New technology from HMS enables network connectivity for high-performance applications

The Anybus®
NP40™ is a new network processor from HMS Industrial Networks that handles
communication between an industrial device and any industrial network. The new processor
is the core of HMS’s Anybus CompactCom™ 40-series in chip, brick and module
formats. It is designed for demanding applications, especially targeting
real-time industrial Ethernet.

 Flexibility: One hardware platform, any network

The NP40 comes
with support for all major Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. This
means that a single hardware platform can support several different networks by
simply downloading new firmware. Consequently, there is no need to start a
development project for each new network. The new technology makes life easier
for device manufacturers since they can install a communication interface into
a product and then simply download the firmware they need before sending their
products off to the end customer.

 Performance: For demanding applications – Enabling
motion and sync

The NP40
enables very low latency, down to a few microseconds. It practically allows for
“zero delay” between the network and host API making it possible to support
high-performance applications that require synchronization or motion profiles.

 What we have seen over the past few
years is that industrial Ethernet is now demanding more performance and a new
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