New ERTEC200 based PNIO Starter Kit

Johnson City, TN (March 24, 2010): The PROFI Interface Center announces the availability of the new ERTEC200 based PNIO Starter Kit. The kit provides an easy start in adding PROFINET to automation devices.



It’s a complete kit, including all hardware, software and debugging tools needed to setup a PROFINET IO device prototype: Evaluation Board, ERTEC200 samples, Siemens PNIO Stack and examples in source code, real-time operating system, JTAG debugger and development environment.

Very attractive price point to get started plus risk-free development: Only after the development has been concluded successfully and the certification process passed is a product line license required (for series production for each product line).

Details and ordering information at The NEW ERTEC 200 PN IO Starter Kit webpage.

About The PROFI Interface Center

The PROFI Interface Center (PIC) was established in Johnson City, TN to allow you easy and direct access to PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology.

The PIC team provides you with many services including seminars, integration support and device conformance testing for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. In addition, it supplies development products and assists you in developing devices.

The PIC is accredited through the PTO as an official PROFIBUS test lab for DP slave and master certification and as an official PROFINET test lab for PROFINET device certification (PITL). It also serves as an official competence center (PICC) for PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as a training center (PITC).

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