Machine Mount Ethernet Gateways for PROFINET Systems

Machine Mount Ethernet Gateways for PROFINET Systems

TURCK introduces a new BL67 Ethernet gateway available for use on PROFINET network systems. PROFINET is the fastest industrial Ethernet I/O network, and the only Ethernet I/O network that can successfully accomplish a line topology; making it available for long conveyor systems.

TURCK’s BL67 system consists of a gateway, base modules and electronic modules, and is IP 67 rated for field installations. I/O modules are configured independently of the fieldbus protocol, and up to 32 I/O modules may be connected to a gateway. This equates to systems that may include up to 512 digital I/O points or 128 analog channels. TURCK’s BL67 gateways are currently available for DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS ®-DP, CANopen, Ethernet/IP™ and Modbus TCP/IP.

All BL67 systems use TURCK’s free I/Oassistant software package to perform the initial configuration, parameter set-up, documentation, commissioning and diagnostic functions for on/offline usage. It is recommended to use the I/Oassistant program to verify that all restrictions regarding power and size are met. I/Oassistant can be downloaded for free at

The PROFINET BL67 gateway is also completely compatible with TURCK’s RFID system, BL ident. This feature allows read/write operations on the fly using 13.56MHZ technology with speeds up to 22mph (10 m/s). BL ident is the premier RFID system on the market in terms of speed and flexibility.

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