Profinet IO Connectivity to Mitsubishi Inverters Now Available

Madison,WI (November 20, 2007) — Industrial Control Communications, Inc. announces the release of the FR-A7N-ETH Multiprotocol Ethernet Interface for Mitsubishi 700-series inverters. Key features of this flexible and powerful interface include:


Supported Protocols

– Modbus TCP/IP


– Ethernet IP

– Profinet IO


IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT Ethernet compliant. Shielded RJ45 connector accepts standard CAT5-type 8-conductor unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) patch cables. Supports multiple simultaneous protocols.


Macromedia® Flash-Enabled Embedded Web Server
Unit configuration and real-time parameter monitoring/control are provided via an embedded web server. The unit’s web server feature provides direct data access and control via standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.


XML Configuration File Upload/Download
All interface configuration files are stored in the unit’s internal filesystem in XML format. These files can be transferred to/from a PC via the FTP protocol, which provides the capability for PC-based file backup and easy configuration copying to multiple units. Configuration files can also be viewed and edited via standard text editors, XML editors and web browsers.


Network Timeout Action
A configurable network timeout action can be programmed that allows parameters to have their own unique “fail-safe” conditions in the event of a network interruption.


As new firmware becomes available, the unit can be upgraded in the field by the end-user.