ProSoft Technology offers inRAx PROFIBUS DP Master and Slave Modules with CIP backplane messaging

ProSoft Technology has twenty years of experience in creating interface solutions for the Rockwell Automation channel, including integrated PROFIBUS solutions. The latest of these are the new single-slot PROFIBUS DP V0/V1 master (PS69-DPM) and slave (PS69-DPS) modules, which are backplane-compatible with the CompactLogix platform.

PROFIBUS DP is a high-performance, distributed protocol that has been widely used for discrete factory automation and process applications globally. With ProSoft Technology’s PS69 modules, users can optimize their processes by combining the benefits of PROFIBUS DP with the power of the CompactLogix platform.

The PS69-DPM Master module supports both I/O control and CIP messaging for parameterization, DPV1 messaging, and alarms. CIP messaging reduces the amount of information that is continually updated in the processor by separating the non-critical (acyclic) data from the critical (cyclic) data. This allows for non-critical data to be sent upon request only, which can significantly speed up performance.

Both modules are PROFIBUS certified, offer DPV0/V1 support, and are configurable using the PROSOFT.fdt Configuration Software. The PS69-DPS slave module is also configurable via ladder logic. Individual features for these modules include:

PROFIBUS DP Master module (PS69-DPM)
?    Input size 204 words, Output size 240 words
?    FDT Asset Management support
?    Slave parameterization, status data and acyclic messaging via explicit ladder logic message blocks
?    Generic slave DTM available (turns any GSD file into a DTM)
?    Master DTM included supporting other FDT-compliant containers such as PACTware or FieldCare.
?    Up to 32 PROFIBUS devices can be connected to one bus segment. If several bus segments are linked to each other with repeaters, there can be up to 125 devices on the network.

PROFIBUS DP Slave module (PS69-DPS)
?    CIP messaging support
?    Possesses a diagnostic serial interface
?    Equipped with rotary switches for setting of bus address
?    Configuration can be either transferred from the Master to the PS69-DPS module or can be defined from the RSLogix4720 application
?    244 bytes of input and 244 bytes of output data

Both modules are UL 508 listed and PROFIBUS, C-UL, and CE certified.

With ProSoft Technology’s introduction of the new PROFIBUS DP modules for Rockwell Automation’s CompactLogix platforms, this marks the first time a single vendor has ever had support for PROFIBUS DP for so many platforms. For Rockwell Automation customers using PROFIBUS DP network devices and equipment, there have traditionally been different vendors supporting the various Rockwell Automation platforms, but now when a technical support question arises, users can turn to a single vendor for answers. ProSoft Technology’s knowledgeable team of support engineers has real-world field experience with not only our own products, but with the Rockwell Automation product lines.

All ProSoft Technology products come with a three year warranty and unlimited technical support. For information on the PROFIBUS solutions for Rockwell Automation platforms, call +1-661-716-5100, email or visit