Nelly Ayllon

Aug 14

PROFINET Redundant Components

Generally, in an automation network, there are many components that can potentially fail. Depending on the end user’s requirement, PROFINET allows them to build a reliable network according to their specific goals. Specifically, there are four PROFINET redundant components: Media Redundancy, Controller Redundancy, Device Redundancy, and Network Redundancy. Device Redundancy A network with device redundancy has a…

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Jul 30

Switches and Ring Topologies

PROFINET offers a variety of possible topologies: tree, line, ring, star, etc. Nearly all PROFINET devices have two ports on them, and behind these two ports, there is an integrated switch which allows the creation of a line topology. Some topologies permit redundant media and decrease the chance of failure. Specifically, PROFINET allows you to…

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Jul 15

Bringing Ethernet to the Plant Floor

Bringing Ethernet to the Plant Floor? Seven critical things to know before you do it. 1.  Do not to take Office topologies to the plant floor but implement plant/machine topologies with Ethernet. Office Ethernet infrastructures are typically based on commercial grade products meant to be located in a temperature controlled environment and Ethernet switches designed…

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Jun 30

Six Profinet Highlights

Profinet provides one network for all applications: factory automation, process automation, and motion control. Although, there are many benefits to using Profinet, let’s focus on six of them: Diagnostics During commissioning, maintenance, or when an error occurs, it is necessary to obtain an overview of the plant or machine status in minimum time. The integrated…

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Jun 15

Diagnostics and PROFINET Webinar- Q&A

A few weeks ago we hosted a webinar together with the PIC (PROFI-Interface Center) about PROFINET Diagnostics. We had many attendees and several of them had very interesting questions during the webinar. As a recap and a way to sum up most of the questions, we have answered them below. Q&A 1.-Is there a generic…

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May 29

Submit your Application Story #PROFINET #PROFIBUS

Last year we featured over 15 application stories in PROFINEWS alone and we look forward to publicizing more PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-LINK application news in 2018. If you have an interesting PROFI-related case study or success story, share it with us! PI’s open standards encourage innovation, and part of it comes from problem solvers and creative minds…

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May 15

PROFINET Proxies and Gateways

Migrating from a Fieldbus or other industrial Ethernet to PROFINET is a common challenge. Every automation system is specialized in some way, and specialized components may not “speak” PROFINET. To move data from the specialized systems up to the PROFINET network, you have to add an interpreter to the network: A Proxy or a Gateway….

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Apr 16

Ethernet Switches Features

Some Ethernet switches provide specific features to assist you with your application. Learn more about the eight Ethernet switch features on our list. There are many more switch features available on the market, but these are very popular within the industry. Store and Forward Switches: Store and forward switches read and buffer the complete data packet…

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Mar 2

PROFIBUS to PROFINET: Migration strategies

Migration Approaches PROFINET leverages PROFIBUS technologies to ensure a smooth and cost-effective migration between them. Depending on the factory state and current network technology there are two migration approaches: Greenfield and Brownfield installation Greenfield Installation: Nonexistent network in the first place, i.e. new branch in the factory. New factories won’t require migration, but new branches…

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Feb 28

PROFINET Cables: Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cables offer specific benefits over copper. They are usually implemented in areas with electromagnetic interference or significant ground potential differences. Fiber optic connections can completely remove problems caused by electromagnetic interference and ground equalization currents flowing in copper cable shields/screens. Some benefits of optical fibers over copper cables are: Optical fiber cables usually…

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