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A Major Change in Communication for the Process Industry
There is a big shift coming to the Process Control industry. Do you know what technologies are driving this disruption? It’s time to familiarize yourself.

PROFINET in Process Automation – The Specifics
Specifically, how do we expect PROFINET to be the enabler for Industrie 4.0 in the Process Industry? What is the strategy for transitioning your networks to PROFINET in the future?

New Products – August 2017
There are lots new products to announce this month from: Belden, BEx-Solution, Laumas, Phoenix Contact, SICK, Tolomatic, and Vivace. Find what you need!

Regional News – August 2017
In Bangkok, a PI seminar drew big crowds, next up is Vietnam. In the USA, there is a series of workshops to “add PROFINET to your device in three hours” coming up in October. Australia looks back on their 2016 Automation Innovation Summit.

Making a “case” for IO-Link [App Story]
Edson Packaging Machinery had a problem. How should they expand the RFID capabilities of their case packers for their new customers? IO-Link provided the perfect solution, and a whole lot more.

The PROFINET Community Comes Together for Testing
Rigorous testing and certification ensures PROFINET devices ‘just work’ on the plant floor. Why then hold Plugfests? Because they allow device manufacturers to test PROFINET ‘systems’ as a whole.

IODDfinder Contains Nearly all IO-Link Devices
How easy is it for you to find that IO-Link IODD file you’re looking for? Well, in just six months after its introduction, more than 80% of all IO-Link devices on the market can be found in the IODDfinder, the central database for IODDs.

Flexible Muffler Production with IO-Link [App Story]
Data access all the way down to the sensor level was of paramount importance to a manufacturer of mufflers for buses and large trucks in Turkey. With IO-Link gateways and hubs, multiple sensors can be linked up to controllers transparently and with minimal wiring.

Test your Knowledge: Ethernet Quiz
How well do you know PROFINET? For that matter, how well do you know Ethernet? Since PROFINET uses standard unmodified Ethernet, it’s time to make sure you’ve got your facts straight.

PROFINET and HMIs [Tech Tip]
There can be confusion when engineers begin to use Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and PROFINET. Read this Tech Tip to educate yourself!

PI Helps Foster an Intelligent and Digitized Future
To conquer challenges faced in fulfilling the visions of “Industrie 4.0” and the “Industrial Internet of Things” and the “Made in China 2025” strategy, the whole world is vigorously advancing digitalized manufacturing.

Annual PI Meeting in Beijing
The 29th joint annual meeting for RPA (Regional PI Association) Chairmen, PI Competence Centers (PICCs), PI Training Centers (PITCs), and PI Test Labs (PITLs) was successfully convened by PI China on June 19-23 in Beijing, China.

Accredited PI Competence Centers (PICCs) provide high-quality support for PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies worldwide. In the past three months, three PICCs were established in South America, one in Turkey, one in Canada as well as yet another in Germany. And now: three more in China.

Small Steps to Digital Plant Success
When Fortescue designed and developed their Solomon Hub mine in the Hamersley Ranges, the scale of the project was impressive. At the time of their creation, the Firetail and Kings ore mines (together making up the Solomon Hub) created the world’s largest PROFINET network.

PROFINET Switches for Diagnostics
A leading manufacturer of filling, bottling, and packaging machines utilizes Ethernet switches and PROFINET technology to create an integrated industrial network for all of their machines.

PROFINET and TSN (Time Sensitive Networking)
If you think that TSN replaces PROFINET you’re forgetting that TSN is just part of Ethernet and Ethernet is not an end-to-end protocol. An application layer protocol like PROFINET is needed to complete the delivery of data.

Member News – July 2017
PI Members in the news this month include PROCENTEC and MESCO. PROCENTEC celebrated its twentieth birthday. MESCO reports on a successful technology day featuring PROFIsafe, and has also opened a US office in the Boston area.

Regional News – July 2017
News from around the world includes a new PI Competence Center and PI Training Center in Argentina, events in Brazil, and a Profibus & Profinet Day in Italy.

IO-Link Members Assembly
IO-Link grows and grows and grows – both the number of members and the number of installed nodes.

Reinhard Schlagenhaufer, Speaker of the Steering Committee of IO-Link, was delighted to be able to present the latest positive growth figures at the IO-Link Members Assembly.

Product News – July 2017
Nine new products are introduced this month for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link: Banner IO-Link sensor, Helmholz PROFINET switches, Phoenix Contact signal conditioners and gateways, ProSoft Ethernet gateways, and three PROFIBUS PA products from Vivace.

The Importance of Open Standards
As the data from factories scales exponentially, the ability to access that data transparently becomes critical. If we want the Industrial Internet of Things to truly be a game changer for the manufacturing industry, open standards will be a major enabler of that transformation.

Six Steps to IIoT
A recent magazine article outlined six steps to take to implement the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It was mostly political – form a team, get buy-in from a C-level executive, etc. The political approach may be valuable, but for engineers the steps are different. So here are the six technical steps to the IIoT.

IO-Link Community Japan
IO-Link Community Japan leader, Mr. Shinichi Motoyosh, announced the start of the IO-Link Community Japan in April 2017 to promote the industrial digital communication technology, IO-Link.

IO Link: Did You Know
Did you know that new options for diagnostics are available? IO-Link now makes it possible to transfer larger data volumes.

PROFINET Conference in Denmark
PI Denmark conducted a special conference on May 18, 2017 with PI Chairman Karsten Schneider as key speaker on the subject “PROFINET and IO-Link – Communication Technology for Industrie 4.0.”

New Dairy in Silkeborg – But without Milk
Instead of milk, the small dairy simply processes water. The finished product is not going to be used for anything at all, but will just go down the drain once it has been through the process. And what is the point of that? Well, whether the dairy processes water or milk, the process is exactly the same, and this dairy has been established solely for the purpose of training the company’s customers, so it is actually quite logical.

IO-Link Sensors in Tire Manufacturing
Tire manufacturing machinery in general, and tire curing presses in particular, incorporate numerous sensors and indicators that contribute to machine efficiency. Overwhelmingly, sensors that provide an analog, 4-20 mA signal are used. But there’s a better alternative to typical analog feedback: IO-Link.

Tech Tip: Designing for Available Bandwidth
A frequently expressed concern of PROFINET users is bandwidth. Is there enough? How can I be sure? This is a legitimate concern, prompting a reminder that there’s never a substitute for doing the engineering. Architect the system with bandwidth usage in mind.

Training and Events – June 2017
PI Middle East has just completed a series of PROFIBUS and PROFINET certification training classes throughout the Middle East with a class on Food and Bev scheduled for September. PI UK has free PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link classes scheduled for the fall. PI North America continues its free PROFINET one-day training classes with a total of 17 to be completed in 2017. PI has scheduled a PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training for October 10 – 12, 2017.

Product News – June 2017
Moxa launches smart switches in a compact size with intuitive configuration. Siemens extends its line of IO-Link RFID Readers. Phoenix Contact adds new versions of its managed switches.

TSN and OPC at Hanover Fair – Any Other News?
OPC UA wherever you look. This was my first impression at Hannover Fair, which just closed its doors for 2017. With the rise of Industrie 4.0 and the IIoT, OPC UA came into focus for all industries and so came the products which support it. This is well-deserved of course. And then there is TSN – another attention-grabber for the fair visitors. But, not to be missed, was important news from PI…

At Hannover Fair
“More attendees, more solutions, more international!” was the short-form report on Hannover Fair. See the numbers and have a visit to the PI Booth.

Integrating TSN into PROFINET
TSN (Time-sensitive Networking) is a promising new IEEE technology for Ethernet that combines the bandwidth of IT (information technology) networks with the latency of OT (operational technology) networks.

New PA Profile – Now for PROFINET Too
In process automation, rapid installation and easy operation of field devices are important user requirements – consistently across manufacturers. Therefore PI has developed a profile specification in the form of PA Profile 4.0 that is independent of the communication protocol.

PROFI News from Hannover Fair
At the PI press conference on the second day of Hannover Fair, PI Chairman Karsten Schneider presented news of PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link.

2016, Another Year of PROFI Growth
The installed base of devices with ‘PI interfaces’ continues its very strong overall market position. Against the background of Industrie 4.0, this is a clear sign of the acceptance of PI technologies in this innovative domain.

PROFINET Certification
Practical and high-quality certification tests for communication interfaces are among the key factors for acceptance of an open communication standard. PI has maintained a certification system for PROFIBUS and PROFINET products since the beginning.

IO-Link Safety Specification Released
With the release and publication of the IO-Link Safety specification by the IO-Link Community and the successful concept assessment by the TÜV SÜD, nothing else stands in the way of implementation in systems and devices.

Regional News – May 2017
The UK had two events, one focusing on factory automation and one on process automation. In the Netherlands, an Industrial Ethernet event themed “Linking People, Companies, and Machinery” was held.

Product News – May 2017
There were multiple product announcements leading up to Hannover Fair. PROCENTEC announced a new diagnostic tool for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Comtrol presented one new product; PROVERTHA, two; Siemens, two; and Turck, four new products.

PI Poland to Hannover Fair 2017
Poland is honored to be a partner country on the Hannover Fair this year. PI Poland will be at the fair and this issue of PROFINEWS features Polish updates, success stories, and case studies.

PI North America is Hiring!
PI North America is currently hiring for its Technical Marketing Director position. We are looking for someone with a blend of marketing capabilities combined with technical aptitude. The ideal candidate will also have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Hannover Fair Preview
With the comprehensive theme “PROFINET – The Backbone of Industrie 4.0” PI will present its stand at the Hannover Messe, April 24 to 28, 2017. The PI Community and nearly 80 co-exhibitors present themselves in the Industrial Automation Hall 9, Stand 68, like last year.

PI Conference: Shaping the Future
The fifth PI Conference on March 22 and 23, 2017 was a great success. In the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt am Main, about 300 participants got information about trends and innovations related to the technologies of PI.

PI Poland Profile
In 2017 we celebrate the 13th anniversary of the PI Poland organization, which has been active in supporting the development of industrial networks Profibus, Profinet, and IO-Link. We see a steady increase in interest in our technologies and an annual increase in association membership.

Application Story: Redundant Communication in Mines
The MDJ-100 is a fully redundant PROFIBUS-based system enabling communication in more than 50 shaft mines across eastern Europe. The network incorporates intrinsic safety (PROFIBUS PA) to cope with the explosive environment below ground, and functional safety (PROFIsafe) to ensure worker safety at all times.

IO-Link Controls Pipeline Heating [Application Story]
Pipelines transporting various liquids in open space must often be protected against freezing by using electrical heating wires. Effectiveness and reliability are vital. ATER Logic from Olsztyn, Poland is modernizing heating pipelines systems, allowing full control and process monitoring through the use of IO-Link.

PROFINET I/O Modules for Print Shop Bender
Machines in the printing industry have many interfaces to the office world. Instead of conventional point-to-point wiring, remote Profinet I/O modules collect the signals directly on the stacker and bring them to the box PC controller in the control cabinet. Transparency, diagnostics and remote maintenance are improved because it’s all based on Ethernet.

Upcoming Training and Events
Additional free PROFINET one-day training classes are scheduled in the USA.

PI Italy has three PROFINET and PROFIBUS Days on the calendar.

New Products – March 2017
Safety, switches, controllers, development kits, and a process controller are among the new products announced from Balluff, Banner Engineering, Leuze, Phoenix Contact, Renasas, Siemens, and WAGO.

Ethernet and Industrial Communications: What’s the Latest?
It’s been hard to miss all the activity going on recently around time sensitive networking (TSN) and OPC UA. Here’s what it means for the near-term future of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and industrial networking in general.

Regional News – March 2017
Countries featured in this month’s PROFINEWS include Ireland where its Chairman provided training overseas in Turkey, Japan where IO-Link is proving immensely popular, and Germany where a major event, the PI Conference, is scheduled for March 22-23.

Advanced PROFINET Features Pay Dividends: Alarms and Records
For most folks jumping in to a PROFINET development project, there’s one only goal that they have in mind: exchange cyclic real-time data with a PLC. Devices that can only exchange data cyclically force developers to pack all sorts of data in to the real-time channel that don’t belong there. Fortunately, PROFINET provides alternative options here.

A Short Guide to Addressing EMI on PROFIBUS
Communication issues are often encountered on PROFIBUS networks, due to various factors such as reflections or electromagnetic interference (EMI). Malfunctions caused by these problems can easily be avoided if the main causes can be identified. Here’s how…

Automation Integrator Uses Comtrol for Device Connectivity
A factory automation integrator selected the Comtrol DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E for a production line cell for forging spindles. In this application, laser markers communicating via TCP/IP were used to apply a serial number to the spindles. The commands were sent to the marker through a PLC running PROFINET.

IoT Case Study: Remote Control via PROFINET
Modern technology allows you to do a lot of things remotely. Soaking in a spa is not one of them (at least not yet). Water treatment specialists Aquila Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH have found a way to do maintenance and troubleshooting of their system from any location. PROFINET provides the automation network backbone.

Digital-Driven Solutions Boost Plant Control
Innovation is, of course, partly about technology. But it is also about massive improvements in productivity through the empowerment of a business’s only untapped resource – its people.

PROFINET Quiz 2017
A previous edition of PROFINEWS carried a PROFINET quiz drawn from new and old questions. This month there are all new questions! Challenge your PROFINET knowledge today…

IO-Link: Did You Know?
A new Design Guideline from the IO-Link Community offers all interested users support during the planning of automation systems with IO-Link devices.

New Products: March 2017
There are many new products to announce this month from the following companies: HMS, MESCO, Phoenix Contact, PROCENTEC, Renesas, TWK, and Weidmüller.

IO-Link – a Success Story!
IO-Link continues to grow in number of devices installed and in advances to the technology itself. Read this article about IO-Link Safety, wireless connectivity, and a profile for smart sensors. Then read this issue’s additional IO-Link articles, application stories, and product news.

Help Wanted
PI North America is looking for an automation engineer with excellent oral and written communications skills. At PI North America we write white papers, make videos, teach free PROFINET one-day training classes, blog, tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, edit PROFINEWS, and more. Help wanted!

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link can be integrated into any fieldbus system?

It allows the IO-Link functionality to be connected to nearly any fieldbus. However, for PROFIBUS and PROFINET the data mapping is standardized, whereas for some other fieldbuses, the mapping is manufacturer-specific.

IODDfinder, the IO-Link Data Portal for IODDs
The IO-Link Community has launched a service that offers significant value for members and technology users. It is a central database for all IO Device Descriptions. It is free for both members and users.

IO-Link Simplified Firmware Updating
Today, even the smallest sensors have a powerful microcontroller and several thousand lines of software code. To meet these needs, the IO-Link community has specified a firmware update profile.

IO-Link Wires Core Shooter Machine
When the foundry machinery manufacturer Laempe Mössner Sinto planned the new LHL machine series, it decided to implement the entire automation for this with IO-Link. This produces several benefits: besides costs, the manufacturer also saves the time required for the installation, wiring and electrical planning, while customers benefit from a more dynamic and faster machine.

RFID: Simply (cost-) Efficient with IO-Link
A renowned manufacturer of sophisticated mechatronic products relies on RFID technology integrated into production processes via IO-Link. The manufacturer utilizes this technology in the final assembly of the power electronics units for premium electric cars.

Industrie 4.0 – Intelligent Communication with Inductive Sensors
Through the use of intelligent inductive sensors, a large German machinery manufacturer machines has succeeded in reducing the number of sensor types required for his application by 50%.

Product News – Issue 149
Ten companies present 15 new IO-Link products: Aventis, Balluff, Belden, Comtrol, Festo, GERMBEDDED, Leuze, M&M Software, Schmalz, and Turck.

The PROFIfuture
At the beginning of the year it’s a time to reflect a bit on the year gone by and look ahead to the new year. In 2016 we watched the continuing evolution of the concepts of Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)… and PROFINET’s place in them (we call that the PROFINET of Things).

Training in North America
PI North America in cooperation with the PROFI Interface Center announces that their free PROFINET one-day training classes will be held in 17 cities in 2017. Find a class in your area and get trained!

PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training
The next PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training takes place March 7-9, 2017 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The class will be conducted in the English language. This training is offered by PI, in conjunction with TÜV-Süd.

Ten Go-To Resources for PROFINET
There are more than ten resources for PROFINET, but here is a selection to provide a good starting point.

Social Media
PI offers many different social media channels:

  • PROFIblog
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Even the old standby: RSS

Here are some examples and time-saving opportunities to participate.

TECH TIP: Which Switch for PROFINET
Should you use a managed switch or an unmanaged switch with PROFINET? YES! Yes, you should use either a managed or an unmanaged Ethernet switch with PROFINET.

TECH TIP: What’s in a (PROFINET Device) name?
Hunter Harrington, PROFINET Consulting Engineer, of the PROFI Interface Center in Johnson City, Tennessee discusses the importance of PROFINET device naming plus rules and caveats in today’s engineering tools.

Network Diagnostic Book Announced
Dr. Hassan Kaghazchi, the Chairman of PI Ireland, has published a new book on PROFINET and PROFIBUS diagnostics. This book outlines the research conducted into diagnosing industrial communications networks with particular focus on PROFIBUS and PROFINET: Today industrial communications networks are part of the fabric of most manufacturing plants globally. The upkeep of these networks is crucial to smooth plant operations.

Regional News – January 2017
Regional PI Associations in Australia, China, Middle East, and the UK have news in this issue.

  • PI Australia looks back at 2016 and ahead to 2017.
  • PI China appeared in the exhibition of the 2016 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.
  • PI Middle East hosted a PROFIday and conducted a PROFIBUS class in Dubai; they are planning a design course.
  • PI UK is supporting (and offering discounts to) the Industry 4.0 Summit & Factory of the Future Expo in 2017.

Product News – January 2017
New and updated products include:

  • Belden – micro distributed control unit
  • Mynah – DeltaV [Emerson] VIM2 module
  • Siemens – PROFINET to PROFIBUS proxy
  • Turck – IO-Link Master and RFID modules
  • Wachendorff – PROFINET IRT encoder

Industrie 4.0, IIoT, OPC UA, & PROFINET
“The SPS/IPC/Drives Show just closed its doors and I must say it was an exciting show. Of course, Industrie 4.0 and IIoT dominated the fair from the 30 thousand foot view, but the terms tend to be too vague and everyone has their own views about what these describe,” reports Karsten Schneider, PI Chairman.

SPS Show Overview
The PI Booth at the SPS/IPC/Drives Show hosted hundreds of show visitors seeking information on PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link. Trade press editors flocked to the PI Press Conference on Wednesday morning for additional news.

New Process Automation Profile 4.0
At an early stage, PI along with users, such as NAMUR, started to intensively work out how PROFINET can be deployed in all areas of the process industry. Very quickly it became clear that PI can offer with PROFINET a complete solution package.

First Results on the Way to Industrie 4.0
PI is making strong progress on Industrie 4.0. Main work is done in the teams of the PI working group “I4.0@PI” with sub-groups for individual topics. The requirements are being closely harmonized with users and senior experts from the various participating companies.

Asset Management with PROFINET
As the growth of PROFINET continues, new customer requirements for additional Asset Management functions have been incorporated. Added is the ability to record assets to make maintenance and operation easier despite increasing complexity of processes and related machines.

Tech Tip: PROFINET on Switched Networks
In the early days of Ethernet, collisions on the network prevented its use in deterministic industrial applications. If two stations tried to transmit at the same time, a collision would result. The collision was detected and each station “backed off” a random time and tried again. This approach was fine for web browsing and email but prevented determinism. The advent of switched Ethernet networks did away will collisions allowing Ethernet to be applied in industrial automation where determinism was a must.

PROFIBUS in Steel [Application Story]
In response to exponential market demand, the annual production capacity at the ArcelorMittal site in Fos-sur-Mer, France, is due to rise from 4.6 to 5.3 million tons of steel. One of the key projects designed to help meet this objective was the refurbishment of blast furnace number 1 based on PROFIBUS.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link does away with the great variety of signals and interfaces on the sensor/actuator level once and for all?

Naturally, sensors and actuators covering a wide range of complexity and characteristics were produced in the past, when there was no standard for an interface with communications capability. Today, IO-Link bundles up this variety and simplifies the “last meter” of the sensor-actuator level.

Regional News – December 2016
This month there is news from PI UK, PI Germany, PI South Africa, and PI Australia. PI UK is supporting UK’s first Industry 4.0 Summit and reports on their recent Manchester seminar. PI Germany celebrates well-attended seminars in 2016 and looks forward to 2017. PI South Africa announces a new PI Training Center. PI Australia in cooperation with University of Technology, Sydney announces a seminar introducing Industry 4.0.

New Products – Issue 147
There are many new products to announce this month including fiber optic repeaters and power supply connectivity from Belden, PROFINET redundancy from Comtrol, fiber optic IRT from HMS, Ethernet switches from Siemens and IO-Link sensors and decentralized controls from Turck.

Network of the Future
As the popular saying goes, “paths are made by being walked.” In this sense, PROFINET has clearly shown that a technology can outgrow its expectations and blaze new trails as a pioneer. When an Ethernet-based communication system was first being considered 16 years ago, no-one had any idea that this technology would be a “door opener” to totally new areas of use, in this case, Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things applications.

All the (PROFI)news That’s Fit to Digitize
Are you reading this on the PROFINEWS App?

If so, move along! If not, what are you waiting for?! Download the App today from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores to stay up to date on the latest and greatest happenings at PI.

PI at SPS/IPC/Drives Show
PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link will be on display at the SPS/IPC/Drives Show in Nuremberg this month. Find the PI booth at the entrance to Hall 2 in stands 220 and 221. The 3,500 sq. ft. booth is themed “PROFINET – the Backbone for Industrie 4.0.”

How the Convergence of IT and OT Impacts Engineers
From the domain expertise required to filter the required data in the correct way to expanding automation and IT networking knowledge requirements, the Internet of Things is dramatically altering the duties and expectations for control engineers.

Ethernet Requirements in Process Automation
PROFIBUS PA cables can land in hazardous environments; Ethernet cables cannot –yet. However, PROFINET is still a great backbone in process applications for today and tomorrow.

Ethernet for Process Automation
At a joint symposium, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and NAMUR e.V. discussed the use of Ethernet in the process industry. The goal of the event was to evaluate, coordinate and prioritize the requirements placed on an Ethernet communication system for process automation.

IO-Link Interoperability Workshop
The IO-Link Community met in Frankfurt, Germany for the 16th annual IO-Link Interoperability Workshop. 75 participants from 33 companies spent both days intensively putting their new IO-Link devices through their paces. The participant turnout also set a new record in the number of different countries from which attending companies originated.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link drastically reduces electrical installation costs?

For use as an installation system, IO-Link sensor hubs are available that condense up to 16 binary sensors with one switching output (or 8 sensors with two switching outputs) into a single serial IO-Link connection.

Regional News – November 2016
PI Brazil has had a full slate of meetings and activities including some featuring PI Chairman, Karsten Schneider. On November 9, PI Italy held their final PROFIBUS and PROFINET event of 2016 in the industrial district in southern Italy. PI Middle East is hosting another PROFIday featuring the food and beverage industry on November 15.

New Products – November 2016

  • Softing introduces a PROFIBUS DP master for Xilinx FPGAs
  • Hilscher announces a gateway to bridge Real Time Ethernet networks
  • Pepperl+Fuchs introduces device libraries into its SegmentChecker
  • Comtrol announces PROFINET certification for their IO-Link master
  • Siemens releases new power modules for their drives, plus upgraded connectivity for their reluctance motors
  • Molex introduces an IP67 PROFINET IO-Link master

North American Activity
The PI North America “year” revolves around our annual General Assembly Meeting (GAM) held every September here in Scottsdale, AZ. This year’s installment marks the 22nd anniversary, since the organization was founded as the PROFIBUS Trade Organization in 1994. With the 2016 GAM now in our rearview mirror, we can reflect on the progress made during the year leading up to, and during the event.

Industrie 4.0, TSN, & Asset Management News
The GAM is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with members, end-users, and the press. Principally an open forum for discussion, the event provides members with access to other members in a noncompetitive setting. This year was particularly engaging with many notable presentations on the current state of the organization as well as its future direction.

2016 GAM Application Stories
In addition to providing our members with a forum for discussion about past and future activities, the GAM is an opportunity to hear from end-users. End users present their cutting edge applications using the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies.

“Do Potato Chips Taste Better on PROFINET?”
That was one of the questions posed during a wide-ranging panel discussion held at the 2016 General Assembly Meeting. The panel quickly turned into the highlight of the event and touched on many forward looking topics relating to industry, workforce development, connectivity, and edge computing.

PROFINET Device Development
When a user decides on PROFINET, he has a choice of thousands of different products developed and available worldwide today, such as I/O devices, actuators, sensors, network and infrastructure components, and controllers. This variety gives the user maximum freedom to design his own plant and automation systems.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that all well-known chip manufacturers offer chips for IO-Link devices or masters?

Over ten chip manufacturers have already listed their products. These offer a suitable chip for every device class, ranging from simple drivers/transceivers to microcontrollers.

Industrial Network Longevity
Secure and stable networks form the basis of high performance industrial communication. The only chance for their longevity is that they remain in perfect working condition. Is this currently the case? VORTEX 2016 for the first time delivers a comprehensive appraisal of the status of industrial networks across technologies and countries.

Regional News – October 2016
News from Australia and India: PI Australia held their annual member meeting and looked back at the year’s achievements, including a new membership high. PI India demonstrated a seamless multivendor system at SPS Automation India 2016.

Training and Events – October 2016
Highlighted this month: Australia has 30 certified PROFINET and PROFIBUS training classes scheduled for the remainder of 2016. PI Middle East has an upcoming seminar focused on food and beverage in their Dubai office. IO-Link has enhanced their workshops. And many classes are on the schedule for the balance of 2016.

Product News – October 2016
The product news this month is from MESCO Engineering and Weidmüller.

  • MESCO’s Software Library simplifies the development of safe drives in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2.
  • Weidmüller “u-remote” provides safe, digital I/O modules for PROFIsafe with integrated protection and precise diagnostics in a small format.

Welcome to PROFIsafe Growth
Sometimes time goes very fast; a year ago PI published my welcome article on PROFIsafe in PROFINEWS. As everyone expected the number of PROFIsafe nodes installed has reached 5.4 million in year 2015. There is no doubt that this trend will continue for the coming years because of the transition of fieldbus technology from PROFIBUS to PROFINET and market acceptance of safe PLCs for functional safety of the machine.

– Rajesham Kurapati, WG Leader PROFIsafe Marketing

Safety for Bettmeralp Aerial Tramway
The cable car from the valley floor in Wallis to Bettmeralp at 1933 meters above sea level is the “umbilical cord” for this popular vacation destination: Skiers, hikers, and locals use it for transportation since Bettmeralp is car-free. Groceries, building materials, and heating oil are brought up from the valley and trash is brought down. Just imagine what might happen if the cable car failed. PROFIsafe ensures safe operation.

Safety for Cement Plant Crane
To produce 900,000 tons of cement annually, the Holcim cement plant in the Eclepens municipality (canton of Vaud, Switzerland) operates 24 hours a day and over 300 days a year as a very much function-oriented plant. At the heart of the plant, a traveling crane plays a key role in the production process.

PROFIsafe and Security
Functional safety allows safety functions to be defined that can actively react to a ‘security’ attack. New standards are being drafted that cross the divide between safety and security.

PROFIsafe Test Tool Announced
Of particular interest to manufacturers of PROFIsafe controllers is the new F-Host test tool for PROFIsafe V2.61. The F-Host test tool will be used by PI test labs for official certification tests and by vendors of F-Host controllers for in-house tests.

New Videos
Two new videos help the understanding of PROFINET and PROFIsafe. From Indu-Sol comes a video that shows how PROFINET works by using a street traffic analogy. From PI we have a live demo of PROFIsafe working. PI maintains three YouTube channels to which viewers can subscribe.

Giving Meaning to Data
The topic of Industrie 4.0 can be examined from many aspects that differ, above all, in their degree of complexity. At the core, however, it boils down to a simple formula: Data plus connectivity lead to increased productivity.

PI North America PROFINET Plugfest
PI North America in cooperation with the PROFI Interface Center created the first North American PROFINET plugfest, hosted by Phoenix Contact in Ann Arbor, MI on August 3-4. Thirty-five engineers from thirteen companies brought six controllers and thirty I/O devices to the plugfest.

Training and Events – September 2016

  • PI North America hosts its annual members meeting starting September 27. Seats are still available.
  • A new webinar “Introduction to PROFINET” has been archived.
  • Free PROFINET one-day training classes in the USA continue after a summer break.
  • PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training and PROFIsafe Refresher Seminars are scheduled in Germany but in the English language.
  • Germany will be hosting a number of German language classes too.

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One of the many benefits of PI membership is the invitation to have your product news or application story published in PROFINEWS. PROFINEWS has a subscriber base of 225,000 so publication here is a major benefit.

FDI – Ready to Use
By accomplishing the development of FDI (Field Device Integration) technology PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and its partner organizations have passed an extraordinary milestone.

Join Thousands of Mobile App Users!
To those of you reading this on the PROFINEWS App on your mobile device: Thanks!

To the rest of you: Download it today!

After releasing Version 2 of our mobile App last month, users have been downloading it at a steady clip.

Asset Management to the Last Device
The cutting edge thought process in manufacturing today is to use the automation network for more than just automation. That could mean using it for safety, energy management, embedded web servers or asset management.

Asset management may be considered “old hat” in the manufacturing space, but under the influence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), new life is being breathed into the topic.

The PROFINET Go App and Other Blog Posts
The PROFIblog is one of the many social media venues available to followers of PROFINET and PROFIBUS. Here’s a roundup of recent blog posts that are typically are published every Tuesday morning. It was inevitable that Pokémon Go would inspire the PROFINET Go App.

PROFIBUS PA Sentiments (Part 2)
In this article PROFIBUS veteran Dennis van Booma continues to shed some light on questions that some novice PROFIBUS PA users have asked recently. There are specialists all over the world who are ready to kick-off their first implementation of PROFIBUS PA.

IO-Link, Industrie 4.0, and Industrial Internet of Things
IO-Link is certainly one of the shooting stars of automation technology. In recent years, the vendor-neutral plug-in connection has established itself in many applications due to its simplicity, ruggedness, and low cost. But there’s more to IO-Link. For one thing, IO-Link is an enabler for innovative sensors. For another thing, IO-Link ensures the data availability demanded by Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Training and Events – August 2016
Certified Engineers and Installers meet a global standard of excellence and are listed on the PI website. Learn more about certification classes and become acquainted with the other types of training offered. A live webinar is scheduled for August 30, “Introduction to PROFINET.”

Regional News – August 2016
This month, read up on PROFINET Road Shows occurring in Brazil, Technology Awareness Seminars taking place across South East Asia, and PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance classes being taught in the Middle East. Is there an event in your area that might be worth attending?

PROFINET of Things – Explained
By providing deterministic control, data access, and uptime in an open platform, PROFINET is foundational to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0. What is the relationship between the Industrial Internet of Things, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrie 4.0?

New Products – August 2016
New products this month include:

  • A PROFINET to CANopen gateway from Helmholz
  • A modular I/O system and PROFIBUS active termination resistor from Phoenix Contact
  • Enhanced software capability from Pepperl+Fuchs

Exciting Times in Process Automation
Karl Büttner, Chairman of the PI Process Automation Marketing Working Group, shares the news of PROFINET’s growing acceptance in the process industry. Two plans from last year’s roadmap have already been realized.

Download the PROFINEWS App for your iOS or Android device today! With a fresh new interface and intuitive design, the PROFINEWS App is your one-stop-shop for all the latest PROFIBUS and PROFINET News.

Industrie 4.0 and IIoT for Process Automation
The chemical industry is well acquainted with networks. This is now to be extended to the data level – or at least the measured value level. It is apparent that analog measured value transmission in chemical plants is often no longer adequate for future tasks. For this reason, the process industry is now openly discussing the topics of IIoT, Industrie 4.0, and using Ethernet technologies.

Process Migration to PROFINET
Seamless technology transfer: Standards guarantee the seamless interaction of devices and systems. But technical development never stops and the process automation world is already approaching the next technology generation. However, this time it is not about something completely new but rather about merging established solutions.

PROFIBUS PA Sentiments
In this article (and next month’s) PROFIBUS veteran Dennis van Booma sheds some light on questions that some novice PROFIBUS PA users have asked recently. There are specialists all over the world who are ready to kick-off their first implementation of PROFIBUS PA. This is the legacy of the conservative nature of our industry. More about PROFIBUS PA Profiles…

Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET (Part 3)
In Part 3 of this series of Tech Tips, we’ll cover PROFINET application layer device diagnostics and alarms, data records, and additional features, which give us complete accessibility and control in the event of a diagnostic or issue with the network. We often refer to this as “diagnostics down to the wire.”

Training and Events – July 2016
Plugfests are in the news with a recent PROFINET plugfest in Germany and an upcoming PROFINET plugfest in the US. IO-Link has a similar event scheduled for October.

Recent events included an international meeting of PI Competence Centers (PICC), PI Training Centers (PITCs) and PI Test Labs (PITLs) plus an IO-Link member meeting.

There are still hundreds of training and events scheduled for 2016.

Regional News – July 2016
Unlike many other organizations in industrial automation, PI is large enough that it can support a decentralized structure (as opposed to a centralized one). This means there’s a lot happening around the globe, all the time. Newsworthy topics highlighted in this article are from: China, India, Italy, Korea, and Norway.

Member News – July 2016
There is news this month from Hilscher, who announces a partnership to integrate IT and OT networks. Also, Phoenix Contact has opened a brand new training facility in Germany to further collaboration with universities there.

New Products – July 2016

  • Signal conditioners from Acromag
  • Valves from AUMA
  • Segment couplers from Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Ethernet switches from Phoenix Contact
  • Rotary encoders from POSITAL
  • Rail-application controllers from Siemens

PI Australia hosts Global Meeting
Australia is at the back-end of a 20 year resources boom and transitioning away from a mining investment-based economy. Efficiency and productivity are essential to keep Australia competitive and the event contrasted global developments with our local needs. Our technologies are at the innovative forefront of IIoT and Industrie 4.0 and it was our ambition to start the dialogue between the major stakeholders to work towards an innovative mindset in our industry.

Forum and Automation Innovation Summit
Attendees of the 2016 PROFIBUS and PROFINET Global Forum and the Automation Innovation Summit were inspired by an international roster of experts, learned about the role of Industrial Networks and innovation in their organizations, and gained new insight into the urgency of using automation to improve productivity.

PI Annual Meeting News
PI Regional PI Associations (RPAs) from around the world gathered for their annual meeting in Sydney Australia and stayed to support PI Australia’s PROFIBUS & PROFINET Global Forum and Automation Innovation Summit.

Four Tips to Extend the Life of Your PROFIBUS Installation
During the last few years, industrial communication systems based on Ethernet (PROFINET mainly) have spread immensely. Transitions toward innovative technologies require huge investments: purchase of new field devices, new cabling and higher-performance processors. For many companies, the investment in new protocols is not a real necessity and can be postponed by investing in the existing plant. Here are four tips to extend the life of an existing PROFIBUS network.

PROFIBUS Early Warning System
Even modern fieldbuses like PROFIBUS are unable to maintain their perfect post-installation condition indefinitely. Some “aging” is inevitable and this could eventually lead to bus faults and costly production losses. These problems can be avoided by continuously monitoring the PROFIBUS networks. The Softing solution deployed at the Aschaffenburg paper mill delivers benefits that receive the “thumbs up” from its staff.

Training – Focus on PROFIsafe
PROFIsafe is growing rapidly and PI is providing multiple classes to educate users, machine builders, and device makers in the benefits of this technology. Educational opportunities range from webinars to certification classes. Two PROFIsafe-specific classes are scheduled in Germany with the certification class offered only in English.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link is superseding the nameplate?

Every IO-Link device contains all of the relevant details about the device. Not only are the item number, date of manufacture, and firmware or hardware edition stored but it is also possible with device profiles to distinguish the equipment type, e.g. whether it is a pressure switch or a proximity switch.

Member News

  • Beamex has scheduled two calibration-focused events for the process industry
  • HARTING’s new product won the HERMES AWARD at Hannover Fair
  • Indu-Sol presents an appraisal of the status of industrial networks

Product News

  • Molex has introduced SST modules to connect CompactLogix controllers to PROFIBUS.
  • Janitza electronics has announced a PROFIenergy-capable current-measuring device (shown).
  • The Wieland Electric samos PRO COMPACT gateway now includes PROFINET and PROFIBUS.

Global Networks
The only path to functioning networks in the context of Industrie 4.0 is by way of standards. They ensure a smooth information flow within the production process. That is why PI works closely with other organizations to advance usable and reliable solutions. This is illustrated by Peter Wenzel, Executive Director of PI Germany, with three examples from the past year.

Hannover Fair Report
The Hannover Fair is the largest industrial trade show. Each year a partner country is featured with this year’s partner being the USA. Not surprisingly, attendance from the USA reached an all-time high at 5,000 out of the 190,000 attendees. PI had its own booth on the red carpet tour route.

2015 PI Node Count: Extraordinary Growth
The annual determination of the installed base of PI technologies show a significant growth in market acceptance. The numbers for PROFINET and PROFIsafe are particularly strong. IO-Link is also exhibiting a strongly accelerated growth.

PROFINET and TSN Close Ranks through Industrie 4.0
Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is expected to be the next big advancement in standard Ethernet. It will allow determinism as part of IEEE-standard Ethernet. This will take quite some time, but PI has begun a Working Group to determine how best to leverage TSN in PROFINET. Note that PROFINET already provides deterministic performance, but as TSN becomes part of the Ethernet infrastructure, PROFINET will use it.

New Documents and Videos – May 2016
If you do nothing else, read this! Can’t make it to one of the hundreds of PROFIBUS or PROFINET training events going on around the world? Need a point of reference at the tip of your fingers? Many new documents are available, some with important updates.

Training Update – May 2016
This issue spotlights the 29 global certified PI Training Centers (PITCs) in 19 countries around the globe. PITCs train engineers and installers in courses ranging in length from one day to week-long. PITCs can be certified to teach Certified PROFIBUS Designer / Engineer / Installer, Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer, and/or Certified PROFINET Engineer / Installer.

Intelligent Communication Networks in the Application of Industrie 4.0
Are new technologies needed for implementation of Industrie 4.0? Not necessarily. Rather, it is a matter of toughening up existing technologies so that they can meet future requirements. PROFINET is already well-prepared for this because of the important groundwork laid by PI to date.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link is regarded as a facilitator for the diagnostic concepts of Industrie 4.0? Industrie 4.0 is loaded with high expectations. If it is to become a reality, data and information from the sensor/actuator level must be made accessible. IO-Link  provides communication capability to the last meter to the field device.

Regional News – May 2016
In Brazil, more seminars have been hosted at AmBev as the company standardizes on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Meanwhile, Australia prepares for its Automation Innovation Summit on May 25th. In the Netherlands, an Industrial Communication seminar is set for June 9th in  Rotterdam.

New Products – May 2016
Many new products to announce this month including I/O from Acromag, an IO-Link master from Comtrol, a switch from Helmholz, a weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo (shown), easy safety from Phoenix Contact, and three new products from Siemens.

Simple PROFINET Integration for Futureproof Added Value
Head of the PI Factory Automation Marketing Group, Xaver Schmidt, introduces Issue 139 of PROFINEWS with observations on adding PROFINET to automation devices. It’s the theme of this issue.

Hannover Fair Preview
Hannover Fair will be held April 25-29 with the theme “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions.” This year’s partner country is the USA and President Obama will be there for the opening ceremony. PI will present at Hall 9, Booth D68 under the banner “PROFINET – The Backbone of Industrie 4.0.” Stop by to see how PI technologies can already fulfill the requirements of Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things.

TECH TIP: Suite and Simple Network Management (Part 2)
This is the second in our series on network management with PROFINET. It covers PROFINET device naming, PROFINET Discovery and Configuration Protocol (DCP), and Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).

Training (All US Classes Finalized)
There are over 200 training classes remaining globally in 2016. Visit the PI global training website to filter by country, technology, and target student. Of note is an IO-Link workshop in Italy. In North America, the training schedule is finalized for PROFINET free one-day training classes.

Developing a PROFINET Product
There are so many choices of ways to add PROFINET to an automation device that it is difficult to know where to start. Where to start depends on the type of product, its existing design, quantity expected, and time to market needed. This article provides an overview of starting points plus a list of resources to help device makers.

Guideline for Developing a PROFINET Product
The new guideline, “Recommendation for Design and Implementation of PROFINET Devices” addresses technological aspects as well as organizational issues such as certification and marketing when developing a PROFINET device. It guides vendors through this process from initial questions to market launch of a product.

PROFINET Controller and Device Integration
To assist manufacturers of automation devices in adding PROFINET to their products, two tools are now available. The first is a PROFINET driver for controllers, and the second is a chip for devices. Both are from Siemens.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link enables devices that were previously inconceivable?

IO-Link sets new standards for the design of input/output modules. Whether integrated in the control rack or as a fieldbus module, one and the same module can process a wide range of signals. IO-Link masters can replace both binary and analog inputs and outputs.

Regional News – April 2016
Italy is hosting three PROFIBUS/PROFINET Days throughout 2016. The first is scheduled for April 13th in Alba. The next will take place in Florence on June 28th.

In February, the PROFIBUS Group of the United Kingdom held a successful seminar at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

New Products – April 2016
With Hannover Messe around the corner, there are many new products to announce including a flowmeter from Bronkhorst with PROFINET, microsecond accuracy from Hilscher, PROFIsafe from Murrelektronik, four new products from Siemens, a miniature PROFIBUS master from Softing, and five new products from Turck.

PI Community Communications
PI Chairman Karsten Schneider shares his observations on the importance of communications – not just in bits and bytes, but person-to-person and organization-to-organization.

The huge success of PI technologies is based on communication. The quality and widespread global use of PI technologies would never have been possible if the PROFIBUS and PROFINET developers had not had an outstanding character trait – the absolute determination to communicate with one another.

The Continuing, Critical Role of Industrial Ethernet
Because the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leverages so many existing technologies, it seems that everybody and their mother can claim to have the necessary expertise. But let’s not forget that IIoT roots are firmly planted within industrial Ethernet.

PI at embedded world
PI was an integral part of the embedded world trade-show last month. The co-exhibitors Innovasic, Molex, Phoenix Contact, Renesas, and Siemens gave information about how to implement PROFINET and what kind of support can be expected during development.

PI North America Announces Developer Training
PI North America, in collaboration with the PROFI Interface Center, is proud to announce the creation of workshops dedicated to developers of automation devices. The classes guide a vendor through the options open to them when they decide to add a PROFINET interface to their device.

Training and Events
PI sponsors a range of classes: free one-day training classes, PROFIBUS & PROFINET Certified Network Engineer classes, and the newly created PROFINET Developer Classes. Globally, there is a five-city series in France featuring PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and wireless PROFINET and in Germany there’s a plugfest.

Take Command of your Network
PROFINET Commander is a vendor-independent PROFINET software utility which runs on a Windows PC and allows you to set up, test, and commission devices quickly without special programming (i.e. without a PLC) or additional hardware.

PROFIBUS PA – Saving Money from the Start
Recently on a LinkedIn forum, someone asked the following question: “I am a new instrumentation engineer. How does 4 – 20 mA technology work?” What followed was an in-depth analysis of the origins and history of the technology. Lost in the heat of the discussion, two people made almost the same comment: “We should leave that behind and just switch to fieldbus!”

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link drastically reduces the number of interfaces needed?

Modern automation systems contain a variety of sensors and actuators from different manufacturers that are linked to controllers. IO-Link provides a universal physical interface for wiring and a uniform interface for configuration and parameter assignment.

A Social Media Milestone
PI is celebrating a number of social media milestones. Our YouTube channels have been producing useful videos for five years. @AllThingsPROFI has been tweeting since July of 2008. But the ten-year milestone (almost to the day!) goes to the PROFIblog.

New Products – Issue 138
This month’s product highlights include:

  • Two new IoT gateways for PROFIBUS / PROFINET from Hilscher and HMS
  • Flowmeters and data-managers from Endress + Hauser
  • New compact I/O from Turck
  • SmartLights from Balluff
  • PROFIBUS monitoring from PROCENTEC
  • Gateways from ProSoft
  • Easy PROFIBUS PA from Softing

Welcome to Automation’s Evolution
I’ve been around PROFIBUS and then PROFINET for a couple decades now and I have to admit that I’m still excited by these technologies. It’s been fun to watch them mature and grow. I’ve been doing automation for decades before that so I’ve seen the long arc of automation’s evolutionary growth. Our evolutionary position is currently the Industrial Internet of Things. And it is an evolution I believe. – Carl Henning

Training (Cities, Classes Added)
In North America, additional cities have been confirmed for no-charge PROFINET one-day training classes and additional Certified Network Engineer classes are announced. Free PROFIBUS and PROFINET training is coming to the UK. PI Australia formalizes its Automation Innovation Summit. In Germany IO-Link, PROFIBUS, and PROFIsafe training is scheduled.

The Data-Driven Factory
Being in the business of moving data with PROFINET, references to the data-driven factory appeal to PI. Appealing as that is, it’s an incomplete story. Like a word-driven blog post. Random words collected do not a blog post make. Random data collected does not a factory drive. Data is the raw material.

In the very first issue of PROFINEWS North American Edition way back in March 2005, there was a PROFINET quiz. Taking a few questions from there and adding some more allows us to present the 2016 PROFINET Quiz.

Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET

In the automation environment of today and tomorrow, manufacturers need a system which is built with effective diagnostic capabilities and is easy to manage at both the network and application levels for minimum downtime and increased productivity. PROFINET should be your network of choice because it has best in class diagnostic mechanisms which are in short: ‘suite and simple’.

PROFIsafe is First National Safety Standard in China
Following successful standardization of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in China, PROFIsafe – the first and only communication-based safety standard in China – has now been elevated to the status of a Chinese national standard. This is further evidence that the world leading PI technologies are highly regarded in China – not just because of their high quality but also based on their large installed base and reliable organization.

The Social Engineer
How can you tell an engineer has social skills? When he’s talking to you, he’s looking at your shoes. Actually, he’s probably messaging you on his smartphone, even if he’s sitting beside you.The electronically-social engineer has many non-face-to-face options for communications. Here are some suggested sites for the electronically-social engineer.

PI to Start Encoder Certification
To ensure that everything runs smoothly in drive technology, clean interfaces between all components involved are required. To further ensure the interoperability of drive and motion control applications, certification of products with the Encoder profile will be available starting immediately.

Successful Year for IO-Link
2015 ended successfully for IO-Link. At SPC IPC Drives, 39 members of the IO-Link member community presented 170 devices and components under the motto “Enabler for Industrie 4.0”. The various sensors, actuators, masters, and services illustrate the possibilities of high-performance point-to-point communication. More and more companies are convinced of the benefits.

Product News
Balluff, Banner, and Murrelektronik have IO-Link product news. GE’s Automation and Controls provides a video first-look at their high-density I/O with PROFINET connectivity. Softing provides a PROFIBUS PA developer kit and a story of using their tools for PROFIBUS diagnostics. Industrial Data Xchange announces a StarNET Gateway for PROFIBUS.

Impressive Networking
For PI, the Industrial Internet of Things is a subset of Industrie 4.0. Karsten Schneider, Chairman of PI, explains how PROFINET (and PI) fit in Industrie 4.0. Openness, data speeds and volumes, and collaboration on standards secure PROFINET’s role.

PI North America 2015 into 2016
To understand our goals for 2016, it helps to look back on 2015, a year of milestones reached and surpassed. Some involved big numbers, like passing the 10 million node count for PROFINET. Others were more intangible, like our broad coverage in the trade press.

No-charge North American PROFINET Classes
“Lunch for 1,263 please!” In 2015, PI North America fed 1,263 students lunch at the 17 PROFINET one-day training classes. A similar crowd is expected in 2016. Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are everywhere now, including these PROFINET classes.

Certified Network Engineer and Developer Classes
Often students at the PROFINET one-day training classes wish for a hands-on experience. Given the class sizes, this is not practical. For such depth, PI offers Certified Network Engineer classes and customized Developer classes (new!) offered by the PIC.

Intro to PROFINET of Things and IIoT
Where does the Industrial Internet of Things and PROFINET fit in a control engineer’s world? At the level of the control network, IIoT is a new name for where automation was headed anyway! What is new is the use of the data produced by the control system to improve the overall process.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link is backward compatible with binary sensors?  The point-to-point connections familiar at the lower field level were simply taken over in IO-Link, complete with the standard cabling.

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks
A ten-year old white paper entitled A Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks is the most downloaded document. In the guide, author James Powell promotes a systematic approach that makes network set-up and trouble-shooting easy.

Member News
PROFINET stalwart Phoenix Contact’s Middletown, Pa., plant was named Plant Engineering magazine’s Top Plant of 2015. HARTING announces “The HARTING Knowledge Center” app, a content hub of all of HARTING’s educational materials, including white papers, FAQs, videos, brochures, and more.

Regional News
Why have an entire section of PROFINEWS dedicated to Regional News? It matters for three reasons.

  1. It shows the strength of the PI organization on a global scale.
  2. If you are a device vendor, it encourages you to explore other such markets with the expectation of local support
  3. As an end-user, it assures that if you start operations in another country there are already experts in place.

Product News
There are two new gateways to announce this month: a PROFIBUS to Modbus gateway from Moxa, and one for PROFINET to PROFIBUS PA from Softing. Also, Siemens announces an RFID system with IO-Link connectivity, and Acromag announces new I/O.

PROFINET and OPC UA Cooperation
PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and OPC Foundation have been working cooperatively for years. This cooperation is being intensified in order to systematically continue the integration of OPC UA into the system architecture of PROFINET.

CC-Link IE and PROFINET Cooperation
The CC-Link Partner Association and PI are announcing a close collaboration with the objective of promoting and disseminating the use of open industrial networks. As users aspire to be ready for Industrie 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things based manufacturing systems, easy integration of various networks, such as CC-Link IE and PROFINET, is essential for this.

The Backbone for Industrie 4.0
PI is purposefully driving the subject of Industrie 4.0 and is laying out the steps for future-proof further development of today’s proven solutions. To this end, PI has started a working group with more then 30 participants from different member companies, whose first step will be to define use-cases relevant for Industrie 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

ARC White Paper: Enabling Information Driven Enterprises
Global manufacturers today demand simpler and more modular automation solutions that use open networks and interfaces. New business drivers require the seamless integration of production data with business systems to make better use of information originating from the plant floor.

Industrial Communication for Process Control
The technologies of PI have been firmly established in process automation for years. PROFIBUS PA is recognized as the most powerful proven fieldbus solution. PROFINET has been expanded in response to specific requirements from users in the process industries.

M12 L-coded for Device Power
What PI succeeded in doing with the M12 connector technology for the Ethernet network connection has now been transferred to the 24 V supply. With the M12 L-coded, there is now an M12 power plug connector available that covers the necessary power range with a current carrying capacity of 16 A in the size of an M12 plug connector.

E-book Now Available
The book “Industrial communication with PROFINET” by Manfred Popp is now available as an e-book. This work gives field device manufacturers, plant manufacturers, and commissioning engineers a comprehensive and practical introduction to the functionality and use of PROFINET.

IO-Link News
Well attended IO-Link Workshops were held in Minneapolis, MN and Prague, CZ last month. The workshops highlighted presentations and panels from recognized experts on the use and deployment of IO-Link, and showcased manufacturers from all around the world.

PROFI-Events in the Middle East
PI Middle-East held a successful PROFIday in Dubai, UAE in November. Topics included PROFIBUS system design and PROFINET network validation with experts from around the world. Another event is planned for January in Sohar, Oman. Register today!

New Products
Lots of new products this month including:

  • New modular I/O from GE
  • An IRT master from Hilscher
  • Diagnostic tools from Softing
  • Heating controllers from Siemens
  • Inexpensive Ethernet chips from Innovasic
  • IO-Link products from Balluff and Codewerk

To Improve is to Change…
… To be perfect is to change often.
-Winston Churchill.

With each PROFINEWS edition, the news changes and becomes ever more engaging. For example, later this month at the SPS/IPC/Drives tradeshow in Nuremberg, prepare for some exciting announcements from PI. In meantime, I want to point out a few highlights in this issue.

IIoT in Reverse
Most of the talk surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things focuses on moving data upward and outward. Equally important is enabling your factory to handle incoming data.

High Demand for PROFI- technologies in Brazil
The adoption of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Brazil is growing rapidly. Two multi-billion dollar companies, Ambev, the world’s fifth largest beer producer and Raizen, one of the world’s largest sugar and ethanol producers, are both investing in the technologies.

Is Profibus or 4-20mA More Accurate?
When it comes to transmitting process variables, 4-20 mA is by far the most popular method. Digital fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS or PROFINET, however, are said to be more accurate and generally better than 4-20 mA. What isn’t discussed very often, however, is the extent of how much more accurate they are. This topic is the elephant in the control room.

Understanding PROFIBUS Diagnostics Part 3: Alarms
PROFIBUS DPV1 Alarms are a special kind of extended diagnostic. Compared to normal extended diagnostics, Alarms require an additional acknowledgment “handshake” between the master (controller) PLC or DCS and the slave device.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that over 100 members now belong to the IO-Link community?

IO-Link has established itself in the market faster than almost any other communication technology. At the market launch in 2009, there were 41 member companies to start. Now with the addition of Weiss Robotics in October, the 100th company has joined the member community.

Social Media
PI provides a number of “Social Media” venues as service to the community of PROFINET and PROFIBUS users and beyond. From opinionated blog posts to educational videos, see the spectrum of PI Social Media.

Member News: Phoenix Contact Assists Local College with PROFINET Kits
HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has become the first American school to join Phoenix Contact’s EduNet program. EduNet is an international education network that brings together schools and industry in the field of automation technology. The EduNet program includes donating equipment for the lab. This gives students hands-on access to several Phoenix Contact ILC controller and PROFINET starter kits, the same type of equipment they might use once they graduate and work on the manufacturing floor.

Regional News
News this month from:

  • Germany, where a successful PROFIsafe workshop was held
  • Italy and Poland, with IO-Link workshops
  • France, who is hosting three events in early December
  • Australia, where they prepare for the 2016 Automation Innovation Summit

Product News
New products this month include:

  • A PROFINET master simulator software from HMS
  • Four new gateways from ProSoft
  • Power buffers and power converters from SIEMENS with PROFINET connectivity
  • An embeddable PROFINET interface from Hilscher that includes an OPC UA server

Welcome to PROFINEWS!
Welcome to the 133rd edition of PROFINEWS! Having just wrapped up our 21st General Assembly Meeting here in Scottsdale, AZ, I can say with confidence that our organization is stronger than ever. After 21 years it’s exciting to see so much new development happening, and we’re still pushing the envelope to remain innovative in this space.  -Michael Bryant

PROFINET of Things Webinar
A new webinar has been posted giving some background and description to what the ‘PROFINET of Things’ is. The video is approximately 15 minutes long. Watch it and learn how PROFINET provides a foundation for IIoT and Industrie 4.0.

Report from the General Assembly Meeting
Michael Bryant introduced this issue of PROFINEWS with a hint about PI North America’s recent General Assembly Meeting (GAM). Michael Bowne in the article immediately above took the introduction to the PROFINET of Things at the GAM and distilled them into a webcast. Carl Henning in the PROFIblog is portioning out an informal reporting of the event. Here are the highlights from the meeting.

PI North America Announces New Board Member
PI North America, is proud to announce the appointment of Barry Lynch, Global Marketing Director at GE Intelligent Platforms, to its Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously to approve Mr. Lynch’s nomination earlier this month.

IO-Link Adds 100th Member
IO-Link has established itself in the market faster than almost any other communication technology. This is confirmed by the number of members in the IO-Link member community and the current node counts. Weiss Robotics was the 100th company to join the member community.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link can transmit up to 32 bytes in one cycle?

The IO-Link interface standardized in IEC 61131-9 is based on simple serial data transmission via conventional connecting cables. With IO-Link, it is over exactly this cable that data packets are exchanged cyclically between the IO-Link master and an IO-Link device packed in one protocol.

Tech Tip: PROFINET Options for Devices
We often use an age old catch phrase during our PROFINET one day classes, “But wait, there’s more!” when we get to the latter part of the day. At that time we’ve usually covered the standard PROFINET application functionality and continue talking about additional PROFINET features and options. We’ve found that most engineers and developers don’t realize what the optional features of PROFINET are and their purpose. Here is a list of those optional features and what they do.

Regional and Member News
A combined Regional PI Chairman meeting and Industry Forum has been announced for Australia. HARTING announces a North American roadshow truck to showcase connectivity solutions. Ireland held a one-day demo consisting of two sessions on PROFIBUS diagnostics.

Training and Events
With Certified Training available in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, and the Netherlands over the next month, there are ample opportunities to get trained on PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link.

The main trade-show for industrial automation is fast approaching at the end of November: SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, Germany. PI will again host a booth at the event, so plan on attending.

New Products
New products this month include interconnectivity devices for PROFIBUS and PROFINET from HMS, CNCs from Siemens and industrial displays from Binar with PROFINET (pictured), and gateways to EnDat from Leine & Linde and to CANopen from Helmholz.

Functional Safety Progress
It is great pleasure for me to give you the PROFIsafe Technology updates and its strong position in the market after the first introduction around 15 years ago. Functional safety gets more attention and provides the feasibility to implement safety in machines and at plants. With more than 4 million installed nodes PROFIsafe technology has established itself in the leading position in the network safety market.

Taking Responsibility for Safety and Security
The term ‘security’ alone causes a media storm – one glance at newspapers and online news sites is all it takes and everyone is in the thick of the discussion around cyber security. Automation and communication technology are not spared from this. Also new to the discussion is that the areas of safety and security are moving closer together.

Wireless Safety along the Ride Flight Path with PROFIsafe
Flying machines built according to plans devised by Leonardo da Vinci centuries ago are one of the latest attractions in Germany’s largest amusement park, Europa-Park. Wireless fail-safe technology and PROFINET communication provide the required safety. Da Vinci would be impressed!

Easy PROFIsafe integration for Fortress Interlocks
UK-based Fortress Interlocks manufactures premium safety interlock systems for industrial applications. These PROFIsafe enabled interlocks are used to help prevent a machine from harming its operator or damaging itself.

Success, to be continued
Windows 95 was just released and DVD’s were announced as a new groundbreaking storage media, and the PIC – PROFIBUS Interface Center – was founded in Johnson City, TN. That was 1995. Now, 20 years later, we’re still alive and kicking and busy as always.

We often get the question: Why doesn’t PROFINET use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for IP address assignment?

Answer: DHCP could be used, optionally, but there are some differences you should know between DHCP and PROFINET DCP.

PROFINET – Backbone of IIoT and Industry 4.0
In August 2015, Rafael Koenig, Chairman of Profibus Australia, presented at the Future Networks Forum about Profinet’s role in Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link protects against incorrect device replacement? Developed as an interface “by practitioners for practitioners”, it has a variety of integrated options to maximize the ease and reliability of device replacement.

Regional Events and Training

  • Two PROFIsafe courses in Karlsruhe
  • In Italy, a PROFIBUS & PROFINET Day and an IO-Link Workshop
  • An IO-Link Workshop in Minnesota, USA
  • Two ABB PROFIBUS trainings in Germany
  • PI Middle East held its first PROFIday

New Products
New products this month include: PROFINET connectivity for Banner Engineering vision systems and Murrelektronik safety I/O, conformity for HARTING Ethernet connectors, and a new Phoenix Contact PROFIBUS DP to PA coupler.

Mission Accomplished!
The past five years have been exciting for process automation. It was clear to everyone involved that a turning point was at hand. And, thus, with the development of FDI (Field Device Integration) technology, an important signal was sent.

FDI Primer
With the completion of its goals, the FDI organization is dissolving. But the technology is just beginning its solving of user and vendor requirements. FDI presents a common successor to FDT/DTM and EDDL. These two disparate approaches now give way to a single solution.

Network of the Future
Though there’s no way to tell exactly what the network of the future will look like under the effects of the Industrial Internet of Things, there are three universal network aspects worth focusing on to prepare yourself—and your network—for the future.

Tech Tip: What Is PROFINET DCP?
DCP is part of the PROFINET protocol suite and stands for “Discovery and Configuration Protocol”. It is used by the engineering tool and controller to discover devices, identify device information, and configure device settings such as PROFINET device name and IP address on a PROFINET network.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link has an incredible number of parameter assignment methods? This article takes a look at five different use cases for accessing IO-Link devices and how configuration settings can be transferred to them.

PROFINET in Process White Paper
This white paper reports – oriented to the timeline of the technology development – which functions and capabilities of PROFINET are currently meeting the demands of process automation and which can be implemented and then used in products in the future based on specifications that are complete or in progress.

Training and Events
There are three different training classes being offered specifically for PROFIsafe in October. All three take place in Germany with the first intended for end-users and machine builders and the remainder for device manufacturers. In North America, the second half of the year’s one-day training classes kicks off in Chicago on August 27.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET Success in Brazil
It has been a busy year for Associação Profibus Brasil thus far. PROFIBUS and PROFINET already enjoy wide adoption in Brazil and the Association has been there to support users with training and seminars. Through new events and meetings, the Association is expanding the already large PROFIBUS and PROFINET footprint in the country’s automation, process, and energy sectors.

Member News
We have four members’ updates this month: GE Intelligent Platforms customer gets easy upgrade to PROFINET. PI and PI North America member PROCENTEC announces the opening of a new office in Italy. Softing provides a white paper on Best Practice in PROFIBUS Network Diagnostics and a success story for PROFIBUS diagnostics. Industrie 4.0 and cyber-physical systems are the topics of a position paper from halstrup-walcher.

New Products
New products this month include protocol gateways from ProSoft, CNC controllers and switches from Siemens, connectors from Helmholz, RFID controllers from Balluff, and intrinsically safe IPCs from Nexcom.

Achema 2015: A clear commitment to PROFINET in the process automation world
The Who’s Who of the process industry came together at ACHEMA 2015. Numerous innovations could be seen and all participants engaged in lively exchange with scores of customers and interested parties. PROFIBUS and PROFINET International aroused the interest of many visitors with publication of its White Paper “PROFINET – The solution platform for process automation.”

The IIoT Is All About the Data
This White Paper takes a look at how the industrial application of the Internet of Things concept makes for a very different use of data than the consumer Internet of Things and how Profinet sources the industrial data needed via an open standard. It should have been called the Industrial Internet of Data…

Tech Tip: Understanding PROFIBUS Diagnostics Part 2
PROFIBUS’s success in the industrial controls universe is partly due to its wide array of diagnostic capabilities. Every PROFIBUS slave device must support, at a minimum, 6 bytes of standard diagnostic data.

A Pair of PROFIBUS Application Papers
Snijders Intelligent Automation designs and manufactures electrical panels for many industrial and commercial sectors, including maritime. The Barwon Water biosolids drying facility is a fully enclosed thermal drying operation in Australia. Both are using PROFIBUS to maximize transparency and uptime.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link wiring needs only 3 wires of a parallel cable instead of 19? The simple motto 3 instead of 19 wires vividly describes the saving potential of IO-Link compared to conventional wiring.

Magazine Article Recap
Through the first half of 2015 there has been a flurry of activity in the magazine press relating specifically to PROFINET, PROFIBUS and of course IIoT. Here’s a recap of those articles to stay up to date on the latest coverage.

Training and Events
New training events have been announced in North America for Toronto and Seattle. In Europe, training is being offered across the continent for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineers and Installers.

Regional News
PI Australia just completed their annual general meeting with positive results; will host a one day PROFINET & PROFIBUS Expo; and announces training courses for later this year.  PI Italy had a successful show with an award-winning PROFIenergy paper.  PI UK reports on their recent conference.

Member News
In member news this month, Phoenix Contact has introduced a hybrid magazine+catalog App for the iPad. It contains both topical articles as well as a product library. Delta Computer Systems is expanding its work space to accommodate new personnel and expanded training and test labs.

New Products
New products this month revolve around an updated controller portfolio for the process industries, a diagnostics tool that understands PROFIBUS PA, and switches with security for automation networks.

PROFINET Enables Today’s and Tomorrow’s Machine Building
Already today machine builders are forced to construct new machines for the worldwide market which can produce things flexibly, adapted to customer demands. PROFINET supports them with built-in TCP/IP communication, which is independent from special hardware or software modules in the devices or controllers. So communication between the overlaid production line control and the non-PROFINET devices is easily possible.

Application Story: PROFINET empowers IIoT Deployment
When you think about how to keep grain operations running smoothly with zero downtime and no undetected safety hazards or unnecessary operating costs, the Internet of Things is probably not the first answer that comes to mind. Read how PROFINET empowered this real-world IIoT deployment.

Understanding PROFIBUS Diagnostics
One of the many reasons for PROFIBUS’ success over the years has been the ability of PROFIBUS diagnostics to pinpoint instrument problems in a running system. This tech tip’s purpose is to give you a better understanding of the mechanics of how PROFIBUS diagnostics work and to show how the information is reported.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that the benefits of IO-Link are built on three pillars? The tremendous success of IO-Link rests on three pillars whose value is clearly recognized no matter the industry sector:

  • Simplified installation
  • Simplified parameter assignment
  • Diagnostics

20 Years of PROFIBUS for Silicon Manufacturing
Solland Silicon in Meran, Italy, is one of the leading companies in silicon manufacturing for the photovoltaic industry.  The factory in Meran, Italy, belongs to the PUFIN Power Group and is a chemical manufacturing operation.  They have used PROFIBUS since the 1990’s and now use PROFINET as well.

PI Update: New Board Member, PI Meeting Report, Still Free eBook, Audi Video
It has been a busy month for PI. Phil Marshall of Hilscher has joined the PI North America Board of Directors. There was the annual international PI meeting in Ireland. Catching the Process Fieldbus free eBook has been downloaded over 500 times since it was announced in last month’s PROFINEWS. There is a new video with PROFINET user Audi complimenting PI. And social media rolls on.

Training and Events: PROFINET across North America, ACHEMA fair in Germany
All dates for the remaining 2015 North America PROFINET one-day training classes are finalized. We’ve added an additional class to be held in Toronto too. Find a class in your area. In event news, the process-industry-focused ACHEMA fair will take place in Frankfurt, DE on June 15-19.

Regional News

  • The famous PROFINET book by Manfred Popp is now available in Japanese
  • Read the abstracts for the upcoming PROFIBUS Conference in the UK
  • A new white paper has been released in Australia about industrial communications enabling the IIoT

Member News
There is member news this month from HMS and Softing. HMS announces a collaboration with Xilinx to deliver next generation industrial networking solutions. Softing has published a White Paper discussing PROFINET network diagnostics.

New Products
GE adds PROFINET to a safety controller, HMS adds PROFIdrive to their solution set, Softing introduces a new PROFIBUS subsystem, Siemens adds device detection to its server software, Teledyne DALSA adds PROFINET to its vision camera, and TR Electronic adds PROFINET MRP to its absolute encoders.

Celebrating 25 Years in Style
2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the introduction of PROFIBUS technology to world markets. To celebrate this momentous year, alongside the 27th combined meetings of PI, we are delighted that Ireland was selected as the venue for the meetings and celebrations.

PI at Hanover Fair 2015
The PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) booth at Hanover Fair this year saw a heavy amount of foot traffic. News from the trade-show includes announcements about PROFINET testing, a new Regional PI Association (RPA) in Chile, new PI Competence Centers in Bolivia and Peru, and IO-Link node counts.

IIoT and Industry 4.0 at Hanover Fair
The official theme of this year’s Fair was “Integrated Industry – Join the Network” but the real theme was “Industry 4.0.” And PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link feed the Industrial Internet of Things portion of Industry 4.0.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that IO-Link allows automatic parameter assignment by the PLC? With IO-Link, the parameter assignment of the devices is stored in the higher-level automation system and is transferred automatically if a device is replaced. Moreover, the PLC can access, read, and write any parameters during operation.

Application Story: Fortescue Metals
Development of Fortescue Metals Group’s (FMG) 60mtpa (Million Tons Per Annum) Solomon Iron Ore Project was completed in just over two years – including the construction of two new mines, primary and secondary crushers, two ore processing facilities, PROFINET & PROFIBUS control networks, 15km of overland conveyors, rail, and other infrastructure.

PI Update: Free eBook, New Video, Social Media
This month’s PI Updates include turning a widely-read PROFIBUS book, Catching the Process Fieldbus: An Introduction to Profibus for Process Automation, into a free eBook, announcing a 25-year retrospective video, and PROFIblog posts about the Industrial Internet of Things and Hanover Fair including a look at the “lighter side.”

Training and Events: A Busy Month of June
The month of June is shaping up to be a busy month for training. Find an event in your area and increase your expertise in PROFIBUS, PROFINET, or both! Free and paid classes are available, catering to varying levels of experience.

Regional News: From China and the UK
News from around the world this month comes from China and the UK.  The first Chinese-produced PROFINET product is certified.  PI UK reports first graduates from a Certified PROFIBUS System Designer class.

Member News
PI North America members Softing, Siemens, and Moxa are in this month’s news.

  • Softing presents a paper on diagnosing PROFINET networks.
  • Siemens has an application story and a perspective on using PROFINET in oil and gas.
  • Moxa announces a mobile app with products and much more.

New Products: 14 Products from 12 Vendors
It’s no wonder that PROFIBUS is the world’s most-installed fieldbus, and PROFINET is the fastest growing Industrial Ethernet standard. With so many new products being released, the market is larger than ever. In total there are 14 new products to announce from 12 different vendors; too many to list here!

25 Years: The Right Decision Looking Forward
On March 27, 1990, the first General Meeting of the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO) took place at which organizational matters were discussed and work began on establishing key committees and working groups. Back then, probably no one could imagine what was started. 25 years later…

Hanover Fair 2015
PI is exhibiting at Hanover Fair again this year, April 13 through 17. The 215 square meter (2300 square feet) booth is in Hall 9 at D68. There are 24 kiosks and hundreds of products from many manufacturers. It is situated directly on the “Automation & IT Tour”, which leads by way of a red carpet…

PI Conference 2015: Network of the Future
Who is more knowledgeable about industrial networks than PROFIBUS and PROFINET International? Reason enough to attend the PI Conference held once every 2 years. A variety of presentations and detailed technology-related workshops provided inspiration to the 270 participants.

Tech Tip: How PROFIBUS PA Profiles Work
Profile 3.0.2 defines the rules for PROFIBUS for Process Automation (PA). How can you use Profiles to your benefit in the Process Industry? Using Profiles gives the PROFIBUS or PROFINET devices a common framework for operation.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that the signal quality of measuring sensors can be increased with IO-Link? IO-Link enables reliable, loss-free signal transmission from an analog sensor back to the controller.

PI Update
Updates from PI this month include:

  • New MinutePROFINET video
  • Creative blog posts on the IIoT
  • 2014 PROFIBUS & PROFINET node counts

Training and Events
Training events are available widely around the world. From free one-day courses, to certified week-long classes: dedicated PROFIBUS and PROFINET trainings show how easy it is to employ these technologies. Sign up today.

Regional News

  • Successful seminar in the Philippines
  • UK prepares its PROFIBUS Conference
  • Italy ‘gears up’ for three roadshows

Member News

  • PROCENTEC announces network auditing services
  • Softing provides an application story using their All-In-One PROFIBUS Tester
  • GE releases a white paper on advanced power management
  • Balluff provides a white paper concerning IO-Link implementation

New Products

  • Deutschmann
  • HMS
  • Laumas
  • Moxa
  • ProSoft
  • Siemens
  • Wago
  • Harting
  • Balluff
  • InduSol

Industrial Internet of Things Protocols
Standards and Protocols for the IIoT: A look at how open data access protocols like Profinet can be used to provide data for Internet of Things deployments.

A Stepped Approach to Securing Automation Systems
Professor Dr. Frithjof Klasen, a member of the Managing Board of the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO), discusses problems surrounding security for automation systems and explains how guidelines from communication technology organisations, such as PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), can be helpful.

PI at embedded world with an IoT Theme
The Internet of Things (IoT) was a focal point of the embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2015. Theory and practice came together as the latest developments and industry interests were discussed in the exhibition halls and at the conference.

PROFIBUS: Just the Ticket for Locomotive Refueling Station
An international iron ore producer was recently looking to replace the aging positive displacement meters in a refueling station in its rail yard. The company relies on more than 20 locomotives and close to 1000 cars to transport nearly 75,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate along its 420 km private railway every day.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that the IO-Link Community already has 83 member companies? The interest in IO-Link continues unabated! This trend is confirmed by a recent study by Quest Marketing.

Tech Tip: What Are Application Profiles?
PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive, PROFIenergy… these terms are pretty common in the PI world. How are they used in the real world? And how do they actually work? PROFINET and PROFIBUS are both great protocols that can be used to send data across a network.

Training and Events

  • Free one-day PROFINET classes in the USA have been very successful so far.
  • The Profibus Australia Association (PAA) is putting on a 5-week training campaign.
  • ABB will host two PROFIBUS courses in Leipzig and Dusseldorf.
  • GE Intelligent Platforms has announced PLC training across the USA.

Regional News
This issue brings news from Australia where an Internet of Things conference is scheduled for late April. Also, a new advertising campaign is being launched in North America highlighting PROFINET as a backbone for manufacturing uptime.

Member News

  • Softing has a new video and article
  • Balluff has two new Application Notes
  • GE introduces a new demo board
  • German Chancellor Merkel visits Siemens’ showcase factory

New Products

  • Here are this month’s new products:
  • Modular protocol functionality
  • PC based controllers for IoT
  • Multi-protocol ICs
  • Heating control systems
  • PROFIsafe rotary encoders
  • A new PROFINET stack
  • Expanded connector lineup

PROFINET: High Value for Machine Builders
“It just works; no problems”, was the immediate response of an SPS/IPC/Drives fair visitor in front of our new paper airplane machine. I had asked about his experiences with PROFINET. Because I did not have to carry on a “general conversation,” we talked specifically about his concrete benefits during the integration of PROFINET in his new machine.

Application Story: Staubli Robots
Industrial robots are increasingly taking over tasks that were previously reserved for machine tools or special-purpose processing machines. For this reason, users are calling more and more for the consistent integration of robot systems in machines with respect to handling systems, function, and communication technology. This can be achieved with the help of PROFINET.

Application Story: Rijnland Water Control
For the Rijnland District Water Control Board it is all about keeping dry feet and having clean water. In the more than thirty waste water purification plants, Rijnland purifies waste water so that it can be discharged back into nature in a responsible way. An important task that leaves no room for malfunction.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that every device has a manufacturer’s declaration? In addition to the IO-Link specification itself, a test specification is available. Anyone can download these specifications from In addition, easy-to-operate test systems with comprehensive functions are offered for IO-Link masters as well as IO-Link devices. These test systems perform the test cases defined…

Tech Tip: Why Does PROFINET Need an IP Address?
An oft-heard question: “Why does a PROFINET device need an IP address? PROFINET uses names.” You may have heard the misinformation that PROFINET does not use TCP/IP. The correct information is that PROFINET does use TCP/IP and devices do have IP addresses! So, the short answer to that oft-heard question: PROFINET uses TCP/IP and …

Training and Events
Register now for one of the many events fast approaching in the upcoming months. First is embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg, DE. Next up is the PI Conference in Speyer, DE in early March. Also in March are a PROFIsafe Certified Designer Course and the first of three PROFINET Workshops. Be Our Guest!

PI Update
Updates from PI in this issue include new documents, the ten best blog posts from 2014, and the top tweet. The guidelines for designing, installing, and commissioning PROFINET networks have received important updates. The PROFINET System Description has also received a significant overhaul.

IT Professional’s Guide to Industrial Ethernet
There are numerous advantages to using Ethernet on the plant floor and some critical issues to consider for a successful implementation: migration strategies, communications differences, security needs, and the need for industrially hardened devices. Here are the five critical things an IT Professional needs to know about bringing Ethernet to the plant floor.

8 Go-To Resources for PROFINET
One of PI’s major goals is to provide resources for users, system integrators, OEMs, and device makers. Here are eight resources (and a few bonuses) in a logical order to pursue: …

New Products
New products this month include:

  • Smart Light Instead of Stack Light
  • Servo Inverter with Secure Remote Maintenance
  • PROFIBUS PA Cables Now Certified for Heavy Duty
  • PROFINET Diagnostic and Engineering tool
  • Easy Integration of PROFIBUS PA Field Devices
  • RJ45 and Fiber Optic Connectors

Drives Are the Muscles of Automation
Drives are the muscles of automation and they are used in all parts of factory automation, process industry, and infrastructure. Today with smart automation and distributed control systems, modern drives are fully integrated in industrial communication. At PI this integration is PROFIdrive.

Fast Access to the PROFIdrive World
PROFINET is being used increasingly as a drive bus. Drive manufacturers are looking for a cost- and time-efficient way to implement PROFINET in their devices. A Swiss drive manufacturer found just such a way to make its linear drive PROFINET-capable in minimum time while also implementing the PROFIdrive drive profile.

PROFIdrive: Tell Me More
Want to learn more about PROFIdrive? There are many resources available including documentation, white papers, and videos. For a quick introduction, view the MinutePROFINET video “MinutePROFINET: PROFINET and Drives.” PROFIdrive is one of many application profiles for PROFINET and PROFIBUS.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that every IO-Link device is delivered with a mandatory device description? With IO-Link there are many enhanced functions available compared to conventional sensors and actuators. IO-Link devices can be uniquely identified and conveniently parameterized, and they supply diagnostics that open up new opportunities and potential for plant availability and predictive maintenance.

Tech Tip: How Many Devices on a PROFIBUS Network?
In the PROFITech Certified PROFIBUS Engineer classes one of the more frequently asked questions is “How many devices can be on a PROFIBUS network?” The short answer is that up to 126 Masters and slaves can be on a single PROFIBUS network.

Training and Events
2015 is barely upon us and the calendar is already filling up. PI will have a presence at many tradeshows throughout the year. Additionally, training classes have been announced throughout the US, Germany, and the UK.

Updates from PI
PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has updated the planning, installation, and commissioning guidelines for PROFINET networks to include acceptance test checklists. A new PROFINET System Description is also released. Meanwhile, in Social Media, the PROFIblogger muses on ‘what is the Industrial Internet of Things’.

Member News
PI members Balluff and Beamex have announcements in this issue. Balluff is announcing a free catalog app for iOS and Android. Beamex has released a video showing how to calibrate a PROFIBUS transmitter using their tool.

 Regional News

  • PI Australia will be participating in the Fieldbus Forum in 2015 on the PACE Today website
  • PI Middle East conducted a workshop in Kuwait
  • PI UK announces its annual conference for June.

 New Products

  • New products this month include:
  • Push-pull IO-Link masters
  • Ethernet switches
  • Programmable temperature transmitters
  • Industrial embedded PCs
  • Laser-based data transmission

Observations from the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair 2014

In PI’s event calendar, SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair always marks a big highlight of the year. The fair’s importance is easily recognizable by its continuous growth. Although slightly fewer visitors than in the previous record year, there were more exhibitors present and an additional hall was used for this year’s fair.

SPS Report: PI Stand and More

The SPS/IPC/Drives Show was bigger than ever with an additional hall added to the floor plan. Our report begins with a photo gallery of the PI Stand and continues with a highlight of the stand’s focal point – a machine to fold and launch paper airplanes. A look around the fair showcases PI members’ stands

Application Story: Bogasari’s move from PROFIBUS to PROFINET

To ensure continuous and efficient manufacturing, this Indonesian wheat flour miller upgraded its industrial networks from PROFIBUS to PROFINET to gain visibility over its processes and address issues as they happen. Bogasari Flour Mills, a division of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, is not only the largest integrated flour miller in Indonesia

FDI technology used by PI

With the release of the FDI Specification and handover to IEC and the availability of the first version of the developer tool, FDI Cooperation LLC has achieved its primary goal. PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has participated actively in the various working groups by providing numerous experts and was instrumental in shaping the technology.

Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class, PROFINET’s Got Class

The redundant title is your first clue to this issue’s topic: media redundancy classes. Media redundancy is optional with all conformance classes, but in some applications it is critical for correct operation (for example, hot backup in a safety application) and offers network media redundancy through a ring topology. PROFINET has two main media redundancy classes defined.

Training and Events

With Certified Training available in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, and the Netherlands over the next month, it is shaping up to be a busy holiday season. Sign up today and learn about:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Installing
  • Commissioning
  • Maintaining
  • Troubleshooting

SPS Report: PI Press Conference

On the morning of Day 2 at the SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremberg, PI held their annual press conference to present the headlines with respect to PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Couldn’t make it that early in the morning? Here’s your wrap-up. In short, the presentation covered:

  • PROFINET in Machine Building
  • New Guidelines
  • PI in China
  • FDI News
  • PI Konferenz 2015

Member News

GE Intelligent Platforms has released a new video about PROFINET redundancy, or what they term ‘high availability’. The new video runs approximately 45 minutes in length and discusses the advantages of a redundant PROFINET network compared to traditional topologies. Also, HARTING has a new iPad App that allows users to configure their connectors.

Regional News

Read about news from:

  • A PROFIday hosted in November in the Netherlands
  • Germany, where the PNO has announced the PI Konferenz for March 11-12, 2015
  • Switzerland, where a 2-day bus tour culminating at the SPS show was hosted

New Products

New products this month include:

  • New switches
  • Wireless bridges
  • Networked power supplies
  • PLC control over Ethernet
  • Industrial patch panels


In only a few days the SPS/IPC/Drives Show will open its doors in Nuremberg. One highlight of this year’s booth will be a new manufacturing model that clearly demonstrates the technologies. The model was designed and built in a cooperative partnership with the TU Darmstadt and will include PROFINET products from many different vendors.

PI Booth at SPS/IPC/Drives Show

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) and 100 of its members will present devices and technologies on all aspects of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link at the SPS/IPC/Drives trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. PI will be part of Europe’s leading exhibition for electrical automation at a new location in hall 2, stand 220 and 221.

PROFINET builds the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aerospace automation provider Advanced Integration Technology incorporated Safety PLCs, Motion Control, plus safety and standard I/O, all on a single PROFINET network for more efficient, compliant automation. As a prime contractor on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, AIT had responsibility for the final assembly and body join functions, charged with delivering a fully automated positioning and joining system.

Training and Events

Are you a vendor of automation products? Want to know what goes into PROFINET product certification? Watch this webinar to learn about testing and certifying PROFINET devices. The goal is simple: to eliminate system integration headaches by ensuring a consistent, positive customer experience with PROFINET products across the spectrum of vendors.

Submit your PROFI-stories

With the merger now complete of the PROFINEWS International and PROFINEWS North American editions, we look forward to publicizing PI members’ company and product news. Got an interesting PROFIBUS case study? Or perhaps a new PROFINET product? Submit those and other relevant news items to The combined newsletter means a wider, more global audience…

Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class – in Real Time

PROFINET has class, in fact, many classes: Conformance Classes, Real Time classes, media redundancy classes, and even more class(es). The last issue covered Conformance Classes; this Tech Tip covers Real Time classes. The Real Time classes determine the services used and how the protocol operates “under the hood,” …

Social Media

PI and its Regional PI Associations can be found in many social media locations. You are invited to read the blog, follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn groups, “Like” us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube videos. Recent blog posts have included “Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Fieldbus.”

Member News

On October 27 – 29, GE Intelligent Platforms hosted its User Summit in Orlando, FL with 650 people in attendance. Ideas from the event included the Industrial Internet, Big Data, Uptime, and Analytics, with an overarching theme of: Connect >> Monitor >> Analyze >> Predict >> Optimize. PROFINET is used right at the beginning…

Regional News

The Profibus Association of Australia (PAA) is adding new members at a strong clip. Similarly, membership in the Japanese Profibus Organization (JPO) has surpassed 100. Both accomplishments underscore the growing adoption of PROFIBUS and PROFINET as global, market-leading technologies.

New Products

New products this month include:

  • New RJ45 connectors
  • PROFINET Communication Modules
  • Gateways
  • M12 Connectors
  • Touchscreen Computers
  • RFID Readers with PROFINET

Newsletter Merger

Welcome to the new, combined edition of PROFINEWS (global edition) and PROFINEWS North American Edition. The combined newsletter has a new look and a new home at The editorial team includes members from…

PI North America 20th Anniversary

The task seemed simple back in 1994: Create a world-class US membership organization based on a German technology that has no market share outside of Germany. And you have no money and no members to start this organization.

General Assembly Meeting Overview

Being PI North America’s 20th anniversary, we set out to make this year’s Meeting a bit of a special event. From the Tuesday evening reception to the Wednesday evening boat-cruise-networking-event to all of the discussions during the day, all in all it was a very successful conference.

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become a hot topic for many in our industry over the past year. Whether you call it Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things or Industrial Internet, if you can’t get the data there is no IIoT.

Training and Events

The 27 Regional PI Associations (RPAs), affiliated PI Training Centers (PITCs), and their members offer a wide range of training classes and events to learn about PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The events are frequently trade shows where the RPAs’ members provide multi-vendor demos.

PROFIBUS-Controlled Dispersion System

In its small component metering in the explosive area, Henkel is using PROFIBUS for the first time in its dispersion and solvent adhesives operation in Düsseldorf. Henkel became a manufacturer of adhesives somewhat unintentionally when, in 1923,

Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class

In this tech tip, we want to explain to you how PROFINET can further help in your project or product planning. Not only is PROFINET the leading Industrial Ethernet standard, another advantage of PROFINET is that it has class, in fact, many classes: conformance classes, real time classes, media redundancy classes and even more class(es).

Member News

Endress+Hauser and Phoenix Contact, both PI North America members, have recently expanded their facilities in the United States. Each company inaugurated new state-of-the-art buildings, further underscoring their commitment to the US market…

Regional News

Australia and China are in the news this issue. Australia has begun an innovative advertising program that features audio answers to six PROFINET questions. China has standardized on PROFINET. Has PROFINET reached the highest level of Chinese national standard?

New Products

  • PROFINET Controller simulators
  • Hardware modules
  • PROFINET diagnostics tools
  • Relays with PROFINET
  • PROFINET gateways
  • Updated PROFIBUS diagnostics tools
  • PROFIBUS repeaters

8 Go-To Resources for PROFINET

PROFINET has the largest installed base of any Industrial Ethernet. So you would expect that there are many resources available to help someone all the way through a PROFINET project. There are.

Benefits of a Common Successor to EDDL and DTM

The common successor to EDDL and DTM is FDI. Competing standards organizations worked together to provide a single, unified approach to configuration and asset management data packaging.

Herb Elliott Port and Rail Infrastructure

In western Australia, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), the world’s fourth largest Iron Ore exporter, selected PROFIBUS as the backbone for its latest Rail and Port ship-loading facility.

Free PROFINET Training Classes Continue

Twelve down, five to go. Free PROFINET Training Classes, that is. These classes straddle the line between introduction and technical. So they’re suitable for a neophyte and a technologist.


As more factory automation and process control applications advance from serial fieldbus communications to Ethernet based communications, there is confusion about the truths associated with different Industrial Ethernet protocols.

Social Media: Engage

When it was time to go to warp speed, Captain Picard would command “Engage.” Our request of you is to engage… with us on social media.

Member News (Issue 68)

  • KW-Software is changing their name to Phoenix Contact Software starting next year.
  • Beamex announces a free web seminar covering pressure instrumentation and calibration.

Double-Tube Tunnel Opens to Traffic with Redundant PROFIBUS

The Pfänder tunnel is not only one of the most important motorway connections between Germany and Austria, but also uses redundant PROFIBUS masters to […]

World News (Issue 68)

PI has Regional PI Associations (RPAs) around the globe – 27 of them, some serving more than one country. The RPA in South East Asia, for example […]

New Products (Issue 68)

  • IP67 PROFINET switches
  • New PROFIBUS slave modules
  • Multi-protocol Ethernet I/O
  • PROFINET media converters

Migrating from PROFIBUS to PROFINET
The time is right, since the technology is perfected and PROFINET is already integrated into many newly developed devices and components.

News from South East Asia
Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot has been going on in South East Asia, allow me to give you a short review.

Specialty Fats and Oils
Oleo-Fats in the Philippines is the number one supplier of specialty fats and oils to the country’s food industry. Their hybrid PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA installation […]

Training Class PROFINET FAQ
In our One-Day Training Classes, there seem to be a handful of questions that we receive from the audience relating to PROFINET that crop up time and again.

Brazil’s Sugar-energy Sector benefits from PROFIBUS
The Brazilian agro-business is standing out with new bio-energy plants, which produce 26.52 billion liters of ethanol, making Brazil the second largest worldwide exporter.

Social Media (Issue 67)
Sharing. Mom and Dad encouraged you to share your toys with your siblings. PI North America encourages you to share PROFINEWS.

Member News: Phoenix Contact Opens CTC
Phoenix Contact opens its new San Jose Customer Technology Center (CTC). The facility brings the company closer to its Silicon Valley customers.

Editors’ Note: Farewell to Geoff
Twenty years ago, Michael Bryant and Geoff Hodgkinson sat in a pub and, on the back of a cocktail napkin, scribbled the plans for a new newsletter to share the news about PROFIBUS, the new fieldbus. The newsletter became PFOFINEWS.

World News
It was a great success for the Consorzio Profibus Network Italia’s (PNI) participation at the leading trade fair for automation in Italy: SPS IPC Drives Italia.

New Products

  • New safety I/O
  • A dual-PROFIBUS PCI card
  • Revamped gateways
  • Improved PROFIBUS error detection
  • PROFIBUS PA indicators
  • Industrial Wireless LANs
  • High availability control platforms
  • A new PROFIBUS hub

6 Reasons to Give PROFIBUS PA Another Look
Fieldbus systems have a proven track record that goes back to the early 1990s, and PROFIBUS has been at the forefront. These systems are deployed throughout […]

Tech Tip: Which Switch for PROFINET
Should you use a managed switch or an unmanaged switch with PROFINET?

Tech Tip: Installing PROFIBUS Terminators
It is widely known that PROFIBUS cabling must be properly “terminated” in order to stop reflections on the cable that can corrupt telegrams and give bad communication, however […]

Introducing: Online Forums at PI North America
Got a burning PROFIBUS or PROFINET question? Ask it on the new Forums at […]

Training Class Update (Issue 66)
Average attendance for 2014 at our PROFINET one-day training classes is up 25% this year. What’s driving this interest?

Certified Training Classes
Ever wonder what goes on in a PROFItech Certified Network Engineer (CNE) class?

Member News: Softing Acquisitions
Softing is set to acquire the Industrial Communication product portfolio of Trebing + Himstedt and also Online Development Inc. (OLDI).

Social Media Update
What are Application Profiles?
Join in the conversation by including @AllThingsPROFI in your tweets
“Five Things You Should Tell Your Boss about PROFINET”

World News

  • Chile now has a Regional PI Association
  • PI Middle East in Saudi Arabian trade-show
  • UK hosts their annual conference

New Products

  • New multi-master IO
  • A weight processor with PROFIBUS
  • Compact computer with PROFINET
  • High-end, fail-safe controller
  • New PROFINET cabling
  • PROFIsafe modules

Safety is being integrated into automation
The gates of Hanover Fair 2014 have just closed. Many visitors and exhibitors are looking back at five successful days at the trade fair filled with interesting discussions.

PROFIsafe: an overview
A new era in the automation of safety-related machines and plants began 15 years ago with the first PROFIsafe specification and certified products.

PROFIsafe Resources

  • Go to the PROFIblog
  • Watch a MinutePROFINET video
  • Watch this PROFItelevision video
  • View a webinar
  • Take the Web Based Training course

One Day Training Classes (Issue 65)
Who attends PROFINET one-day training classes? We track that through our Course Evaluations. Would you qualify as an attendee?

Certified Network Engineer Classes (Issue 65)
Dig deep into the workings of PROFINET and PROFIBUS in these week-long Certified Network Engineer classes.

PROFIsafe Application Story: KUKA Reduces Machine Safety Components
When KUKA decided to become a Tier I supplier of automobile bodies to DaimlerChrysler, they needed…

Control System Integrators Association introduces the Exchange
A new online service will help industrial plant managers connect with control system integrators and suppliers who can meet their industrial automation needs.

Social Media Update (Issue 65)
PI North America uses social media, and you probably do too. We hope to connect with you in one or more of these places…

World News (Issue 65)
Southeast Asia, Italy, and China held events recently. PI South East Asia held a PROFIBUS – PROFINET Seminar 2014 in Singapore on May 9th, 2014…

Product News (Issue 65)

  • A new high performance controller
  • PROFINET master for IO-Link
  • New rugged cabling
  • PROFINET + secure cloud
  • Embedded connectivity

PROFINET and PROFIBUS News from Hanover Fair
Hanover Fair welcomed 180,000 visitors, visiting 5,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries. PI coordinated the Field Communication Lounge.

What’s in a (PROFINET Device) name?
Hunter Harrington, PROFINET Consulting Engineer, of the PROFI Interface Center, discusses the importance of PROFINET device naming plus rules and caveats.

One Day Training Classes (Issue 64)
Users and System Integrators get a great overview of PROFINET at the no-cost PI North America one-day training classes.

Certified Network Engineer Classes (Issue 64)
For detailed knowledge of PROFINET, even examining PROFINET Ethernet frames, take a week-long PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class.

Drive Safety
Before PROFIsafe, drive safety meant removing power from the drive. And if coasting was a hazard, that meant adding an external brake.

Spotlight: PROFIBUS and PROFINET Resources
You are missing out on a veritable treasure-trove of information, if you’ve never been to the Resources section of the Profibus and PROFINET website.

Implementing PROFINET
There are many ways to implement PROFINET in devices: FPGAs, ASICs, stacks, and modules. The one to choose depends on …

Social Media Update (Issue 64)
“Like” PI North America on Facebook! If you are using Facebook, why not connect with PI North America there?

World News (Issue 64)
From Australia, video of a PROFINET seminar titled “Understanding PROFINET: The Leading Industrial Ethernet Standard.”

Product News (Issue 64)
Product Roundup: The panoply of new products for April includes industrial Ethernet switches, ultrasonic welding equipment, PROFICLOUD, I/O blocks and PROFIsafe components.

Welcome to our updated PROFINEWS North American Edition!
We’ve given PROFINEWS North American Edition its first major update since publication began nine years ago. It’s such a major update that we’ve given it its own website: The new version includes embedded videos and slideshows. You can…

Softing Joins Board of Directors
PI North America is proud to announce the appointment of Ken Hoover, President of Softing North America, to its Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously to approve Mr. Hoover’s nomination and he plans to attend his first Board…

One Day Training Classes (Issue 63)
We’ve completed four PROFINET one-day training classes to-date: San Diego, Birmingham, Houston, and Greenville. With well over 500 registrations to-date, we are off to a great start. But don’t worry, there are still 13 classes left: City Date Dayton…

Are You Certifiable? In PROFINET or PROFIBUS.
Then get certified!  Certified Network Engineer classes are offered throughout the year for PROFINET and PROFIBUS: PROFINET PROFIBUS DP PROFIBUS DP/PA May 12 June 9 August 11 June 16* September 15 November 3 December 8 Classes are held in…

Report from the PROFINET Session at ARC
Even though you may not have been one of the hundred in-person attendees at the PROFINET session at the ARC Forum, you can see all the presentations and the panel discussion right here. (A short report from the Forum…

Migrating to Industrial Ethernet
Manufacturing’s data-driven transformation For many people outside advanced manufacturing industries, any mention of the “shop floor” invokes mental pictures of loud, dirty and sometimes dangerous workplaces. But people on the inside of these industries know otherwise. Modern manufacturing is…

Honing Machines Connect to PROFINET
How one OEM found a solution for connecting to PROFINET systems anywhere in the world. Nagel Precision in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the U.S. subsidiary of German Nagel Maschinen- u. Werkzeugfabrik GmbH. They create machines for honing, superfinishing, and…

Social Media Update (Issue 63)
MinutePROFINET: PROFINET and Drives  new MinutePROFINET video has been produced, focusing on drive technology. Drives and motors are one of the fastest growing segments in industrial automation. So much so that it’s rare these days to find an application…

World News (Issue 63)
Embedded World opened its doors in Nuremberg, Germany recently and PI was part of it. The booth included how to use and implement the technology. And the booth was busy! In seemingly endless discussions we explained how…

Product News (Issue 63)
See the latest products available for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Anybus CompactCom: Multi-Network Connectivity With an Anybus CompactCom integrated into a drive, it is possible to connect to PROFINET while supporting PROFIdrive, PROFIenergy and clock synchronous operation. Not to mention…

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM CHINA – Wang, Haibin, Executive Chairman of PI-China wishes you a “Happy Chinese New Year”
  • PROFINET AT THE ARC FORUM – A report from the recent ARC Forum, where PROFINET featured prominently
  • ONE-DAY PROFINET TRAINING CLASSES – A report on first 2014 sessions, plus a table of 2014 venues
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER TRAINING – There are lots of opportunities in 2014 to “get certified”
  • PROFINEWS APP UPDATED – Both Android and iOS versions now have image caching and Retina fonts, plus active Twitter feeds
  • DRIVES: THE ENGINE OF INNOVATION – Drive technology is undergoing a wave of innovation, writes Peter Wenzel
  • OPEN SOURCE CONTROLLER CODE FOR PROFIdrive – First version code is now available online for FREE!
  • STAR-WIRED NETWORK LED TO GROUNDING FAULTS – Why a star-wired grounding system caused a prototype PROFIBUS drives network to keep failing
  • PROFINET CONTROLS NAVIGATION LOCK – A major hydro-junction in the center of China is using an advanced control system
  • PROFIBUS HELPS WITH UK FLOOD BARRIER CONTROL – A Flood Defence System in Kent, England has been upgraded with PROFIBUS
  • WORLD NEWS – A PROFIdrive workshop; a motion Fair and a new Competence Center
  • PRODUCT NEWS – An embedded drives solution; a “unique” PROFIBUS training device; multiple temperature inputs for PROFIBUS PA

  • PROFINET: DRIVING THE MANUFACTURING RENAISSANCE – PI North America will be at ARC’s Industry Forum next week
  • FDI TO REACH THE MARKET BY 2015? FDI, the unifying solution for device integration, approaches IEC Standard status
  • CALIBRATOR SPEEDS 3,300 PROFIBUS LOOP CHECKS – A hand-held calibrator saves time and effort at a chemicals plant
  • ONE-DAY PROFINET TRAINING CLASSES – 15 more chances countrywide to learn about PROFINET
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER TRAINING – The next opportunity to join one of our week-long certified engineer classes is in March
  • HOW DO I CERTIFY A PROFINET DEVICE? Kyle McMillan of the PROFI Interface Center explains how to get it “right first time”
  • PROFINET TRIPLES AGV COUNT – An aerospace plant deploys up to 50 AGVs simultaneously
  • HAVE YOU READ PROFINEWS+? – Over 100 articles are now online for reading anytime, anywhere
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – PROFIblog notes another 20th anniversary; LinkedIn pulsates with PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • WORLD NEWS – Certified Network Training debuts in South East Asia; a UK PICC publishes a new PROFIBUS reference book
  • PRODUCT NEWS – A low cost way to connect Modbus serial devices to PROFINET; AS-i Safety under PROFIsafe

  • PROFINET EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP FORUM – We’ll be at ARC’s Industry Forum in February, showing how PROFINET can help the USA’s Manufacturing Renaissance
  • FREE PROFINET CLASSES COUNTRYWIDE – 16 free PROFINET class dates are on the schedule countrywide. Will you attend one?
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER TRAINING – Attendance levels in 2013 were high. Book early if you want to become a certified network engineer
  • INTRODUCING THE PROFINEWS App – PROFINEWS North America, this newsletter, is now available as an App for smartphones and tablets
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – PROFIblog checks out Metcalfe’s Law while Carl Henning’s followers on Twitter approach 700
  • WORLD NEWS – Certified Network Training debuts in South East Asia; a UK PICC publishes a new PROFIBUS reference book
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Featuring an Ethernet-based host device for fieldbuses and a switch supporting PROFINET IRT.

  • WE’LL BE ALL OVER THE MAP IN 2014 – Our no-fee training class program for 2014 is unveiled
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER TRAINING CLASSES – Nine Certified Engineer classes have been fixed for 2014
  • INDUSTRY MAJORS COMMIT TO PROFINET – We have a detailed report from the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair press conference in Nuremberg where Emerson confirmed its commitment to PROFINET and Innovasic launched a new PROFINET switch chip. There was news of PROFIdrive updates and FDI standardization
  • PROFINEWS APP LAUNCHED! Our eagerly awaited PROFINEWS app is available for Android and iOS.
  • WORLD NEWS – The first PROFINET Test Lab in China and more videos from South East Asia
  • PRODUCT NEWS – There’s a new Safety PLC, a brand new way to connect PA segments to DP, new Tiger firmware for PROFINET and a new IRT switch capable of IP65/67 operations

  • OUR AUTOMATION FUTURE IS GETTING CLOSER – Peter Wenzel opines that PROFINET is ideal for our “cyber-physical systems” future.
  • IT’S THANKSGIVING IN NUREMBERG AND THE SPS/IPC/Drives FAIR – If you can’t get to Europe’s premier automation event this week, this might help
  • PROFINEWS GOES MOBILE – iOS and Android apps let you read PROFINEWS anytime, anywhere
  • PIC WALL OF FAME! 60 PROFINET products certified in North America play a part in this reference demo system
  • PROFIBUS CRANE MONITORED WITH COMbricks – A waste burning plant in the Netherlands conquers intermittents and EMI
  • TROUBLESHOOTING A PROFIBUS REDUNDANT RING – Featuring challenges overcome by PI Competence Centers around the world
  • COMPARING MODBUS AND PROFIBUS – A new White Paper compares the relative merits of two leading protocols
  • 1400 ATTENDED OUR 2013 TRAINING CLASS PROGRAM – One last chance to join in 2013; after that, check out what 2014 has in store
  • MEMBER NEWS – A cooperative safety venture is announced and a new cable vendor joins
  • WORLD NEWS – China, Japan, India, South East Asia and the Netherlands are featured this time
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Cable, safety systems, boards, analytical, tiny interfaces, converters and isolators make up our biggest ever list

  • NORTH AMERICA GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING – Members meet in Scottsdale to discuss all things PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • PROFINEWS GOES MOBILE – App-based interactive magazine launches in November
  • TROUBLESHOOTING PROFIBUS – A diagnostic tool eliminates random errors from a production line
  • PROFIBUS AT 2 DEGREES KELVIN – Diagnostic capabilities ensure high availability at particle research facility
  • THE HIGH POWERED TRUNK CONCEPT: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? – Another useful tip for optimizing PROFIBUS installations
  • BE A CERTIFIED PROFIBUS/PROFINET ENGINEER – Three chances left in 2013 to boost your career potential
  • 1200 ATTENDED OUR TRAINING CLASSES IN 2013 – The headline says it all … and there’s still time to join a class this year
  • US PRODUCTION EXPANDS; CHILE MEMBER CERTIFIES 100th ENGINEER – Instrument company grows in North America while Chile PICC extends its influence
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Tweeting grows in popularity as a new PROFIBUS Dialogues film is unveiled.
  • WORLD NEWS – An Australian PROFIBUS/PROFINET Fair, a German workshop and plant compliance test scheme
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Testers, Switches, Gateways, Boards and a DC UPS

A WINNING COMBINATION: PI North America Exec Director remarks on the ongoing success of PROFIBUS
GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING: Annual members’ get together held late September
SMOOTH SUGAR REFINERY START UP WITH PROFIBUS: The first new sugar factory for 40 years finds PROFIBUS makes the difference
OIL SAND WELLS BENEFIT FROM PROFIBUS: Devon Canada’s latest oil sands project turns to PROFIBUS for help
NEW FEATURE: TECH TIPS: Is there a limit to the length of a PROFIBUS PA spur line
CLASSES FOR CERTIFIED ENGINEERS: There’s no better way to become and expert than to attend an official training course
LEARN THE BASICS … FREE! Our countrywide training tours provide an ideal introduction to networking
MEMBER NEWS: Kuebler Inc. is open for business in Charlotte, NC
SOCIAL MEDIA: Exactly different, but nightmares are removed in minutes in this rundown of PI social activity
WORLD NEWS: Italy, Australia, France, China and Brazil all feature
PRODUCT NEWS: All about PROFINET encoders, PA segment protectors, diagnostic software and compact CPUs

  • PROFINET MAKES OIL AND GAS RIGS SMARTER “Dumb iron” in oil and gas fields is outmoded, says Precision Drilling Corporation VP
  • PROMOTING PROFINET The 111th meeting of the PROFINET Marketing Group was just held
  • MASTER YOUR PROFESSION PI’s networking technologies: learning how they tick
  • FREE STARTER TRAINING TOO  Countrywide training tours provide an ideal introduction to networks
  • SOCIAL STUFF Socialize with PI North America via PROFIblog, Facebook and Twitter
  • WORLD NEWS Japan, Italy, China, Australia, Switzerland and UK  PRODUCT NEWS Lightning Protection for PA; Business Bridge for Calibration; an IP67 Bridge for Logix Controllers

  • PI ASSOCIATIONS MEET IN SWEDEN – 18 Regional PI Associations meet in Malmo to discuss technical issues and strategies
  • CELEBRATION PLANNED FOR 2014 – PI North America’s 20th Anniversary will be something to watch for
  • COMPLIMENTS OF THE SESSIONS – Feedback from training class attendees indicates high levels of satisfaction being maintained
  • “GET CERTIFIED” AND BOOST YOUR CAREER – Certified Engineer Classes also continue to please
  • SOCIAL STUFF – New videos explain standardization/interoperability and easy device replacement
  • WORLD NEWS – China, Kuala Lumpur, South Africa and Australia feature here
  • PRODUCT NEWS – A PROFINET Scanner and three PROFIBUS test tool updates, one with traffic lights!

  • REDUCING DOWNTIME IS AN ONGOING CHALLENGE – Wolfgang Schroeder explains how PROFINET helps keep production going
  • WHITE PAPER TREASURE TROVE – Industrial Ethernet Check List; deploying PROFIBUS PA; Gbps plant concepts
  • NOW’S THE TIME TO PLAN YOUR TRAINING FOR THE FALL – Countrywide opportunities highlighted on map; register now for Fall program
  • BECOME A CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER – Take our Certified Classes and enhance your employee value-added proposition
  • MEMBER NEWS – Hilscher and Mesco provide a safety integration service; Balluff starts work on a new facility in KY
  • SOCIAL STUFF – Conditioning Monitoring video; PROFIblog; Twupdates … in 140 characters max of course!
  • WORLD NEWS – Chinese Meeting; Italian Fair; Australian Business Lunches
  • PRODUCT NEWS – An IO-Link Stack Light and a new RapID Platform for PROFIBUS

  • PROFINET: IT MAY LOOK LIKE MAGIC BUT … Report from the Hannover Fair held on April 8-12.
  • IMPRESSIONS OF HANNOVER FAIR: SEE, LEARN, COMPARE, IMPLEMENT – If you weren’t able to attend, check out the Field Communications Lounge here
  • PROFINET IN LEADING MARKET POSITION; PROFISAFE DOMINANT! Latest research confirms PROFINET and PROFIsafe market positions
  • 50th COMPETENCE CENTER ANNOUNCED – KW Software takes PI past another milestone
  • FREE TRAINING CLASSES AROUND THE COUNTRY – Study our USA Map to see if we’re coming to a location near you
  • “GET CERTIFIED” AND BOOST YOUR CAREER – More chances to become a Certified Network Engineer
  • TECHNOLOGY TIPS – HINTS FOR PROFIBUS AND PROFINET USERS – Two tips for keeping those networks up and running
  • SOCIAL STUFF – One more microvideo, plus 1000 followers for PROFINET LinkedIn group.
  • WORLD NEWS – India, China, Korea and Indonesia promote at various fairs, seminars and other events
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Diagnostic components that actually predict faults in PA devices plus, how to diagnose DP/PA networks from PROFINET.

  • PI CONFERENCE ADDRESSES “THE INTERNET OF THINGS” – Report from the PI Conference held on March 6/7
  • TRAINERS ON THE ROAD – News from the PI training circuit and dates for your calendar
  • PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITIES TO “GET CERTIFIED” – Boost your career with one of these classes
  • FIELD COMMUNICATIONS LOUNGE AT HANNOVER FAIR – A common booth at Europe’s leading industrial trade show
  • PROFIPEOPLE – Sky-diver joins PI Support Center in Karlsruhe
  • SOCIAL STUFF – PROFIblog leads from the front; web site makes PROFINET/PROFIBUS easy
  • WORLD NEWS – News from the Middle East, Italy and Belgium
  • PRODUCT NEWS – You wait ages for a new chip solution … then three come along at once!

  • 100,000 RECEIVE OUR 50th EDITION – Two milestones are passed in the history of this newsletter
  • 1000th CERTIFIED ENGINEER IN SIGHT – PROFINET overtakes PROFIBUS as the PIC in Johnson City, TN invests in the future
  • FREE TRAINING IN PROFIBUS AND PROFINET – Our trainers will be visiting a town or city near you. Why not partake?
  • BECOME A CERTIFIED ENGINEER – Even more opportunities to boost your value and career prospects
  • TECHNOLOGY UPDATE – Three key PROFIsafe training opportunities; the FDI Specification is published
  • MEMBER NEWS – Two White Papers, certified Cisco switches, and new distributors for Hilscher
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – PROFINET videos, a new web site for PI North America, and LinkedIn links
  • WORLD NEWS – Germany, Middle East, South East Asia, Japan, Finland, Australia
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Monitoring PROFIBUS DP in hazardous areas; a PROFIBUS active terminator; CANOpen gateway for PROFINET

  • 100th EDITION OF PROFINEWS – Editor Geoff Hodgkinson reports on a unique achievement!
  • PROFINET WASHING LINE – Our Integrated Marketing Plan kicks off with a great case study
  • FREE TRAINING IN PROFIBUS AND PROFINET – Our trainers will be visiting a town or city near you. Why not partake?
  • BECOME A CERTIFIED ENGINEER – Even more opportunities to boost your value and career prospects
  • THE APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE – PROFINET at a washing machine factory in Kentucky
  • PROFIdrive SOURCE CODE FOR DOWNLOAD – How to integrate motion control quickly and easily
  • MEMBER NEWS – A controls product is certified for use in extreme environments
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Blogs about books, webs, videos and LinkedIn
  • WORLD NEWS – Japan, UK and Saudi Arabia are featured
  • PRODUCT NEWS – A PROFIBUS master/diagnostic couplet, and a USB adapter

  • INTRODUCING US.PROFINET.COM – PI North America’s web site gets a radical re-vamp
  • LOOKING FORWARD TO 2013 – PI North America Executive Director Michael Bryant is in buoyant mood
  • 2013 TRAINING CLASSES ALREADY SCHEDULED – Are our trainers visiting a town or city near you? Check here.
  • GET CERTIFIED IN 2013 – Even more opportunities to boost your employee value and career prospects
  • SPS/IPC/DRIVES DOMINATES EUROPEAN FAIR MARKET – Europe’s largest automation fair features PROFIdrive and PROFIenergy
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – PROFIblog covers the SPS Fair while MinutePROFINET adds new material
  • WORLD NEWS – China, Brazil, Japan, India, Middle East, UK
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Process Indicators, Valve Controllers, Redundant PROFINET Stacks, Comms Modules, Certifications

  • “OUR BEST EVER” – PI North America Executive Director Michael J Bryant gets excited about the recent GAM
  • 18th GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING REPORT – A summary of the best from the GAM
  • OUTSTANDING SUCCESS FOR 2012 TRAINING CLASSES – The 2012 program draws to a close; now 2103 is on the horizon
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER CLASSES – There’s one more chance to take part in 2012
  • NEW LEARNING RESOURCE FOR PROFIBUS – A basic slide set to help you learn more about PROFIBUS
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Of Blogs and Bumpless Redundancy
  • WORLD NEWS – Switzerland, Poland, South East Asia, China, Australia, Ireland, South Africa
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Slave ASIC, Ethernet converter, PROFINET vision

  • NEW PRODUCTS – Nine of the best and latest PROFINET/PROFIBUS products
  • GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING MOVED – A change of venue for this annual members’ event
  • EXTRA CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER CLASS – Another chance to become a certified engineer in 2012
  • FDI TO UNIFY FDT AND EDDL – How a single device management technology is now within reach
  • PROFIsafe CERTIFIED DESIGNER COURSE – An opportunity to become a certified PROFIsafe engineer
  • ALL THINGS PROFINET! – Have you visited our specialist PROFINET resource?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Fuddie-Duddie blogs, two new videos and a fascinating LinkedIn thread
  • WORLD NEWS – News from South Africa, UK, South East Asia, China, France, Ireland, and Switzerland where the first ever Regional PI Association outside Germany was born 20 years ago.

  • YOUR INVITATION TO THE 2012 GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING – The 18th annual meeting for members is in AZ, September
  • PHOENIX CONTACT JOINS BOARD – New Board Member sees substantial growth potential for PROFINET
  • FROM TECHNOLOGY TO WORLD CLASS BRAND – With 5 million nodes added in 2011, PROFIBUS remains the key fieldbus player
  • TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULES UPDATED – Final class dates confirmed for 2012; are you attending?
  • A GREAT MILESTONE – Spain came late to the Regional PI Association network; now it’s catching up!
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING PROGRAM – Boost your career: become a Certified Network Engineer
  • GE TOURS PROFINET SYSTEM – North American automation supplier holds 60+ event series
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – A quick look at the social ways to access PROFINET
  • WORLD NEWS – From China, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia, Brazil
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Control Platform; Redundant Controller; Network Tool; High Power Segment Driver; PROFIBUS Water Sampler; Gigabit Switch; Chip Costs Less

  • PI ELECTS NEW CHAIRMAN – A familiar face returns
  • HIGH SPEED PROFINET REALIZED – Three innovations push PROFINET to 31.25 microsecond cycle times
  • TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULE FILLS – Book early to avoid disappointment
  • LEARNING OPTIONS INCLUDE – Web-based training, good old fashioned books and two new MinutePROFINET videos
  • NODE COUNTS SHOW PROFINET MATURITY – PROFINET to become market leader by 2015
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING PROGRAM – Classes are filling – book early!
  • APPLICATIONS – Connectivity problems are “Gone with the Wind”
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – PROFIblog covers Hannover Fair; LinkedIn PROFINET Group grows
  • RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY – Embedded Systems Development Engineer sought
  • WORLD NEWS – A summary of what’s happening in 7 countries
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Test tool; drives interface; remote I/O; two gateways; fiber connectivity; high speed chip

  • PROFINET EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP FORUM – A unique event in Florida brings big users and vendors together
  • TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULE FILLS -Book early to avoid disappointment
  • PROFIsafe CERTIFIED DESIGNER COURSE – Expertise is mandatory if you’re planning to use PROFIsafe
  • APPLICATIONS – A distributed IO solution for sensors; adding PROFINET to devices
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MATTERS – PROFINET education in minutes, plus a blog’s look at automation
  • RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY – A chance to contribute to the best fieldbus community, and be paid for it!
  • WORLD NEWS – Five continents’ worth of news in brief
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Calibrators, Relays, Extenders, Analyzers, Repeaters and Connectors

  • TRANSITIONING FROM PROFIBUS TO PROFINET – 2012 FREE seminar program features transitioning from PROFIBUS to PROFINET
  • 2012 CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING CLASS PROGRAM – Be Certified, and enhance your worth to employers
  • WEB NEWS – Social Media channels supported by PI
  • SPS/IPC/DRIVES HITS THE MARK! – News from Europe’s highly successful automation Fair
  • FIND FAULTS FAST – The first of a news series of technology tips for users
  • WORLD NEWS – Quick updates from India, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Germany, China, France
  • APPLICATIONS – PROFINET at a High Voltage Test Lab
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Trebing+Himstedt, Phoenix Contact, Turck, Hilscher, Siemens, HMS Industrial Networks, ABB and Harting

  • Contents: FOCUSING ON AUTOMOTIVE – 50+ members meet in Scottsdale, AZ, for an automotive extravaganza
  • BRYANT SUPPORTS OPENING SESSION OF SPANISH RPA – Executive Director attends Spanish RPA’s opening session
  • FREE TRAINING CLASSES – 2011 program nears its end; 2012 close to being finalized
  • 2012 CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING CLASS PROGRAM ANNOUNCED – Check if there’s an opportunity to ‘get Certified’ near you
  • BIG WEB NEWS – A new video about PROFINET, two new White Papers for download … and more
  • WORLD NEWS – Middle East, South East Asia, Japan and Australia
  • MEMBER NEWS – Freescale Semiconductor demo at SPS, Siemens’ PA classes, Dunkermotoren White Paper, new North American offices for Harting and Trebing+Himstedt
  • ARE YOU PART OF PI’s ONLINE COMMUNITIES YET? – All the best in social networking with PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Fast Track Switches, Distributed I/O, PC PROFINET Controller, New GSD Editor, PROFINET via DSL, Scope and Bus Monitor in Repeater

  • AN UNFOLDING TALE – GE’s growing role in the global acceptance of PROFINET
  • OF CARS, PROFINET AND PROFIBUS – Members are invited to Arizona in balmy October
  • PROFINET USE COULD DOUBLE – How a market study expects PROFINET to develop in the next three years
  • PROFINET AND PROFIdrive SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONS – Two new publications provide easy access to key PI technologies
  • FREE TRAINING CLASSES – Check out our animated locator that shows how many venues we’ve visited
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING CLASSES – Enhance your professional status and join official lists
  • WirelessHART CONNECTIVITY ARCHITECTURE AGREED – Three fieldbus organizations accept a common gateway for wireless
  • APPLICATIONS – IO-Link helps cable up a metal forming and stamping machine
  • WORLD NEWS – Middle East, Japan, Brazil, South Africa
  • MEMBER NEWS – PIC offers help; GE goes global with PROFINET; Softing appoints Wisconsin distributor
  • PROFIpeople – Who’s who in the world of PI?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – All the best in social networking with PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Seven new products, ranging from hot standby masters to bricks

  • Lucerne PI Meeting Attracts 115
  • 17th General Assembly Meeting
  • Harting and GE Debut at Cincinnati Training Class
  • Certified Network Training Classes
  • All Things PROFINET, Product Guide now has 500 PROFINET products
  • GE schedules 60 Workshops featuring PROFINET
  • Automation Training now offers PLC courses
  • LinkedIn, PROFIblog, Tweeting and YouTube
  • Applications (Welding Machines, Brewing)
  • World News
  • New Products: ProSoft Technology, Wago, HMS Industrial Networks, Softing, Emerson Process Management, Molex, Balluff

  • PROFIpeople
  • Updates from Hannover Fair
  • PROFIenergy Savings Confirmed
  • Free Training Classes Roll Out
  • Certified Network Training Classes
  • Recent Webinars Archived
  • What Do You Get When You …
  • Social Networking
  • ‘All Things PROFINET’ Expands
  • Applications
  • Member News
  • World News
  • New Products: Switch for Harsh Environments, Isolator for Ethernet, PROFItrace Integrated, PROFINET Module, Spirta And Security Upgrade, Position Transducers With PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS Master Supports CIPConnect

  • PROFIenergy Enters Pilot Phase
  • Training Class Schedules Updated
  • Certified Network Training Classes
  • Two Webinars Announced
  • Two New Publications
  • Social Networking
  • Technical Marketing Vacancy
  • ‘All Things PROFINET’ Grows
  • Applications: PROFINET Towers Over Gothenberg in Sweden
  • Member News
  • World News
  • New Products: Ethernet Evaluation Kit, Plug-In Proxy For PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS DP Connectors, Cube67 Now Has PROFINET, IO-Link Analog Plugs, Hand Held Tester For IO-Link

  • PROFINET 2.3 … Stable and Published
  • Training Class Schedules Announced
  • All Things PROFINET Grows
  • Social Networking
  • Technical Marketing Vacancy
  • Quick Takes
  • Applications
  • Member News
  • World News
  • New Products: , PROFINET gateway, PROFIenergy comes free with module, PROFINET IO-Device development kit, PROFINET reduces motion control costs, Upgrade for PROFIBUS diagnostics package interface

  • Good Progress and Broadening Horizons
  • ‘All Things PROFINET’ Expands
  • Training Class Success In 2010
  • Webinars for Developers
  • Debunking the Myth: An Old Piece of Misinformation Comes Back to Haunt Us!
  • World News: Germany, Poland, India, Japan, UK, Netherlands
  • Technology Update: Making Life Easier In Process Automation
  • Applications: China / Automotive
  • Configuring Hart Over Profibus
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products: IP67 Rating for Gateway
  • Plug Is Also Proxy
  • Overload Relay for IO-Link
  • RJ45 Is Quick To Connect
  • Single Diagnostic Package for PROFINET and PROFIBUS

  • Welcome to Our New Name & New Image
  • Introducing the ‘All Things PROFINET’ Web Site
  • Name Changed at August General Assembly Meeting
  • Still Time to Book Free Training Classes
  • Webinars for Developers
  • PROFINET in Process
  • Planning Guide Published
  • Commissioning Guideline for PROFINET
  • World News: India, Denmark, Brazil, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Sweden
  • Applications: Europe / Particle Accelerator
  • Spain / Tank Farms
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products: Micro Motion Meters Get PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS Interface for Position Sensors, New Diagnostics Suite for Profibus, Fieldbus I/O Station Is Modular, Enhanced CompactLogix Support, PROFINET Bus Coupler, In-Line Profibus Photometers

  • Bryant Re-elected in Rome
  • Using Social Media Features at August General Assembly Meeting
  • Training Class Program Success
  • Webinars on Safety
  • Ethernet Basics … and More
  • Webinars for Developers
  • Profibus Support for AMS Suite
  • Resources Update
  • World News: Middle East, India, China, Japan, UK
  • Applications: North America / Flexible Manufacturing Using IO-Link!
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of Profibus and PROFINET
  • New Products: Chip Based PROFINET Solution Is Downloadable!, Tiger Arrives in September, CommDTM for PROFItrace

  • Polly Is Awake!
  • PROFINET and PROFIBUS Show 10% Growth
  • General Assembly Meeting Takes Shape
  • Training Classes Rise in Popularity
  • Webinars on Safety, Ethernet Basics … and More
  • A Tiger to Help PROFINET
  • First PROFIenergy Products
  • IO-Link Opens Up Membership
  • Blogging and Tweeting with PTO
  • World News: India
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Korea
  • Applications: North America / Flexible Manufacturing Using IO-Link!
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products

  • 80 Brave Atlanta Snow to Attend First PROFINET Class of 2010
  • New for 2010 Training Classes
  • Safety Webinar in April
  • Multi-Tasking with Industrial Ethernet
  • PROFIenergy White Paper
  • Io-Link Added to Training Classes
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • World News: India, UK, Poland, Korea, Brazil
  • Applications: Brazil/Ethanol, Belgium/Canal Control, Australia/Metals
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products: PROFINET for Fuji Inverters, PCI Express Profibus, Flex/ Integra Adapters, PROFINET Gateway with 2-Port Switch, 802.11n Wireless Arrives!

  • 2010 Training Events Listed: 11 Certified Network Engineer Courses Scheduled
  • PROFIenergy Makes Its Show Debut
  • SPS/IPC/Drives Attracts 48,000 Visitors
  • Major Vendors Unite Around FDI
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • Certification for Profibus Pa V3.02
  • World News: France, South East Asia, Norway, Japan, India, Brazil, Spain
  • Applications: Norway / Traffic Control Systems, Australia / Water Desalination
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ Of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products: PROFIsafe Io Modules, PROFINET Gateway, PROFINET I/O Delivers Less Than 1ms

  • Debunking the Myth
  • A Brief History of (PROFIBUS) Time
  • PROFIenergy Comes To A Boil!
  • PROFINET (and PROFIBUS) Training
  • Visit SPS/IPC/Drives – The Time Is Right!
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • PROFIpeople: Faces in the News
  • Applications: France / Biodiesel
  • Member News: New Asia Office
  • World News
  • New Products: Bluetooth For PROFINET, Students’ Tool, Quantum DP-V1 Master, Remote I/O To PROFIBUS DP, Device Couplers Receive Factory Mutual Approvals, The Inspektor Calls, Universal Gateway, PROFINET IRT Interface Module

  • Online General Assembly Meeting
  • Krakow Meeting Success
  • Ninth Year of PROFItech Classes
  • Learn About Profibus and PROFINET: Free One-Day Training
  • Win a PROFItech Certified
  • Engineer Course
  • Webinars
  • Web-Based Training
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • PROFIpeople: Faces in The News
  • Applications: Czechia / Water
  • Cincinnati / Packaging with PROFINET
  • Member News: Chosen by Cisco for PROFINET
  • World News: UK, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil
  • New Products: PROFINET Interface, Fiber Optic Interface, Introducing The Slot PLC, Encoder First For PROFINET IRT, Communication Adapter For Flex And Integra

  • New Web Site
  • PI Community Gathers in Poland
  • General Assembly Meeting on the Web
  • 4 Ways to Learn About PROFIBUS and PROFINET: Become a Certified Network Engineer
  • Attend Free One-Day Training Classes
  • Connect Via The Internet
  • Try Our Web-Based Training
  • Everything about PROFINET in 23 Minutes
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • Discounts for Remote Conference
  • Applications: Smart Bio-Energy With Profibus
  • Member News: profichip Hits 10 Years
  • HMS Hits One Million
  • World News: South East Asia, Japan, China, India, Italy, UK, Germany, Poland
  • New Products: Two Port PROFINET Interface Has Fast Start-Up, PROFINET Controller, Masters Integrate PA Couplers, Reliable Termination: Modbus TCP/IP Gateway: OPC Server for S7, Profibus To Modbus Converter: Compactlogix PROFIBUS

  • 4 Ways to Learn About Profibus and PROFINET: Become a Certified Network Engineer
  • Attend Free One-Day Training Classes
  • Connect Via the Internet
  • Try Our Web-Based Training
  • Hannover Fair: Muted … or Not?
  • PROFINET System Description
  • White Paper: PROFINET in Context
  • PROFINET Installation Guideline Is Field-Friendly
  • Wireless for Sensors And Actuators In Factory Automation
  • PI Conference Report
  • Tech Update: Implementing Fast Start Up
  • Two New Books
  • World News: Brazil, India, UK
  • Remote Conference and Expo
  • New Products: Developer Package, OPC Server, 4 Port IRT Switch, Repeater, Universal Gateway, Master For CONTROLlogix, Modbus TCP/IP to PROFIBUS, Step7 and PDM Drivers

  • Truth in Marketing
  • 2009 Training Schedule Announced: Certified Engineers
  • Free One Day Training Classes
  • Web Based Training
  • PROFIsafe Designers Workshops
  • PROFIsafe: A Competitive Advantage in North America
  • PROFIsafe Grows 80%
  • PROFIsafe Starter Kit
  • PROFIsafe F-Host Certification
  • Enhancing PROFINET in Line Networks
  • In the PROFIblog
  • Numbers for Numbers Sake?
  • PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Action: Korea, Poland, Norway
  • World News: Japan, Korea, South East Asia
  • New Products: Profibus Encoders, Embedded IO for PROFINET, PROFIsafe in Zone 1 Applications, PROFIsafe InLine, Spur Repeater

  • Debunking the Myth
  • North American Membership Builds
  • Seminar Season Concludes Successfully
  • 10th Anniversary Of PROFIsafe
  • 20th Anniversary of Profibus
  • Share Our Vision!
  • PROFINET Conformance Class B Certification
  • For Members Only
  • In the PROFIblog
  • PROFIBUS and PROFINET In Action: Making Steel
  • Machine Building With PROFINET
  • World News: Germany, Australia & New Zealand, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, China
  • New Products: Head Transmitter, PROFINET Controller, Master/Slave for ControLogix, Marquee, Diagnostics Tools Update, PROFIBUS for CompactLogix.

  • Debunking the Myth: Back Again, After a Short Break!
  • General Assembly Meeting
  • One Day Training Events
  • For PROFINET Developers
  • Process Webinars
  • PIC ‘Connection’
  • Training in Troubleshooting
  • Competence in PROFIsafe Design
  • PROFINET in Action: Water Extraction
  • Making Cognac
  • World News: UK, China, Brazil, Southern Africa, Italy, Poland, Sweden
  • New Products: Controller Card, Profibus Master for CompactLogix, Profibus Boards, Analyzer for PROFINET, PROFINET Controller, IO-Link Updates, Industrial PC Has PROFINET, Topology Scanner

  • Raising the Bar … Yet Again
  • One Day Training Events
  • For PROFINET Developers
  • Process Webinars
  • General Assembly Meeting in August
  • Freitag Elected In Tokyo
  • PROFINET Sets Even More Standards
  • PROFIblog on the Move
  • PROFIBUS and PROFINET: Three Case Studies
  • World News: Japan, South East Asia, France, Ireland, UK, China
  • New Products: I/O System, I/O Module + CPU, Profibus Using ControlLogix, Diagnostic Monitor, Profibus PA Kit

  • Debunking the Myths
  • PROFINET Passes 1 Million – And It’s Confirmed Independently!
  • IO-Link Integration with PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • One Day Training Events
  • Process Webinars
  • PROFINET Developer Workshops
  • Hannover Fair – From a PROFINET-ter’s Point of View
  • Strategy White Paper
  • Enhancing the Performance of PROFINET
  • Round Table for Production Security
  • Four New Profiles
  • General Assembly Meeting Upcoming
  • New Board Member
  • World News: Japan, UK, Ireland, Southern Africa, South East Asia, Germany
  • New Products: Gigabit Switches, Asset Management with FDT, Master API, Analyzers and Testers, PROFINET Gateways

  • Debunking the Myths
  • One Day Training Events
  • PROFINET Developer Workshops
  • New USA Training Center
  • New Chilean Training Center
  • PROFIdrive Standardized
  • EDD Certification Starts
  • International Meeting Introduces Freitag
  • News from the Blog
  • RSS … A.K.A. News Feeds A.K.A. Web Feeds
  • World News: South East Asia, China, UK, Poland, Brazil
  • New Products: Embedded PLC, PROFINET I/O, Level Gauge, Controllogix Master Supports FDT

  • Debunking The Myths
  • How PROFIBUS Compares To Foundation Fieldbus
  • PROFINET Is Best … Confirmed
  • Learn More About PROFIBUS And PROFINET in 2008
  • Free Webinars In 2008
  • One-Day Training Events in 2008
  • PROFINET Developer Workshops in 2008
  • PROFItech Classes In 2008
  • ABB Joins
  • Catalog Promotes 177 PROFINET Products
  • Freitag Elected To PNO
  • SPS/IPC/Drives Show In Nuremberg
  • World News: Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, China, UK, Italy
  • Case Studies: Diesel Engines, Biofuels, Sugar
  • New Products: Portable Protocol Stack, PROFINET Interfaces For Toshiba And Mitsubishi Drives, PCI Express Profibus Interface, Network Tester, Fiber Optic Converters

Edgar Kuester: In Memoriam, PNO Backs Wireless Cooperation Team, Workshops and Seminars – Update, PROFINET Developer Workshop, Chip Price Reductions Signal Acceleration for PROFINET, PROFINET Cooperation Announced, ISA Involvement, More than My Blog’s Worth, Case Studies: Brazilian Sugar and Alcohol Upgrades; PROFINET Helps Tobacco Plant; Profibus Smoothes Diesel Engine Manufacture , World News: China, Germany, China/Japan/Thailand, Czechia, Switzerland , New Products: Interface Cards, Interbus Proxies, Ultra Tool, Profibus Gateways, Process Gateway, OPC Server, Mass Flow

Debunking The Myths, PROFIBUS market approaches $50 billion, Diagnostics webinar announced, Workshops and seminars – update, PROFINET developer workshop, General Assembly meeting report, Full PROFINET certification, PIC Connection, PROFINET in process automation, World news, New products

Debunking The Myths, Free Training, General Assembly In Two Weeks, Why Use A Fieldbus?, Upcoming Webinars, PROFINET Developer Workshops, Profibus Passes 20 Million, Blogging Automation, Integration Of Hart And PROFINET, PROFIsafe Goes Wireless, Latest Advertising Campaign, World News: China, Poland, Japan, Brazil, New Products: Hazardous Area Switches; Server To Profibus DP Slave; DTM For, Profibus Dp-V1; Easy Bus Diagnosis; Process Parameterization; Frequency, Converters Have PROFINET

Debunking the Myths, The Most Successful Fieldbus in History, PROFINET Advertising Campaign Rolls On, Industrial Ethernet Webinars, Education, Education, Education: Free Training; PROFINET Developer’s Workshops , General Assembly Set for August, Three White Papers to Download, Blogging in the Industrial Automation Space, Hannover Fair Review, World News: Middle East, Czech Republic, China, Southern Africa, UK, Belgium, Case Study: North America / Waste Water, New Products: DP/PA Gateway DTM; M12 Connectors For Cat5e; Profibus Pa ASIC; Topology Editor For Configuring PROFINET Infrastructures; PROFINET Support For Vision Sensors; Serial To Profibus DP Gateway; IO-Link Entry Level Products.

Debunking The Myths; PROFINET Advertising Campaign Rolls Out; Education, Education, Education: Free Training, Certified Training, Developers Workshops, Ethernet Basics Webinars; PROFINET And MES – Closing The Communication Gap; Tool Calling Interface; PROFINET Links To Fieldbuses And HART to Support Process Users; PROFIsafe Brings Massive Savings at Auto Plant; Emergency Stop; Happy Birthday PROFIblog; Turck Joins PTO Board; World News; Case Study: North America / Fault Finding; New Profibus PA Book; New Products: Get PROFINET Enabled In Hours!, Profibus DP Cables, Fiber-Optic Converters, Industrial Ethernet Switches, Troubleshooting Toolkit

Training Classes: 2007 Schedule Announced, Certified Training Classes Confirmed, Safety: The Movie, Profibus Becomes First Fieldbus To Attain Highest Chinese Standard, New Brochures, PIC Plus Training Centers, New Board Member, In The PROFIblog, World News, Case Study, New Products: Color Coded Power Connectors; USB Profibus Adapter: Single Axis Drive; Profibus Cables; Industrial Ethernet Cat 5; Tough Pa Cable; PROFINET Controller; S7/S5 OPC Server; PROFINET Io Evaluation Kit; Spur Blocks; Cordsets

Debunking the Myths; Additional PROFItech Class; Register For Your Free Training Class ; PROFINET Developer Workshop; In The PROFIblog ; PICCS and PITLS Meet In Switzerland; PIC Changes Name As PROFINET Ramps Up; More Competence Center News; Ethernet Symposium Brings Many IE Solutions Together; Certification – What It Means; Questions Answered; In Brief: China, Japan, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany; New Products: ControlLogix Scanner Includes DTM, Gateway Manager, DP Slave For ControlLogix, PROFIBUS Tester, Fiberoptic PROFINET IO, Linux PROFINET IO, Profihub B5, Dual Port Physical Layer Transceiver, Pressure And Temperature

Debunking The Myths, General Assembly Brings Focus On Future , User Experiences Impress At General Assembly , Siemens/Emerson Co-Operation Welcomed , PROFINET Developer Workshop , There’s Still Time To Attend A Free Training Class , Ethernet Symposium For Chicago, October , High Speed Media Redundancy For PROFINET , ‘Labdevices’ Marketing Started At Achema , Questions Answered , In Brief: China, Brazil, UK, Japan , Application: France/Chemicals , New Products: System On Chip; Compact Io; USB Adapter; Block Io; Analyzer Update; New Version Tool; Commanding PROFINET; Profibus Io; Profibus Temperature; Customized Training , After PROFIblog, What Next?

Debunking the Myths; PI Meeting in Sonoma; It’s Mid Year in Classes Tour; PROFINET Developer Workshop; PROFIsafe Reaches 190,000; PROFIsafe Developer Class; PROFIsafe User Class; PROFItech Classes Certify 51 This Year; PIC Connection; General Assembly Meeting in August; Technology Update: Pumps/Tools/Labs ; Application: Gravel Mining; In Brief: PROFInews Survey/Around the World; New Products: Woodhead, Bihl+Weidemann, Smar, Siemens, Siemens, Pic, Siemens; PROFIblog

Debunking the Myths, One Day Training Classes in Full Swing, Certification Classes, PROFINET IO Developer Classes, IRT Technology Recognized By Control Engineering, Hannover Fair News, Introducing PROFIblog!, Safety White Paper, 2005 Figures Confirm Profibus as the World’s Most Popular Fieldbus, Wastewater Plant Uses Profibus and PROFINET, Calling All End Users, New Products

Debunking the myths, Free 2006 PROFIBUS training courses kick off, New certification training courses, PROFIBUS figures expected to pass 15 million, NEC second sources ERTEC chip, Lift off for global web site, Lift off for North American web site, 88% say tightly integrated automation networks are the priority in process, Everything on one bus in process plants, New products

This special, extra edition of PROFINEWS is devoted to the new PTO website.

Free Training Courses Planned for 2006, Profitech classes extended, ARC describes PROFINET as ‘all-encompassing’, Australia’s largest water/waste plant uses PROFIBUS, Safety standards begin to harmonize, Karsten joins PIC, PTO host key international meeting, PROFIBUS and PROFINET forums, Why use a fieldbus?, Call for case studies, New products

Free Training Courses Planned for 2006, ARC Study Confirms Real Fieldbus Priorities, I&M and PAM Make Great Partners, New PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive Specs, Around the World, ISA EXPO Featured PROFINET Wall, PROFINET Makes Washing Machines, The PROFINET World Expands, Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS, New Products x Six

Road Shows Roll On!, The Object-Oriented Route to Industrial Automation, General Assembly Meeting Success, PIC helps with PROFINET, Start using PROFINET with these development kits, OFIBUS Installation Guide resists plants!, 10th Anniversary for PIC , A New Fieldbus Name in North America, Become a Member, PTO People, A High 5 of PROFIBUS Newbies! New products, that is

General Assembly in August, Automotive ad in Control Engineering, Free Seminars, New Diagnostics Enhance Process Management, Why you should use PROFIBUS for Process Automation, PROFIsafe Extended, PROFINET Connects to AS-Interface and PROFIBUS PA, Security Initiative for Ethernet, Become a Member, Air Products uses PROFIBUS, New Products: Compact Logix Master and Slave, Free Product Promotion.

PROFIBUS Growth Rate Reaches 30%, North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events, New Brochure explains why PROFIBUS is ‘Perfect for Process’, Web Based Training now Free of Charge!, Phillip Morris uses PROFINET CBA, New Transceiver announced, Tim Black joins Board, Free Product Promotion.

North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events, NAMUR endorses PROFIBUS, Take the PROFINET Quiz, GERMAN automotive companies back PROFINET, INDUSTRIAL SECURITY guideline published, DIE CASTING machine depends on PROFIBUS, NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT