Aug 1

System Description: PROFIBUS Technology and Application

PROFIBUS is a vendor-independent, open field bus standard for a wide range of applications in manufacturing and process automation. Vendor-independence and openness are ensured by the international standards IEC 61158 and IEC 61784. PROFIBUS allows communication between devices of different manufacturers without any special interface adjustment. PROFIBUS can be used for both high-speed time-critical applications and complex communication tasks. Through its continuing further technical developments, PROFIBUS is still the industrial communication system prepared for the future.
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Dec 1

Catching the Process Fieldbus

The book "Catching the Process Fieldbus: An Introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET" by James Powell, P. Eng. and Henry Vandelinde, Ph.D. is now available for download at no charge in eBook format.
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Nov 4

Marketing Flyer: PROFIBUS and PROFINET for Process Automation

In Process Automation, quick installation and easy operation and exchange of field devices are important user requirements. Therefore, a common set of device parameters for commissioning, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics has been defined for process control devices. In 2017 PI has developed the new Profile PA Devices 4.0 that can be used with PROFIBUS as well as PROFINET.
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Nov 5

PROFIBUS RS485-IS User and Installation Guideline

This manual guide details the specifications for the "physical layer" of the RS 485-IS field bus on whose basis is a simple combination / integration of different field devices is made possible. This considerably simplifies the engineering and project planning, the installation and the verification of the intrinsic safety.
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