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Nelly Ayllon

May 30

Burning Questions on Network Design

Last year we hosted a PROFINET Installation webinar. After an interactive Q&A section, we got several comments expressing interest in Network Design. This year we were able to put together an hour-long webinar on PROFINET Network Design. Due to time limitations, we were not able to answer all the questions that came in through the…

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Apr 15

Another Record Year for PI Technologies

Every year PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) conducts an audited count of installed nodes for PI technologies. They recently concluded its annual notarial count for 2018. As in previous years, the numbers from 2018 indicate a very positive trend! PROFINET continues its accelerated growth and reaches 26 million devices, PROFIsafe and IO-Link surpass the 10…

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Apr 1

PROFINET Addressing Parameters

If you are planning on adding new nodes into your PROFINET network, you will need to consider their addressing parameters. Each PROFINET device has 3 addressing parameters: a MAC address, a device name, and an IP address. The MAC address is predefined by the manufacturer, and usually, it can not be changed. On the other…

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Mar 15

PROFINET Communication Channels

PROFINET is an open Industrial Ethernet standard. It is a communication protocol that exchanges data between automation controllers and devices. With over 25 million installed nodes (as of 2018), PROFINET is one of the most widely used Industrial Ethernet standards worldwide. But even though millions of users are familiar with PROFINET, not all users understand…

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Feb 28

Industry Foursight

Industry 4.0 has a lot of requirements and it’s an exciting time to be involved in industrial automation. New solutions are taking shape and stand to make automation networks easier to manage, faster to run, and most importantly, provide value like never before. Concepts like TSN, OPC UA and APL are making headlines and the…

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Feb 15

What about Fiber in Hazardous Environments?

Is fiber ok in hazardous environments*? We got this question in one of our PROFINET one-day training classes while explaining APL(Advanced Physical Layer).  Ethernet is not intrinsically safe. Since IEEE 100BASE-TX Ethernet is the base technology for PROFINET, PROFINET cannot reach hazardous environments. There are options to go around this limitation. Some factories employ containment methods such…

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Jan 30

New Class Offerings in North America

2-day PROFINET Fundamentals Class (non-certified) PROFINET and PROFIBUS certified network engineer classes continue to be offered several times every year. Students learn how the underlying technology works from the application to the frame level and pass both a practical and written exam to become certified. A 2-day non-certified PROFINET Fundamentals class is now available to fit in tight…

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Jan 15

Key Decisions for PROFINET Developers

Device manufacturers wanting to equip an automation device with a PROFINET interface have different options for implementation. Before deciding on a specific implementation method, it’s important to first determine which functions will be supported by the PROFINET automation device: Real-Time Requirements IEEE 802.3 ensures problem-free communication between PROFINET automation devices and among PROFINET automation devices…

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Jan 1

PROFINET Development Cycle

The Easy Way to PROFINET brochure is a guide for PROFINET development. The document focuses on the development and implementation of PROFINET products. We have created our own version of the brochure to support local developers in North America. Read this short excerpt of the Product Development Cycle Section and make sure to read the whole guide: Consulting Integration…

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Dec 15

PROFI-Resources: What about documentation?

Are you aware of the many freely downloadable documents on our website? From guidelines, to system descriptions, to marketing brochures, to slide sets, all topics are covered in a range of depths from introductory to advanced. Check out our documentation section at: Brochures Marketing flyers and brochures provide the most introductory level of knowledge…

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