testing.” It will assure that devices withstand traffic and gracefully recover from Denial of Service attacks. Steffen Ochsenreither…

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Oct 10

PROFINET Diagnostics Rock

Day one of the PI North America General Assembly Meeting sessions concluded with PROFINET presentations: one on diagnostics and one on the net load test tool. To open his session with a “wow,” Hunter Harrington of the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) reminded us of the importance of diagnostics… on a starship, with an edited version…

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Oct 8


Continuing where we left off , here is a report on the last two short keynotes – these from Endress+Hauser and Phoenix Contact. Endress+Hauser is well-steeped in PROFIBUS technology, having started in the Working groups in 1991. Now they are active not just in the Working Groups but in many of the Regional PI Associations…

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Oct 3


The PI North America General Assembly Meeting first afternoon started with each of our Board of Directors companies explaining why they were on board – on board with the technologies and on THE Board (of Directors). First up was Raj Batra of Siemens. He explained how PROFINET underlies the Siemens approach to industry. PROFINET supports…

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Oct 1


PROFINET and PROFIBUS Rock! At least that’s my opinion after the recently-concluded PI North America General Assembly Meeting. Other attendees have hopefully come to a similar conclusion. I may be slightly biased since my responsibility was putting together the program… again. And I have to admit that I did a great job. Or, rather, this…

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