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“PROFINET or the Story of Pretty Polly, Sweet SUE, and the White Knight” – our myth-debunking, fact-conveying, whimsical-graphics, straightforward-text about PROFINET. It corrects the mistaken impressions spread about PROFINET and highlights its many benefits.

Drives and Motion with PROFINET

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This “Drive Technology with PROFINET” has a comprehensive range of applications, scalable performance with cycle times as short as a few μs, and user-friendly, cost-effective implementation. This makes it the ideal solution for all drive tasks.

Share Our Vision

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What results can be achieved using the combination of PROFIBUS and PROFINET? We invite you to Share Our Vision.

Tool Calling Interface

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Tool Calling Interface. Device tools perform user functions such as parameterization and diagnostics directly from the automation-system engineering tool. Device tools are based on a Tool Calling Interface (TCI).


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MES and PROFINET. The PROFINET and MES Maintenance Operations guideline of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) defines an open integration path between MES and PROFINET based automation systems.


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The white paper, PROFINET and IT, describes PROFINET in IT terms and shows how PROFINET relates to IT topology. The adaptations required of Industrial Ethernet for environmental and functional purposes are described.

PROFINET in Context

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Successful applications and rapid growth of the installed base are highlighted in PROFINET in Context. Read this short white paper for an introduction to PROFINET.