Real-time encoders – Kuebler Sendix Singleturn and Multiturn with PROFINET interface

Sendix 5858 / 5878 (Singleturn) and Sendix 5868 / 5888 (Multiturn) Encoders with Profinet interface the complete encoder profile according to “Profile Encoder Version 4.1” as well as the “Identification & Maintenance Functionality in Version 1.16” (IM blocks 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4) has been implemented.


The encoders support the Isochronous Real-Time-Mode – also called the IRT-Mode – and are therefore ideal for real-time applications. The IRT-Mode offers, via a decoupling of the real-time communication from the standard communication (TCP/IP), a real-time solution for all high-performance application such as synchronous applications.

Particular highlight:
The “FAST START UP (FSU)” allows the system to be started up in less than one second.

  • Short cycle time of >= 1msec.
  • Plug and Play start-up thanks to the “Ezturn for Profinet” software supplied with the encoder.
  • Possibility to easily expand the characteristics of the encoder without having to disassemble the encoder.
  • Scaling and preset values, as well as many additional parameters, can be programmed via the Profinet-Bus.
  • The Ezturn software allows the display of the main parameters for monitoring purposes.
  • Position, speed and many other states of the encoder can be transmitted as output values.

Visual warning and alarm signals advise of sensor faults, undervoltage or over-temperature. The standard Ethernet equipment ensures a direct link, for example from a laptop to the encoder. Fault diagnosis is therefore much simpler, allowing the measures necessary to correct the problem to be taken without delay, so avoiding long machine downtimes. The resolution for the singleturn devices is up to 16 bits and for multiturn devices up to 28 bits total resolution.

Data sheet 5858/5878 Singleturn
Data sheet 5868/5888 Multiturn

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