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IO-Link to the Rescue

Take my old prox switch… please. And give me a new one with IO-Link. The old one just closes contacts. IO-Link, however, uses the same wires for the contacts but superimposes a digital signal over those wires. The old prox… Read more »

Hanover 2015: IO-Link News

IO-Link had some big news at the fair, but first let’s look at some of the IO-Link products.  First, the IO-Link wall at the PI booth with more products than ever before. One of those products was an AS-interface master… Read more »

SPS 2012: IO-Link

IO-Link also featured prominently in the PI Booth. Our relationship with IO-Link is a bit peculiar. The consortium responsible for IO-Link relies on the PI infrastructure. If you have not encountered IO-Link before, I call it HART for discrete because… Read more »

Hanover Fair 2011 Part 5: IO-Link

IO-Link was once again displayed in many locations, including the PI booth.  I especially liked this pictorial explanation of the benefits of IO-Link: [click for larger image] The benefits can be summarized as “You don’t have to manually go to… Read more »

Use of Hard Wiring Is Down

The use of hard wiring is down according to Control Design’s recent survey of their readers, primarily machine builders it seems.  Video: Market Intelligence Report: Sensors & Vision Part 1. From 2008 to 2010 the respondents saying they used hard… Read more »

SPS Report 3: IO-Link

IO-Link is a fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point connection and communication method for intelligent IO.  I think of it as HART for discrete because it superimposes a digital signal over the regular wiring.  More information on IO-Link is at   And for my… Read more »