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PROFINET Plugfest 2020

Event Date/Time:

September 22, 2020 - September 23, 2020

Location Information
PI North America offices
16101 N 82nd St
Scottsdale , AZ 85260 USA
Map and Directions

Cost: FREE


PI North America members are invited to participate in a plugfest for PROFINET devices. Even though all PROFINET devices are certified in test labs, the Plugfest presents the opportunity for product developers to sit with their products in a large system environment. The PROFINET Plugfest provides the opportunity to evaluate PROFINET devices and controllers in an environment that comes close to the real automation world. Companies bring their own products for collaborative testing.

Participant Roles:

  • Device Manufacturer: Bring certified or close-to-certified products to test.
  • Infrastructure: Share your switches, cables, connectors, wires, or similar to help us build up our network.
  • Solution Provider: Bring your software stack, chip, SDK, module, or similar to test on the network.
  • Other: Feel free to suggest other roles!

The procedure: Products should already be certified or “nearly ready” to be certified. The products’ GSD files must be emailed to at least one week prior to the Plugfest. Individual test stations, each with one controller, will be available. Devices will be moved from one test station to another at intervals. At the end of the second day all devices will be placed on a single network. In addition, one or more troubleshooting stations will be available if one-on-one troubleshooting is needed.

Confidentiality: Participants are not permitted to take photographs in the Plugfest. Nor are they permitted to reveal anything about other companies’ products. By registering for the Plugfest you are agreeing to these confidentiality rules. A group photo will be taken during the Plugfest and a press release will be issued after the plugfest. If you do not want your company’s name in the press release, please tell us.

Some Accommodation Options:

Agenda Coming Soon