Molex Releases New Version of SST™ PROFIBUS Scanner for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® & Honeywell PlantScape® Controllers

The Automation and Electrical Products business of Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA) , a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of automation and electrical products for industrial environments, announces the release of an enhanced solution for its SST™ PROFIBUS Scanner for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix or Honeywell PlantScape® controller (Part number SST-PB3-CLX-RLL). Here’s a summary of the main enhancements:

– The product is noticeably faster (~2 times performance, using a two-processor design)

– Can now configure the module without having the PLC in program mode

– No ladder logic is required (with a config bit to remain consistent with legacy SST-PFB-CLX design)

– Able to set slave address on Profibus

– Can add/remove slaves from the scan list

– Added USB port for configuration

This new version also includes a CommDTM software interface (SST-PB3-CLX-DTM) that enables the SST PROFIBUS Scanner to configure and diagnose user-friendly DTM field devices by using FDT engineering tools such as PACTware™ or FieldCare™. FDT (Field Device Tool) technology enables to standardize the communication interface between field devices and systems.

The SST Configuration tool is now able to use the RLL feature for remote monitoring and downloading of changes to the PROFIBUS configuration through the Rockwell Automation® RSLinx® software via Ethernet.

The new release supports also PROFIBUS DP-V1 and all baud rates (i.e. 31.25 / 45.45 kbit/s), enhancing the SST PROFIBUS Scanner’s use in PROFIBUS PA networks through a PROFIBUS PA segment coupler.

Molex is an active member of PROFIBUS International and provides a complete line of PROFIBUS connectivity solutions through its gateways, diagnostic tools, network interface cards, PLC interface modules, physical media, and I/O modules.

About Molex – Automation & Electrical Products

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