S.I. Tech Announces Expansion of Profibus Fiber Optic Product Line

S.I. Tech has developed a new Fiber Optic Bit-Driver®, Model #2145, which meets Profibus-DP specifications. Model #2145 is available with various options and features such as:

  1. Multimode or Single mode Fiber

  2. Plastic or Glass Fiber

  3. 9600 Bps to 12 Mbps – switch selectable

  4. Din Rail Mounting

  5. Status Indicators

  6. Tested & Approved by Profibus Lab

How to Order:
Model Number Description
2145-O 200 micron plastic fiber
2145-00 1000 micron plastic fiber
2145 50 or 62.5 micron glass fiber
2145-SM Single mode fiber

S.I. Tech is a fiber optic systems company marketing products worldwide under Bit-Driver® and Fiber Cluster® trademarks. For additional information visit our web site at http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com or call Toll Free 866-SITECH-1, Phone 630-761-3640, or Fax 630-761-3644