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SPS 2012: Summary

My posts: The Show The PI Booth Member Booths PROFINET Faster PROFINET Chips PROFIdrive PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Process PROFIenergy IO-Link In the news: Automation World Industrial Ethernet Book The Instrumentation Signpost Blog And finally, this video from the PI… Read more »

SPS 2012: IO-Link

IO-Link also featured prominently in the PI Booth. Our relationship with IO-Link is a bit peculiar. The consortium responsible for IO-Link relies on the PI infrastructure. If you have not encountered IO-Link before, I call it HART for discrete because… Read more »

SPS 2012: PROFIenergy

PROFIenergy is a big deal. It’s one of the really big benefits of using PROFINET. Products have been available for some years now and they are starting to appear in very large projects in the automotive industry. At the PI… Read more »

SPS 2012: PROFIdrive

PROFIdrive is an application profile that sits above the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communications protocols. It arranges the data in a consistent fashion to simplify the interchange of information. Drive vendors can choose not to use PROFIdrive, but then the drive… Read more »

SPS 2012: PROFINET Chips

I continue to be amazed at the number of chip-based solutions available for PROFINET. I’ve lost count of the actual number. But Innovasic, KW-Software, and Hilscher were in the PI booth with their solutions. Molex was in the booth, too,… Read more »

SPS 2012: PROFINET Faster

PROFINET was, of course, all over the show, including in the booths of companies that own or sponsor competing Industrial Ethernets! PROFINET’s theme in the PI booth was that PROFINET does more. It is faster now with 31.25 microsecond update… Read more »

SPS 2012: Member Booths

I was able to visit the booths of many of our members, but also found many of them right in the PI booth: Tomorrow’s post: PROFINET! –Carl Henning

SPS 2012: The PI booth

As usual the PI booth was well done and well attended.  In addition to the reception stand, the presentation theater, and the lounge, the booth sported functional areas for PROFINET PROFIenergy PROFIdrive PROFIsafe Process including PROFIBUS and PROFINET (and others!)… Read more »

SPS 2012: The Show

This year I am thankful that I got to spend Thanksgiving in the States and have turkey instead of turkey schnitzel.   Usually for Thanksgiving I’m in Nuremberg, but this year the SPS/IPC/Drives Show was the week after Turkey Day. This… Read more »