Heavy-Duty Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet Switches from TURCK

Minneapolis, Minn. –  TURCK Inc. introduces a new line of fully encapsulated and connectorized managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches.  These switches are capable of information transfer and real-time I/O control in harsh industrial environments.  The switches support 10/100 Base-T with twisted pair Ethernet cable.  The unmanaged switches are available in 5 or 9-port confi gurations, with support for either 2 or 4 twisted pair media.  The managed switch is offered in the 9-port confi guration, with one port used as a RS-232 confi guration port.The setup of the switches is as simple as applying power and connecting devices to the ports.  IGMP, RSTP, SNMP and V-LAN are supported by the managed switch and may be confi gured by the RS-232 serial confi guration port or by the internal webpage.  IEEE 802.3 specifi cation makes TURCK’s Ethernet switches capable of any Ethernet application, and the rugged design and packaging keep these switches working under conditions where others are likely to fail.