December 2006 — Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. announces the availability of the new Sinamics S120 AC Drive with PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication interfaces for high-performance single-axis applications. The new drive expands the Sinamics S120 system into the industry’s first integrated modular drives system for both single-axis and multi-axis applications with the capability of running high performance servo and vector modes.

           The new Sinamics S120 AC drive features an innovative modular concept that separates power and intelligence. Freely selectable combinations of power sections and controllers increase flexibility and scalability of the drive system.  Multiple choices allow users to select the right controller for their current needs but protect their drive investments if the application ever changes. Furthermore, this flexibility opens up new possibilities for innovative modular machine designs.

          With its built-in Easy Positioning functionality, the Sinamics S120 AC Drive is designed to handle positioning tasks such as those found in automatic assembly machines and material handling systems. The Sinamics S120 drives can be used in applications such as packaging, printing, plastics, textiles, converting and hoisting.

          The new Sinamics S120 AC Drives are available in single phase 230 V in the power range 0.25 to1 HP, and three phase 460 V in the power range 0.5 to 400 HP. The power modules are available in compact block construction (0.25 to 125 HP) or as chassis units (150 to 400 HP). 

          “The single-axis AC drive complements the existing SINAMICS S120 multi-axis drives. Now one integrated drive family can be used for all applied drive applications utilizing induction, servo, linear, or torque motors,” Craig Nelson, product manager, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

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