PROFIBUS & PROFINET Classes: Looking backward, looking forward

We have two more free classes left for 2011: PROFINET in Chicago on November 29 and PROFIBUS in San Diego on December 13.  We just completed our next-to-last PROFIBUS class of the year in Raleigh.  Raleigh was typical of recent classes – SRO (Standing Room Only).  Fortunately we were able to bring in extra chairs at the last minute.  We had to do the same thing in my old stomping grounds in Burlington, ON for the PROFINET class last week:

gPROFINET Class in Burlington, ON

We should finish 2011 with 8 PROFIBUS classes, 11 PROFINET classes, and over 1600 registrants.

For 2012 we should touch even more people with 8 PROFIBUS and 13 PROFINET classes.  These classes are free although “You Can’t Say ‘Free’ Training.”  Here’s the 2012 schedule (so far):

January El Paso, TX Jan 24
February Dallas, TX Birmingham, AL Feb 14
March Greenville, SC Mar 29 Atlanta, GA
April St Louis, MO Apr 12
May Milwaukee, WI Detroit, MI May 16
June Boston, MA Montreal
July Kansas City, MO Indianapolis, IN Jul 12
August Dayton, OH Portland, OR
September Seattle, WA Chattanooga, TN
October Memphis, TN Minneapolis, MN
November Baltimore, MD
December Long Beach, CA

I hope to see you in one of these cities in 2012… or Chicago in 2 weeks… or perhaps next week at the SPS/IPC/Drives Show in Nuremberg, Germany.  Yes, another Thanksgiving in Germany for the PI North America crew.  Stop by the PI booth (6-210) and say Hello if you’ll be there.  If you won’t be there, look for reports on the show here on the PROFIblog.

–Carl Henning