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Choose the Network First

In the Atlanta PROFINET one-day training class, someone was asking about using PROFINET with a controller that does not natively support it.  The unusual part of this is that only one controller maker does not support PROFINET natively (you have… Read more »


First, a disclaimer, and no surprise: I may be slightly biased in favor of PROFINET. That said, I believe the following facts to be actual facts. While this post could expand to thousands of words, this will be the Readers… Read more »

PROFINET Fuddy-Duddy

A fuddy-duddy is someone who is old-fashioned and conservative almost to the point of eccentricity or geekiness. I fail to see how old-fashioned and geekiness can be used in the same definition. But I just used “fuddy-duddy” because it sounds… Read more »

The EtherNet/IP FUD-sicle – Melted Again

The EtherNet/IP folks just can’t stop talking about PROFINET… and just can’t stop getting it wrong.  It’s almost like they’re deliberately misrepresenting PROFINET.  The latest example is in the Industrial Ethernet Book article “Working successful motion control via standard Ethernet.”… Read more »

What is a Node?

One of the questions that came up in the market share discussion over at Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward blog (Ethernet in Manufacturing and Automation) centered on the definition of a node.  Thanks to a telephone conversation with the author of… Read more »

Multitasking on Industrial Ethernet

Automation World has an interesting article in the February issue and online: “Ethernet Protocols’ Flexibility A Boost For Manufacturing.”  It manages to mention five different Industrial Ethernet protocols but then goes on to focus on PROFINET and Ethernet/IP.  This is… Read more »