New BradCommunications™ PROFIBUS® USB Adapter Now Available

August 1, 2006, Deerfield, IL – Woodhead Industries, Inc., (NASDAQ:WDHD), a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of automation and electrical products for industrial environments, announces the new BradCommunications™ PROFIBUS® USB adapter.

The BradCommunications PROFIBUS USB adapter provides the tools required to quickly and easily create a reliable connection between a laptop or PC using USB technology and PROFIBUS devices. PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave DP-V0 Class 1 & 2 and DP Master DP-V1 Class 1 & 2 are supported and the latest standards in USB technology including USB 2.0 are used. For ease of connection to the PROFIBUS device, the BradCommunications SST™ CommDTM software interface is included with every BradCommunications PROFIBUS USB adapter.

Through the support of the FDT specification 1.2, the BradCommunications PROFIBUS USB adapter is the ideal solution for connecting FDT engineering tools such as PACTware™ or FieldCare™ to PROFIBUS, as well as to connect USB-compliant computer systems with decentralized I/O devices via PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA.

PROFIBUS baud rates of up to 12Mbps make it possible to use the BradCommunications PROFIBUS USB adapter for control applications. The portability of using a laptop on the plant-floor provides for a quick and easy solution to configure, set parameters, diagnose and trouble-shoot your PROFIBUS devices.

The company provides a complete line of PROFIBUS automation solutions through its PC & PLC interfaces, gateways, diagnostic tools, physical media, and I/O modules.

About Woodhead Industries, Inc.
Woodhead Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:WDHD) is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide array of Automation and Electrical products engineered for superior performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous industrial environments. Woodhead Industries “Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure” with innovative products and solutions that extend from mechanical, electrical and electronics, to communications/networking devices and diagnostic software. Woodhead Industries operates from 21 locations in 10 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Woodhead Industries’ Brad® lines of Automation products include such globally recognized names as applicom®, Direct-Link™, mPm®, RJ-Lnxx® and SST™. The Woodhead family of Electrical products include globally recognized names such as Aero-Motive®, Daniel Woodhead®, Watertite® and Super-Safeway®. Other products mentioned in this document are registered, trademarked or service marked by their respective owners.