Woodhead Industries Introduces New Gateway for PROFIBUS-DP

Lisle, IL – (November, 17), 2006 – Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), introduces the BradCommunications Direct-Link Modbus Serial to PROFIBUS-DP gateway.


The new BradCommunications Direct-Link Modbus Serial to PROFIBUS-DP gateway (part number: DRL-DPS-SRM) provides a quick and cost-effective means for connecting Modbus master or slave RTU/ASCII devices to a PROFIBUS-DP network.  


DIN rail mountable and rated for IP20 environments, the Direct-Link gateway is easy to configure using only the PROFIBUS GSD file and your existing PROFIBUS configuration tool. During each network initialization, the parameters are sent to the Direct-Link gateway automatically via the PROFIBUS master. This permits the replacement of the Direct-Link gateway at any time without the need to change the configuration setup.  Diagnosing the Direct-Link gateway is easy as well, through the built-in diagnostic LEDs and Slave_Diag information.


The Direct-Link gateway communicates on one side as a PROFIBUS-DP Slave and as a Modbus master or slave on the other side.  Up to 20 Modbus slaves and up to 244 input/output bytes on PROFIBUS can be managed.  It is also possible to integrate other protocols on the serial network.


The Direct-Link gateway is well suited for simple network extensions or the integration of legacy devices found in all industries.