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FUD Dissection Part 2

When I was a new manager (way back when) I had a troublesome employee – Derris was a bit curmudgeonly [Encarta definition: curmudgeonly: somebody who is irritable or stubborn: somebody considered to be bad-tempered, disagreeable, or stubborn]. I consulted with… Read more »

FUD Dissection Part 1

You may recall that I recently received a document comparing Ethernet/IP and PROFINET that was passed out at a Rockwell Automation Ethernet/IP “Lunch and Learn” according to the person who passed it on to me. (I initially blogged about the… Read more »

Recommended Reading

Wireless segue into today’s recommended reading list: There is an excellent case study in The Industrial Wireless Book showing how wireless is being used in a giant frozen food storage center. Adding to the typical reasons for wireless (moving equipment)… Read more »