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Fieldbuses Are No Good

Fieldbuses are no good?  (I can’t believe I said that.*)  But you might think that if you’ve read some recent articles on ControlGlobal. The two-part series titled “The Fieldbus Jungle” reminds us that fieldbuses are not all unicorns and rainbows,… Read more »

ABB Worlds of PROFI

I’m on my flight back home from Orlando and ABB Automation and Power World.  There was lots of news about PROFIBUS and PROFINET there.  The trade press covers the general news, so I’ll fill in the fieldbus and PROFI news…. Read more »

Report from Columbus

Part of our new approach is to include all the paperwork plus the class CD in the handout.  I was afraid that not trading CDs for Course Evaluations at the end of the day would reduce the number of evaluations… Read more »