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Four kinds of wireless

PROFIBUS and PROFINET are involved in three of the four kinds of wireless. (Yes, wireless is not one monolithic thing: Wireless or Wireless.) My take on the four kinds: Long-distance like to RTUs Process instrument networks like WirelessHART (PI cooperated… Read more »

Wireless Distance to Nashville

In Nashville, I did not answer a question adequately about the ranges for various wireless technologies according to a comment on one Course Evaluation.  Let me remedy that here: The expected distance for the various IEEE802.11 variants (a, b, g,… Read more »

Wireless or Wireless

One of my pet peeves is lumping all wireless types together and treating them as one.  Wireless is not one monolithic thing. I see four types of wireless in industrial automation: 1. Backhaul (as I think ISA characterizes it).  Typically… Read more »

PROFINET in Austin

There were 45 of us in Austin for the PROFINET one-day training class.  Not many compared to the previous day’s PROFIBUS class in Pittsburgh with 102, but still a very engaged group posing lots of questions for us. So many… Read more »