Carl Henning

Jun 20

Digital Twins

Along with Cyber-Physical Systems, Big Data, Cloud, Analytics, and other Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things buzzwords is the concept of Digital Twin. Maybe Digital Twin is from Industrie 4.0 and not IIoT? Here is a definition of Digital Twin from Wikipedia: “Digital twins refer to computerized companions of physical assets that can be…

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Jun 13


OK, no one rolls tape anymore; everything is digital. But video is still highly valued. Are you someone who prefers watching to reading? Then this post is for you. Here are some short videos to watch about PROFINET and PROFIBUS: Let’s start with the shortest video; it clarifies the relationship among PROFINET, Industrial Internet of…

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Jun 6

Keeping Up with the News

How do you get your news? Newspaper? Magazine? TV? Or are you a “new media” person? Getting your news from blogs? YouTube subscription? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Electronic newsletter? I’m a “new media” person. Newspaper? Cancelled long ago. Magazine? Electronic version only, please. TV? That’s for sports and science fiction shows. I use all the new…

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May 30

IO-Link to the Rescue

Take my old prox switch… please. And give me a new one with IO-Link. The old one just closes contacts. IO-Link, however, uses the same wires for the contacts but superimposes a digital signal over those wires. The old prox switch could be trained with a button to set the operating distance. IO-Link lets me…

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May 23

PROFINET in Food and Bev

When you think of PROFINET do you think of automotive? You should because all auto makers use PROFINET somewhere. But there are many other vertical markets where PROFINET excels. PI Middle East featured an event last year focused on food and beverage. A reminder that PROFINET (and PROFIBUS) is used there. You probably were unable…

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May 16


Are you new to PROFIBUS? Ready to start a new PROFIBUS project? Are you required to troubleshoot and maintain a PROFIBUS network? Here are some suggestions to learn about PROFIBUS: Read about PROFIBUS. The best place to start is the 36-page System Description: PROFIBUS Technology and Application. It’s contents: Chapter 1 contains an introduction to…

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May 4

Tech Tip Roundup – Updated

One of our favorite topics is tech tips. We provide many in PROFINEWS. If you are a subscriber, you have been kept up-to-date with tech tips. If you are not a subscriber, subscribe here. Then read on for a current list (and read PROFINEWS for new ones). If you were already updated through the original…

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Apr 25

PI Profile

PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) is a successful organization. Here’s why… First, why only one “P” in the name? When we started, there was only PROFIBUS. PROFINET came along later. I kind of visualize PI like this: The superimposed PROFINET green P is eclipsing the PROFIBUS Blue P in PI. But both are there and…

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Apr 18


Every year PI conducts an audited count of new nodes installed for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFI in Process, PROFIsafe, and more. No other organization does this, so any numbers you see for nodes of EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT are estimates. The count is conducted by an independent third party. He sends a request to device makers who…

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Apr 11

Completing a PROFINET Project

What’s the logical sequence to use to describe PROFINET? For the one-day training classes, we put everything in the context of the PROFINET of Things (IIoT and Industrie 4.0). For the PROFINET introduction webinar, we went from definition to use in application spaces (factory, process, motion) to features. For the PROFINET System Description, we moved…

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