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Hanover Fair 2012

Hanover Fair concluded last Friday after 190,000 visitors had trouped through the 5,000 exhibits (from 69 countries).  Twenty of the Halls were occupied, but I never made it out of Hall 9 with most of my time spent in the… Read more »

PROFIBUS in a Chemical Plant

Brad Hart from PI North America member C&E Sales presented a PROFIBUS application story from a chemical plant at the General Assembly Meeting.  It featured some AS-I, some PROFIBUS DP, some PROFIBUS PA, and some plans for PROFINET.  The usual… Read more »

Crimping Newark Asset Management

I was in Newark with Manny two weeks ago for the PROFIBUS in the Process Industries one-day training class.  We’ve been doing these classes for over 7 years now and it is amazing that we still get new questions.  In… Read more »

Problem Solving in PROFINET Class

I started this on the plane back from Jacksonville and I’m finishing it on the plane to Newark for the Process one-day training class.  (It’s tomorrow, May 14, at the Newark airport.  We have arranged for free parking at the… Read more »

Product Updates (Hanover Fair 2009 Report 4)

In addition to the new PROFIsafe products I mentioned several posts ago, there were other new products as well. First up, a Phoenix Contact PROFIBUS Proxy with built-in 4-port switch, highlighted in green here. Shown among many other PROFINET devices… Read more »

Technology Updates (Hanover Fair 2009 Report 3)

There was news of progress in a number of technology areas: IO-Link, wireless, PROFIBUS, and PROFINET. IO-Link products are appearing more rapidly.  IO-Link is not a fieldbus, but allows digital communications over the device’s cable.  This led me to characterize… Read more »

Greenville Process Class

Manny Mandrusiak reports from our Greenville PROFIBUS in the Process Industries one-day training class: I used to enjoy reading magazines where they had issues that were “Assistant Editor’s Months” – issues where the Assistant Editor wrote the column, with a… Read more »

ABB Worlds of PROFI

I’m on my flight back home from Orlando and ABB Automation and Power World.  There was lots of news about PROFIBUS and PROFINET there.  The trade press covers the general news, so I’ll fill in the fieldbus and PROFI news…. Read more »