Lead Free LX-002 SoC Chip

Grid Connect, Inc. announces the availability of a lead free version of the powerful LX-002 chip. Now meeting RoHS requirements, the LX is a powerful x186 System-on-a-chip (SOC) that has many features which allow it to be used in embedded communication applications. The extended x186 architecture allows for up to 16M bytes of memory and executes most instructions in one clock cycle – 12.5MIPS.

The LX is perfect for embedded applications that require 10/100 Ethernet and 12M Profibus and other communication channels like CAN, SPI, or RS232 or RS422/485. With the on-chip 256K bytes of RAM memory, applications can be loaded from SPI serial Flash or external Flash/EPROM into the on-chip memory and execute with 0 wait state performance and no external memory devices. External memory can be added to support additional RAM or Flash for a total of up to 16M bytes.