Hilscher’s netLINK PROFINET Proxy now certified

Hilscher North America Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the netLINK Proxy, a PROFINET certified product.


netLINK PROXY integrates any PROFIBUS-DP Slave device into any existing PROFINET network. By plugging the netLINK directly on the PROFIBUS-DP 9-pin connector, the netLINK operates as a PROFINET IO-Device and maps the process data from the DP-Slave to a PROFINET Controller conforming to the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) Organization’s proxy guidelines. netLINK PROXY complies with the IEC 61158 PROFINET specification in the conformance classes A and B.


The netLINK can be configured directly using its Ethernet port or through the network and only takes a few minutes. The GSDML-file is generated automatically making the integration within the controller’s configuration tool easy to use. The netLINK draws 24 V from the DP-Slave.


netLINK is the most cost-efficient way to integrate existing PROFIBUS devices into next generation PROFINET systems.


For more information, go to www.hilscher.com in the product section “Gateways” under category “netLINK, NL 51N-DPL”