Problem Solving in PROFINET Class

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I started this on the plane back from Jacksonville and I’m finishing it on the plane to Newark for the Process one-day training class.  (It’s tomorrow, May 14, at the Newark airport.  We have arranged for free parking at the hotel.)  In between I had to put the finishing touches on PROFInews North American Edition issue 26.

Jacksonville was one of our most interactive classes with more questions than ever.  It was good to see some IT folks in attendance.  In fact, one of them was having a firewall problem that Hunter was able to pinpoint for him.

The course evaluations were interesting, as usual.

Apparently we did not do a great job with the CBA Demo.  Maybe we tried to show too much, but the significance of CBA (Component Based Automation) is high.  CBA is the peer-to-peer integration technique for connecting even disparate controllers using a graphical configuration tool.  We will fine tune the demo for our next class.

You may recall that I occasionally get “called out” for beating up the competition.  I’ve been good lately.  But apparently the competition is creating even more outrageous FUD, at least according to the tales told in this class.  I stick to the facts.  That led to this comment on a course evaluation: “Great class. I gained a lot of information, especially in regard to dispelling myths.”  I was even admonished to “Compare to Ethernet/IP in greater detail since it is the primary competitor in the US.”

We always encourage viewing the archived webinars on Industrial Ethernet Basics, especially for those unfamiliar with Ethernet.  This is obviously the right thing for us to encourage, as this comment reveals: “Great class and introduction to the technology.  I did benefit from watching the webinars prior to attending – would have been rough without.”

There were no negative comments, other than about the CBA demo, and some very positive ones, like these:

“For a one-day course I thought it was perfect.”

“Superb course.  Questions were taken and handled well.”

I hope to see you in one of our free one-day training classes soon.  If you can’t make it to one of our venues, check out the webinars.

2 Responses to “Problem Solving in PROFINET Class”

  1. Paul Del Fava

    Are there any good blogs or resources to offer some information on what you touched upon here in your article for “Ethernet vs. Profibus” for connecting field I/O? This is a hot topic – and most recently with the new offerings that other PLC manufacturers offer (eg. Rockwell & Cisco). We are develping stanedards for the infrastucture of our Distribution Centers and are trying to compile some good arguments for both to determine the future for our operations.

  2. chenning

    I see PROFIBUS and PROFINET as a continuum as opposed to an either/or choice. If I were starting from scratch I would start with PROFINET as it clearly has a longer future. It also has the benefits of increased bandwidth, address space, and connectivity to office systems. But if I needed a device that did not have PROFINET connectivity there would be no problem bringing a PROFIBUS device into a PROFINET system. I like the diagnostic capabilities in PROFINET; I can use standard IT tools and techniques to provide continuous diagnostic capability to the network, the infrastructure devices, the automation equipment, modules on the equipment, and channels on the modules. We are updating an older webinar to “Diagnostics for PROFINET and other Industrial Ethernets” on August 12 at 2:00pm Eastern. Details and a link to registration are here:

    Bottom line recommendation to your choice for infrastructure: PROFINET. You can always include some PROFIBUS or other network in the same system.

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