Industrial RFID read/write systems with integrated PROFIBUS DP from Balluff

Across a variety of industries, the need to record data in the manufacturing process or to track product as it moves around a logistics network is growing in importance. With over 20 years of experience providing industrial RFID solutions, we will help you minimize loss and expense from error-prone operations and maximize quality operations and material flow. Machine tool, flexible assembly, production, automation, warehousing, logistics and distribution tracking are a few of the many applications for an inductive RFID system that offers reliable data tracking and error proofing solutions. In addition this data can be easily implemented onto an industrial network like Profibus DP.

Balluff RFID with integrated PROFIBUS DPThe BIS series of RFID data carriers and processors with integrated PROFIBUS DP offer maximum application flexibility using a variety of components. From small serial numbers to 8000+ bytes of data can be stored on the data carriers; the fast read / write process guarantees 100% data reliability. The rugged read/write heads and data carriers hold up to abusive industrial environments and special versions for a variety of applications are available.

This cost-effective product family is designed to support multiple industries and applications.

– Machine Tool & Rugged Applications – Low Frequency – BIS C

– Read-only Pallet Identification – Low Frequency – BIS L

– Assembly & Handling w/Large Memory Needs – High Frequency – BIS S

– Logistics & Automation – High Frequency – BIS M