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PROFINET in Process

PROFIBUS PA is for process and PROFINET is for factory automation. That was true once. But not now. PROFINET is now often used in process plants as the main network backbone. And PROFIBUS PA is still used where no Industrial… Read more »

Also Catching the Process Fieldbus

I have often recommended James Powell’s Catching the Process Fieldbus: An Introduction to Profibus for Process Automation.  It’s a great start to understanding PROFIBUS.  I’ve even previously blogged about it as “Catching the Process Fieldbus.” It’s been available at Amazon… Read more »

PROFIBUS PA Redundancy

Redundancy is not covered by the PROFIBUS PA specification, but vendors have jumped in with their own solutions. There are several choices including these two from PI North America members: 1. MooreHawk provided a nice video showing how their solution… Read more »