Michael Bowne

Aug 18

IoT vs. IIoT

IIot is not IoT. That much is clear. What isn’t clear is where the similarities and differences arise. Because while one is a Revolution, the other is an Evolution. The rest follows from there. The technologies behind the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have existed for many years. Features like remote access, machine-to-machine, cloud aren’t…

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Apr 14

Industrial Wireless: What to Consider

Lots has been written in this space about using industrial wireless with PROFINET. This is mostly the ‘what’; this post is to address the ‘how’. “How do I implement industrial wireless in a PROFINET network?” Just to recap, while wireless is not just one thing, this will focus exclusively on the most common type of wireless:…

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Dec 8

PI Press Conference – SPS 2014

Wednesday morning Nov 26 at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair, PI held its annual press conference to announce the latest updates with respect to the technologies. Here are the highlights: PROFINET perfect for machine building PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is pleased with the increasing use of PROFINET in machine building, where functions for safety, diagnostics, etc.,…

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Nov 4

The Virtualization of Control

I always love it when a speaker begins their presentation with: “Are you all ready to geek out for a little while?” So began Rich Carpenter, Chief Technology Strategist for GE Intelligent Platforms, in his breakout session at the inaugural GE-IP User Summit. And while there were many interesting talks at the event, perhaps because…

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Oct 7

General Assembly Meeting Wrap-Up 2

Industrial Internet of Things (cont’d) I’ve been asked to give a little background on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) covered in the first GAM 14 post. In general, the Internet of Things refers to the collection of smart objects connected to the Internet. It can be broken down into three realms: Consumer Commercial Industrial…

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Oct 1

General Assembly Meeting Wrap-Up

2014 General Assembly Meeting Wrap-Up Being our 20th anniversary, we set out to make this year’s Meeting a bit of a special event. From the Tuesday evening reception to the Wednesday evening boat-cruise-networking-event to the discussions during the day, all in all it was a very successful event. Industrial Internet of Things The Industrial Internet…

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Aug 5

Does PROFIsafe use up bandwidth?

This is a question we received at a recent PROFINET training class. Does PROFIsafe use up bandwidth? The answer is: “NO”. For a full description of PROFIsafe, read the PROFIsafe System Description. For a short refresher, watch this video: PROFIsafe is used to exchange data between a safety device (F-Device; e.g. emergency-stop button) and a…

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Jul 29

PROFIBUS PA – Simple and Safe in Hazardous Zones

What follows is an excerpt from the recently released White Paper entitled 6 Reasons to Give PROFIBUS PA Another Look. The high-power trunk with FISCO spurs is a de-facto standard for PROFIBUS in explosion hazardous areas. Based on this concept, PROFIBUS PA can be installed without difficulty or the need for major cost analyses in…

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Jul 22

PROFIBUS PA – Certification Ensures Compatability

What follows is an excerpt from the recently released White Paper entitled 6 Reasons to Give PROFIBUS PA Another Look. Billions of people use their cellphones without ever thinking about the underlying communications technology. The phones are made by different manufacturers, operate on different networks and have different user interfaces, but people can communicate no…

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Jul 15

PROFIBUS PA – for Stable Process Control

What follows is an excerpt from the recently released White Paper entitled 6 Reasons to Give PROFIBUS PA Another Look. Infrastructure which delivers overall stability is indispensable in the process industry, and PROFIBUS offers this level of stability for data communications in the field and at the control station. The performance features of PROFIBUS PA,…

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