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SPS 2012: PROFIenergy

PROFIenergy is a big deal. It’s one of the really big benefits of using PROFINET. Products have been available for some years now and they are starting to appear in very large projects in the automotive industry. At the PI… Read more »


I love to talk about PROFINET.  I’ve discovered that I’m even happy to talk about PROFINET if there’s a camera running.  We now have two YouTube channels that you might want to subscribe to: PROFItelevision and PROFIblogger. Here’s a five-minute… Read more »

Hanover Fair 2011 Part 3: PROFIenergy

Energy savings was ubiquitous at Hanover Fair this year.  In keeping with this theme, PI presented PROFIenergy.  We presented a PROFIenergy wall with background information about PROFIenergy and an interactive product display: For a video introduction to PROFIenergy, see this… Read more »

Go Green for Money, not Image

I don’t do well with the whole politically correct thing.  In the one-day training classes we even talk about <gasp> multi-point grounding.  And we talk about the reasons to use PROFIenergy, including AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warning*).  I guess I’m a… Read more »


Being unable to avoid leveraging St. Patrick’s Day (or at least St. Patrick’s Day ads), I have to talk about the “Saving of the Green.”  Specifically, I want to talk about how PROFIenergy can help save energy costs (and reduce… Read more »