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Why use an IP-Address?

Did you catch the new White Paper we posted? If not, here it is: PROFINET for network geeks (and those who want to be). Done yet? TL;DR (it’s only four pages!): The White Paper discusses the seven-layer ISO/OSI Reference Model, as… Read more »

PROFINET is Coffee

As part of our PROFINET one-day training classes, we wanted to provide an easy way to remember some of the benefits of PROFINET. We created a mnemonic device so you can remember the benefits. A mnemonic provides an easy way… Read more »

Hanover Fair, News

Here are a couple news items from PI at Hanover Fair. PROFINET in Process PROFIBUS PA and PROFINET play well together, we are reminded. Our addition of functions such as CiR (Configuration in Run), Redundancy, Time synchronization, and Time stamping… Read more »