Feb 14

Spring – When a Young Man's Fancy Turns to PROFINET

Yesterday was the official start of spring (because that’s when pitchers and catchers reported for baseball’s Spring Training). There are a lot of similarities between baseball and PROFINET: Green.  They are both associated with the color green. Green grass on which to play baseball; green cable over which to send PROFINET. Pitch speed. Some pitchers’…

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Feb 3

A Beginner's Guide to PROFINET

What is PROFINET? PROFINET is an industrial communication network designed for robust, deterministic data transmission in the harsh conditions of factory and process environments. It is built on Industrial Ethernet which is built on Ethernet. Ethernet is a network – an open standard defined by IEEE802.3. The standard defines what the signal looks like on…

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Apr 11

Engineer’s Holiday

No PROFIBUS or PROFINET in this post; it’s off those topics, but still engineering related.  A Sightseer’s Guide to Engineering lists six engineering sights to see in Arizona.  With this past weekend’s travels I’ve now seen five.  (I have not been to Kitt Peak National Observatory yet – although I have been to the Lowell…

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Nov 17

PROFIBUS & PROFINET Classes: Looking backward, looking forward

We have two more free classes left for 2011: PROFINET in Chicago on November 29 and PROFIBUS in San Diego on December 13.  We just completed our next-to-last PROFIBUS class of the year in Raleigh.  Raleigh was typical of recent classes – SRO (Standing Room Only).  Fortunately we were able to bring in extra chairs…

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Dec 9

More Long Beach Process Q & A

Belatedly here are more of the questions and comments from the Long Beach PROFIBUS in the Process Industry one-day training class.  I started this three weeks ago promising I would get to these in a day or so.  Turned out to be “or so.”  Here’s a question, some praise, and some criticism… Need exceptional clarification…

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Oct 23

PROFINET Q & A from Louisville

Our course evaluation form asks some specific questions with check box choice answers, but I think the most interesting are the open-ended questions.  Two of those are topics you would like to see covered in greater detail and topics in less detail.  In Louisville there were a few responses for topics attendees thought we should…

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Oct 1

Long Beach Process Q & A

From the plane bound for Louisville, here is one of the comments from the PROFIBUS in the Process Industries one-day training class in Long Beach: “I think PROFIBUS is more complicated than Foundation Fieldbus as far as device connections go.” At the physical layer there is no difference between FF and PROFIBUS PA so the…

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Aug 31

More Wireless Webinar Q & A

A few more questions (with answers) from the recent wireless webinar: Q: Are there any wireless devices designed specifically for Hazardous Locations (XP, IS, NI, approvals)? Are there any special considerations when using a wireless device in a HazLoc? Yes, there are currently access points and solutions available for hazardous locations, but most of these…

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Aug 29

Wireless Webinar Q & A

As promised, here are the questions and answers from yesterday’s webinar.  If you have a question that we did not get to, send us an email at webinarQ at PTOregistrations dot com. Q:  If I want to use WLAN / WiFi with PROFINET, do I need special hardware like special access points? No, you can…

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