New TURCK Network I/O Catalog

Minneapolis, Minn. – TURCK’s new Network I/O catalog combines nine other catalogs and brochures to bring you the fi rst-ever comprehensive compilation of TURCK network I/O products. The 590-page catalog introduces many new products that have never before been offered in a TURCK catalog.

The catalog demonstrates TURCK’s ability to fulfi ll all I/O needs, regardless of application. It encompasses all TURCK I/O families and accessories, including:

  • BL67: The most fl exible connectorized enclosure-less remote I/O system available on the market
  • BL20: In the panel remote I/O system for AC and 24 V signals: digital, analog and serial
  • AIM: Extremely rugged, connectorized I/O with a 50G vibration rating and a -40 to 70°C temperature range
  • FDN20: I/O specifi cally designed for small panels and push buttons
  • piconet ®: Extremely compact connectorized enclosure-less I/O system
  • excom ®: Intrinsically safe remote I/O system

TURCK’s I/O families are compatible with major network protocols, such as DeviceNet™, Ethernet, PROFIBUS ®-DP, ASInterface ® and CANopen.

The Network I/O catalog is designed for ease of use, with drawings, pin-outs, data tables and part numbers all on one page. Selection guides and detailed product descriptions precede each catalog section.